Quadriplegic Disabled Gamer Askacapper Needs Your Support

I came across a gamer called Askacapper (real name Chuck) who is a quadriplegic (someone who has a disability in all 4 of their limbs). He is a FPS gamer has a youtube channel with over 9000 subscribers, mentioned he has a 1.3 k/d in Black Ops which is better than the vast majority of able gamers. Anyway he created a petition to game developers to include remapping/ button customization feature in their games.

If you are wondering how he is able to play Black Ops check out this video, he explains why he needs your support also includes some footage of him playing Black Ops. It shows him using his chin for the left analog and his mouth for the shoulder buttons [media=youtube]7Tdm-04Z35c[/media]

Petition: Video Game Custom Button Remapping Petition

This is his youtube channel, contains more footage of him playing xbox 360 and some clips from his “can’t stand up” comedy (very funny man) YouTube - askacapper’s Channel

Console fighting games like Street Fighter already include button remapping as standard, however FPS, driving, sport titles etc do not. Developers make presets controls for their games, and they probably put in a lot of effort coming up with these schemes but it would be far more advantageous for them to introduce the ability to customize the game controls.

This doesn’t just effect disabled gamers but it’s something all console gamers face when playing games. PC gamers have the option to customize their controls as standard. Console gamers should have the same option to map single controls to a button of their choice too.

So far there have been over 25600 signatures on his petition.

On a personal note I’m an abled gamer but I have trouble in Reach/MW2/Black Ops with the melee allocated to B. For those that played the beta game Crysis 2 being a much faster paced game turns this into a much bigger problem. Playing Halo I have found my game improved significantly by having my thumbs on the analog stick at all times and melee on the right shoulder. This allowed me to turn and punch at the same time however none of the remain buttons in the preset were where I’d would have liked them to be. In the end it took some of the fun out of the game.

Here is another video Chuck (askacapper) playing Gran Turismo a game that allows button mapping he manages to win a race! [media=youtube]IeejHDjtZEk[/media]

This petition isn’t just for disabled gamers, it’s for everyone that ever wanted to customize there controls, because they thought they could do a better job creating a control scheme or they wanted to transition from one game to another e.g Modern Warfare to Halo or vice versa.

Here is the petition link again: Video Game Custom Button Remapping Petition

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There’s a guy in my local scene with 1 hand who’s pretty decent in ssf4 and sc4.


Oh wow, on gamepad or did he have a custom stick?

cool thanks! :tup:

In before puns/ signed.

wtf he plays footsies with his chin…chinsies :expressionless:

I don’t remember his name, I think he’s from the RGV, but I played this one guy who plays smash and ssf4, who plays with 1 hand controlling the buttons and his mouth controlling the joystick. His Chun is pretty solid, really good at poking. I met him at a Houston tournament back in December. He’s bedridden and I didn’t ask why and he didn’t really address it when we talked to each other; but seriously I wanna play this guy again, I have no idea how he’s pulling off some of the stuff he does.

Edit: He plays on an xbox controller, which adds even MORE to the respect I have for him. That thing’s a piece of shit.
Edit2: In retrospect, he does change the button config before each match to facilitate his needs, but still, there’s only so many buttons he can control with 1 hand and yet he stilllll manages to pull off multiple combos into kikosho

there was a Nintendo Power where a kid lost his arms in a farm combine accident, and played games with his feet. Used an NES Advantage back in the day to learn.

FADC’s are probably beyond him now though

Here is another video Chuck (askacapper) playing Gran Turismo a game that allows button mapping he manages to win a race! [media=youtube]IeejHDjtZEk[/media]

I was thinking about this, and he should really be lobbying Sony and MS to support button mapping in the system, rather than having it added to individual games.

Visceral Responds To Disabled Gamer Petition | Edge Magazine :tup:

He uses 360 pad:wow:

Does this really matter? Fucking disable people getting all this free shit, they get free money & awesome parking…Now they want button mapping…

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He’s not retarded, he broke his back in a car crash

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Having fully re-mappable controls period is better for all.

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I’ll support this guy also. Car accidents can change people in many ways, so I’m stoked to know he isn’t bummed out on life and can enjoy playing video games like anyone else.