Quick n00b question(s)

What does “meaty” in this game mean?

And I can never connect another move after a UOH, is there more to it than putting in the command?

Thanks in advance, this game is godly :pray:

EDIT:And charge partitioning if when you hold D/B for a charge move, am I right?




Ok thanks alot that answered my meaty question but what about the other 2?

You will most likely need to hit a crouching opponent with a UOH in order to follow it up with anything. This is because crouching opponents stay in their hitstun animation longer. Even then, only some moves can follow a UOH.


You need to hit in the second half of your active hit frames, so that your recovery frames end before your opponent recovers from their hitstun animation. You start the UOH while the opponent is still laying down, and they wake up into the second half of your UOH, then you link the super.

To wrap your brane around how this works, pick ryu, and do the towards and strong overhead (donkey punch). Normally, it does two hits. If it does the two hits, you can’t combo into SAI. However, if you start the donkey punch just before the opponent wakes up, the first hit will whiff, and the second hit will connect (as they wake-up into it). If only the second hit connects, you will be able to combo donkey punch into SAI.

If you can’t do the second hit of the donkey punch meaty because your timing sucks, then try doing the donkey punch just outside the range of the first hit, but within the range of the second hit.

Once you learn the timing of the donkey punch combo, UOH into super will be fairly easy, because you are doing the same thing.

you dont need a meaty to link after UOH. ex:dudley get right next to them and press short short, now youre at perfect UOH distance, combo into super.

Uh, you don’t need to start when the opponent has fallen down, Rei. Shotos need to knock down, some other characters don’t have to. It’s true you want to hit them later in the frames of the move, but Alex and Remy start theirs on a crouching opponent even closer than Chun Li.

Shotos don’t need to knock down to link UOH into a super. it just takes a lot more patience to get the spacing in, but even at that, it’s still relatively easy.


or you could just pick necro who seems to be able to do it from anywhere as long as the oponent is crouching. Who needs spacing when you could just play Necro!

Let me clarify.

The only way to connect UOH into super is to hit your opponent during the second half of the UOH active hit frames. During the UOH, your character goes up, and then comes down. You can only combo into super if you connect the UOH during the downswing of the animation. If you hit your opponent during the first half of your active hit frames (the upswing), your opponent’s hitstun won’t be long enough for you to recover from your UOH and begin super.

Now, there are two ways to hit your opponent on the downswing of the animation. The first way is to hit them meaty.

Then I explain a simple method of learning the timing by using Ryu’s donkey punch as a teaching tool. Kinda like learning kara throw with Akuma, because he grunts if you successfully do it, the donkey punch works in the same way, because if you hit the with both hits of the donkey punch, you started the meaty hit late. If you did the timing correctly, the donkey punch will only hit once. Once you learn meaty donkey punch into SAI, the timing is the same for UOH into SAI.

The second way to connect UOH into super is to make sure the upswing of the animation is out of range, so that the downswing is what ends up hitting your opponent. Some people can’t time meatys correctly, so setting up spacing is another way to combo UOH into super. Of course, unless you live in some sort of SF nirvana where people won’t parry a long range UOH, this is sort of useless.

I explain how to use the donkey punch to learn range based overhead comboed into super.

As a final note, Donkus, who are you playing that is getting hit by UOH while they are standing? It must be heaven.

I mostly play people who reply point by point to their own posts.

All kidding aside, I never said anything about comboing from a UOH against a standing opponent.

Wheres the thread on charge partitioning or how do you do it?

charge partitioning is simply breaking up the charge for a charge move. the time is approx 1.5 secs and you break it up with dashes, normals, uoh etc…

for example get urien and go to training mode. now do a uoh, while charging down till the end of the animation(about 1 sec), now go to neutral, then do another uoh, with the same charge time, but press up+punch and you will get a headbutt. now, try the same thing, but dont go to neutral, hold down the whole time. it doesnt work does it? thats because you can’t “overcharge”.

so i do 1 UOH, then another but while pressing up and a headbutt should come out?

you hold down during the 1st uoh, go to neutral, immidiately do another uoh, hold down during the 2nd uoh, when the 2nd uoh is over up+punch.

so you cant do the charge partition with just 1 UOH?

edit: omg i got that shit down. but i still wonder if it reaklly takes two? and what about charge tackling combos?



the multi tackle combos/rapid LoV’s are a different technique called charge buffering. charge buffering is overlapping your charges to get more time.

You don’t actually have to be doing anything (normals, specials, uoh, dashing, etc.) to charge partition. You can go crouch, walk forward, crouch, charge move.

My current favorite charge partition with urien (has nothing to do with the above):
in corner, cr.Fierce, mk shoulder, mp headbutt

The way I do it is like this:
hold d/b
hit fierce
about when the first one is hitting, go to back, and then return d/b (start first charge)
hit f+mk
hold d (start second charge)
hit u+mp

I don’t know if that makes any sense, but that’s how it’s done folks.

Useful on twins (and ibuki?) unless you are a machine and can do 2 tackles consistently.

FatBear is just too slick.