R.i.p st

You will be missed.

Is there any reason to play you anymore?


Some still play on GGPO. It’s still alive, no doubt.

Devils advocate?

Personally, I love the game and will never stop playing it. I’m 33 now, so can’t see myself growing out of it…

Hell yeah. ST on GGPO rules!

Better said, shoryuken st subforum rip (I hope I’m wrong but…)

Because HDR is nowhere near as good as real ST?

It’s the same reason men would rather hump real women instead of sex dolls. You can’t fuck with the original :cool:

ST will always be the shit.

RIP my muthafuckin ass. Can’t stop, wont stop playin. Come back to GGPO and I’ll bet you I spot you under a fake name again.

I still am playing HF and CE. I should start learning how to play this ST thing.

Yes, did you read the GGPO post Shirts??? Lots of OG’s still play on GGPO occasionally, and there’s a tournament coming up. Why not enter the tournament and see the level of competition, you should be surprised…

I’ve played this everyday for the last year (since Djfrijoles introduced me to Online play) and haven’t played any other games. ST is addictive as hell. I’ve played at least 150 matches everyday for the last year. It’s literally like going to the arcade. :woot::woot:

ST has lasted 15 years…there are new players getting into it and trying to learn, coming over from other SF games, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE TO PLAY…Why would it die now? :looney::rofl:

I dont think its dead…Theres actually a tournament going on at ggpo

ST will forever be my favorite game. The thing that really saddens me is that it isn’t a part of this years SBO line-up, I’m not a huge fan of 3rd Strike due to the grapplers not being my cup of tea. Jumping out of throws will forever be regarded as retarded by me.

ST till I die.

I think when shirts says R.I.P. ST, he is talking about offline ST Tournaments in the U.S. which seems to be true except for a handful of those that still keep it on the line-up (MWC comes to mind). In that sense he is right because everyone wants to hop on the bandwagon and play shitty games, even if they dont like them.

dont play shit just because other peeps are playing it.

play shit because you like that shit.

What’s the difference? I’m not trying to be a smart ass, I really don’t know.

The difference is ST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HDR.


So there’s no difference then?

RIP ST as in: Rape Innocent Players?

'Cuz ST aint ded yo! /nerdy hood white boy