Quitting GGPO and possibly ST for good

Too many immature players.

Lose lose situation for me - If I beatdown on peeps really bad, they bash on me and call me boring Guile. If I get beatdown by peeps really bad, I get bashed on and rejected since they expect a Mutekiguile performance from a dude who plays this game only once a month.


Just play against friends or people you know. I never play randoms on there anymore, just get to know a few players on there and only play them.

Welcome to the internet. :slight_smile:

I agree with you.
I miss the old days of the arcades when people and the player communities were more… real.

That said, I do enjoy the convenience and diversity of the net.

Yeah, I call these types a “waste of time”.

Lots of bad players have no sense of perspective.
Instead of understanding they are losing because they are bad, they instead rationalize that they are losing because of… well, EVERY OTHER REASON IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN THAT THEY ARE BAD.

If you enjoy playing these types, have at it.
Otherwise, just ignore and/or avoid them.

Who were these peeps?
XBLA HF spillover?

I have muted Dekor and a few others because they were a waste of my time.

Most players that attack others are bad.
And there are VERY few players who are REALLY good who are venomous.

Build out your “friends list” and play with them:

  1. better players
  2. better attitude

If you stick with mostly GGPO, just make your own friends list in Excel or Notepad and use that to screen matches.

Also, you’re in SD, right?
Kuroppi, Fatboy, Megaman, MiloDC, myself, and others meet up once in a while for some offline SF play.
Mostly HDR and SF4, but Fatboy loves ST, and most of us would be down for ST action if you prefer it.

But what I really wanna know is if you wanna make kaka love with me. =)

Zaspacer has spoken the truth.

This is all part of a competitive environment… Some people are just bad sportsman while others
are pretty cool.

Don’t take it to heart though. Seriously its just a game.

Keep doing what you enjoy doing and don’t let the bad apples ruin your fun.

This is hilarious…

Last night I decided to have it a go on GGPO in ST. Now if anyone knows me I’m not quit good at ST and I probably never will be.

I’ve only played Street Fighter 2 until Hyper Fighting and that was it.

Anyways so I’m playing ST with some dude who pretty much beat me every single match. I wasn’t playing seriously at all chosing different characters ever game and just trying to have fun.

So it was time for me to leave and I ended the game. I say my “gg” and the other plays says his “gg” and I thought that was it.

Then out of nowhere another users starts talking shit to me, telling me to “GTFO”, “your a scub” etc… the hate went on trying to rub it in my face.

My simple reply was “its just a game”. I was really puzzled at first on why would some dude who’ve I never played before or even met before try rubbing it in my face? I was like clueless. Anyways I didn’t let it bother me. People like that don’t have a life and are probbably scubs anyways for pulling shit like that off.

I find the Garou guys on GGPO to be a lot nicer to talk to.

hey dude i recognise you from shmups forum :wgrin:

there is a small element of that on ggpo sadly, most people are cool though. there’s a version of ggpo with an ignore feature if you or anyone else is interested:

In all honesty, and not to give any excuses for my eventual losses*, but the few assholes I have seen on GGPO were clearly turbo users, which just takes away any credit they might have. And, still, the majority of turbo users I have met were either nice or have not typed anything at all. Maybe I am lucky.

*which can be almost every match against the many ones which are significantly better than me.


My official retirement match: I will drive down to TJ and play djbeans in person. FT10. If I lose, it’ll be two guys one kaka. If you lose, you pay for for cervezas, nachos, and las chicas.

Rui Massacre is never online

yhaa I recognize your handle as well. Thanks for the link, I’ll test it out next time I’m on GGPO :slight_smile:

I’m not going to let those losers spoil my fun. Sure I’m not winning in ST but still though that doesn’t bother me.

I’m glad out of all the fighters I do play once in a while, I’m glad ST isn’t on my top list :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s like a Shmups topic.

Honestly, you guys are lucky. The most common response I get from GGPO ragequitters is that claw is just too good/easy, after going 20-0 in a 6-4 matchup… Faced with that “logic,” I always challenge the other guy to a claw mirror, and they either chicken out or the mirror matches produce another shutout in an undeniably even matchup.

It’s actually worse on Live where non-SRK players will rag on you for not giving them a chance and pretty much leave ASAP when they’re getting beaten up. Anyway, I’m not sure why you all would care when others criticize you. Practice your best and then show that you can perform well in real life tourneys. After you get that under your belt, you’ll have a lot more confidence to catch insults and hurl them right back. Why give up the best online practicing grounds over nothing?

Or if you play for fun, just enjoy the game. If someone is hating on you while they’re eating, are you going to stop eating? And ST might only be slightly less important. :smile:

I won’t yell at you. :frowning:

:rofl::rofl: like crack addicts always itchin’ :bottle:

I enjoy the hell outta ST on ggpo, u just got to make the list, playing poor players reduces your abilities (because they wont be able to punish) in the long run (repeated daily play with non-serious players) this adds to the dissatisfaction you are speaking of. Try to find players on your same level to practice with daily wolf_1 they’re there. Lots of good comp on ggpo, just got to learn times there on or get info.

Also you have to keep in mind there are a LOT of trolls on GGPO for some reason.

Never bothers me. I just enjoy playing. There are still some fun ppl on… dare I say HDR. But, when I play on GGPO, I don’t sweat it. Just play and have fun. If your not having fun, then it is time to move on.

For myself, I love the left 4 dead series. At some point, when ST /HDR dies I may move off of the fighting game scene and hop on steam and play the hell out of that. I love the L4D games ( I F’n love Zombies), and as for right now I don’t enjoy sf4. I may get into SSF4 depending on the game play. But face it, everything has a begening and an ending. It all stops at some point. This might be your stopping point. I have to see you go. But, you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do.

-fatboy :china:.

Ayo, you cant quit ST (The game is too good) only because of these foos up there.
Just play with the ones you know.

But seriously, do watever you want.

Man stfu
Stop bitchin. There IS an ingore feature you know.
You sound really bitch made right now.

I’m on ggpo a lot and i dont see all this complaining you’re talkin about.
Since when do above average players talk serious trash to people they dont know?
You must be referring to the people on GGPO that Arent good.
THEY are prolly beating your ass, and are so happy about it that they are talkin shit.

Trust me. I dont run into this problem because I have surpassed the likes of those idiots.
They cant talk trash when you are winning.
But then again, you only play once a month, so how good are you really?
Go play Sf4 or something.

I hate that mentality. I hate gaming cliques.
Fuck all the old pros, and their cliques.
They dont ever play or talk to anyone but themselves.

Except CigarBob, and Gram Wolfe.
They are cool.

hey just let that shit slide off your back like a duck man. Next time play him again and fuck his shit up.