Quit job...goin to Evo World!

I know most people don’t even know me in the community so if you don’t know me or you don’t care, please just move on to another thread or refrain from flaming…

as previously stated on many different threads, i wasn’t able to go to Evo World previously because I had to be at Salt Lake City for a work convention for one of my many jobs/business related side hussle, however today I quit that particular job so the good news is that I am able to go to Evo World. I made a lot of money matches with people that I would like to re-establish, but with different money amounts because I have one less income…

get at me @ evo!

how about a friendly money match with me?

3/5 for 10?

i’m poor now :frowning:

LMFAO thats fucked up

can a ec head get a mm?

i got jwong up in there already…lol…hit me up at evo if i have spare cash, i’m down…

Im still on for that one if chunk is still puttin up that 50.

sounds good! see you at Evo World! or West! you gotta teach me them cyke infinites!

Hey Guy Wong,

In that one thread, I asked you to MM MegamanDS since you said you were “even” with him. You politely declined. But I see now that your EVOWorld plans have changed. You also have a whole *slew *of MMs versus people, including Family Fun heads like Illan (for a whopping 250?! Wow!) and Fanatiq.

Please reconsider you vs MMDS ft10 for 100. I think that’s much more exciting than you two “playing a friendly ft10 with you paying for them all just to see if you can hang” like you suggested. I saw from some results that you posted you are a good player, and I imagine you must be to challenge Iron Illan ft10, but I still have my doubts that you could beat Danny with 100 dollars on the line.

Maybe we could go to 50 since you mentioned that you’re strapped for cash?

Thanks. Not trying to be hostile or anything.


that’s fine. let’s do the 3/5 at either west/world.

hey, i’ll play dan ft5 for 30 cuz i just hate playing msp…but at least it’s something! let me know if that’s cool with you/dan

also i have one stipulation, if the matches are recorded you MUST do your awesome commentary

I’ll money match you in Super Turbo or CVS2

don’t play either of those, i mean i do, but i suck at both lol

Who the hell are you? Who the hell am I? WTF!!!11

Oh wait you’re Justin Wong right?

I’ll still do the MM with you.

I guessing that this is happening last, just in case you lose.

i doubt he’ll accept though, marvel is his life…i could care less though lol :rofl:

awesome, i look forward to playing with the east coast low tier trickers!

ill play megaman dan ft10 for 100, put the word out