Quit job...goin to Evo World!

I thought you quit your job just to go to Vegas. Would have been the manliest thing of all time. In any case, best of luck

megaman dan: you want to run a money match with me as well?

Cool deal wongsta hope to see you at worlds, and i hope you have another job by then. I hope you and Fanatiq arent beefing anymore, either way good luck

for sure, me and fanatiq are whatever, imma drop that cuz i rather just concentrate on west coast beasting, somehow we gotta take out sanford and jwong lol…

get HYPE!

i’m still game for our mm if you don’t get rehired.

haha awesome, also good luck with your retirement match if it goes down!

throw 50 bucks in there… and I’ll take your money and send you packing. You can’t help but talk trash can you? Just so you know, I play marvel less than you do. I play once a week (if that) i.e. I haven’t played for 3 weeks now. So save it. Furthermore, you know good and well I’ll beat you badly thats why you don’t wanna put money on the line.

As I have said before, you don’t exist in the community so I’m not gonna let a non-existent scrub possibly precipitate my retirement? I could see if I lost to someone of equal ground like danny or someone, but you??? honestly… There is no gamble there cuz I know you’ll lose, but what do I get out of it? . Y don’t you just accept the 1-10 for 100 I spot you 6 games and give you 2-1 odds?

You say not to post any more; Just put it in the game. Then you make some erroneous claim that marvel is my life. That’s obviously gonna exacerbate the situation. I’ve tried several time to mitigate this so I’m done trying. You suck at every game you play. I got friends that will beat on you in ssbm, and I’ll beat you in 3s, tekken, mvc2, cvs2, super turbo, mvc1, xmvsf, killer instinct, and just about any other fighting game that has ever been created. I’m smarter than you, more socially adept than you, I have more talents, I’m just a better person. Move on. goodness. I’ll money match you at anything you think you’re good at that won’t compromise my morals. Chess, checkers, hold em, rubkis cube, anything. I’m not even gonna ask you to mm me in anything I’m good at.

Just out of curiostiy, you didn’t quit your job for evo did you?

Let’s go guy make this shit happen

Dude, forgert Marvel, I want to see this rubiks cube MM go down. :smiley:

LOL Yes he did, but marvel is MY life.

u have a point here.why don’tu guys just go at it FFA ufc style :lovin::lovin:

Why did you quit now? Evo’s in 3months. If you need the reference I understand, but if you didn’t care, you should’ve worked til then and just say you were sick and didn’t go. Plus can’t you find another job in 3months? What did you do? I’m just saying, you can probably find another job in 3months so you don’t have to limit your mm amounts.

Oh and retirement match from Marvel is bs. The relapse rate is 100%, and you can’t blame anyone from it. What’re you gonna do? Sue them for showing up at a tourney and entering? Singles it too serious. No one will honor that. But refraining from teams at majors is doable.


haha, i quit my job because i am going to school 15 units this summer and in fall and i already have a full time job at Technicolor Digital Cinema, and I also do club promotions for forbidden city, cinespace, florentine gardens, and basque… i couldn’t hold the other job because it required me to kill my weekends and i thought i could handle it but i can’t…

db!, just either accept my retirement match offer, or decline, i’m not gonna play you for money cuz i have no respect for you, sorry nigga… the only respect i have for you in that you play piano for church (i’m Catholic though not Christian), which i used to do too, besides that, i ain’t got shit respect for you, you can keep trash talking all you want, i just consider you one of potter’s stalkers…

if you think Marvel is my life? you must be dumb as fck, if you do accept the marvel retirement match, and i lose, it’s gonna phase me none, i’m staying at a timeshare with some homies and we’re gonna hit up vegas and clubs vip style…you think i’m rolling to vegas just for marvel? u crazy lol

please don’t quote what you don’t know about…thank you Sir…read above post for my actual reason for leaving my other job

Money match in piano 4-1 odds, 300 bucks. They had a piano last time at evo vegas. Someone can name a piece, we both have to learn it by evo world. Or, we both just play a piece and we have a judge (a neutral person) judge which is better.

BTW I’ve been there and done that. I missed evo 2k5, cuz I was in vegas, and I used to go every 2 weeks for 2 weeks. It was my 2nd home. Which is why I won’t be staying at a hotel at vegas. Get with the times man. lol.

no disrispect towards wongsta but i just wish people would stop running the “i dont respect you so no MM” line, i noticed it mostly in the west coast. If you dont respect someone and you know you can beat em take there money then leave it at that, but also if you dont respect i understand no runbacks >=)


Did this nigga really just say that? :shake:

that was actually an inside joke lol, if you noticed, the “i don’t respect you so no MM” was taken directly from dark prince’s youtube video…

i thought more people were gonna get that joke…lol