Putting a Setmitsu Stick in an HRAP3?

I want to give the Seimitsu stick a try for my HRAP3, but from what I’ve read, the HRAP3 uses a different mounting bracket making the standard Seimitsu not able to fit onto it.

Are there any other Seimitsu stick alternatives that would work for the HRAP3 without making any extensive mods or changes to the internals? Does putting a Seimitsu into the HRAP obstruct anything in anyway as well?


You can fit a LS-33, LS-55, or LS-56 series without mods in an HRAP3 by using a VF mounting plate.

So is it just a matter of removing the existing mounting plate + stick in my HRAP3 and then just sticking the new one in?

And yes, I would also like to know if the LS-56-01 comes with the VF mounting plate you mentioned. If not, where would be the best place to get one?

Yes, the swap is that simple. No modification necessary.

The LS-56 has come with the VF plate for a few years now if you choose to go that route. Confirm with your reseller before ordering.

Awesome. Thanks a lot!

One more question. Do Seimitsus have oct-gates that you can swap out like the Sanwa JLFs?

Yes, Seimitsu makes an octogon gate. Some Capcom Impress cabinets came stock with LS-56-01 and octogon gate.

Otherwise, they’re an option. The octogon gate is intended for the LS-56, but also fits the LS-33 and LS-55 series. Unlike the JLF, octogon gate does not increase joystick throw in the Seimitsu application.

I don’t suppose you’d know the serial number for what the Seimitsu octagon gate is called would you? I may need to use one so I may have to see if I can find the gate from one of the dealers. I suppose my best bet then would be to get the LS-56 since it seems to fit the HRAP3 okay.


It’s called Octagonal Main Guide for the LS-56. You can get it at lizardlick.com.

Alright. That’s all I needed to know. Many thanks!

hey, I just put a LS-56-01 into my HRAP3 but I thought the LS-56-01 has a longer shaft than JLF? Am I mistaken? After the swap the LS-56-01’s height looks identical to the stock JLF…

By the way, for ppl planning to do this swap, make sure you grab couple (rubber) washers since the Seimitsu plate is thinner than the Sanwa one.

The shaft height seems similar to me. The 56 can go wherever the JLF can with a MS mounting plate. That’s cool if the HRAP will take it with the stock plate. Otherwise Akihabarashop has these:

i’m stupid for not researching enough then. was hoping to get a slightly longer stick to compensate for the (minor) distance lost from the plexi panel…

yeah, LS-56-01 is exactly what I bought from Akihabarashop. Came in today and all I needed to do is unscrew the JLF off and put the LS-56-01 on (stock form) with couple washers…

Do Sanwa ball-tops work on Seimitsu sticks or are each of the companies’ ball-tops exclusive to each other? Once I switch to the LS-56-01 on my HRAP3, I want to keep the gray Sanwa ball-top since the Seimitsu sticks don’t have them in gray, but I’m not sure if the screw hole / ball diameter is different or anything like that. I also want to use one of the clear bubble-tops from Seimitsu on my Sanwa stick.

Is it possible for me to mix and match like that? Or are the ball-tops for each company different?

You can mix Sanwa and Seimitsu Ball Tops with Sanwa and Seimitsu Joysticks.

i havent seen a pic of the mounting bracket that comes in a hrap3, is it similar to the one thats in the tekken 5 stick or different?

The Mounting Bracket in the HRAP 3 is pretty weird.
The Joystick used in it does not have a Mounting Plate.
So the Joystick is mounted directly onto the Bracket through those two tabs on the JLF.


Mounting Bracket of HRAP ver.B; HRAP 3 is same.

Here is Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK-VER screwed onto.


Here is Seimitsu LS-56-01 with Seimitsu VF Mounting Plate screwed onto.


Hori Tekken 5 Ultimate Collectors Edition.

Oh so THAT’S what the Seimitsu LS-56-01 looks like with the mounting plate placed onto the HRAP3. That gives me a much better idea on how to swap the thing in. Thanks for the pic! I don’t know if you’ve ordered from Lizardlick before, but I was also wondering if the LS-56-01 that they sell comes with the VF mounting plate or not. I hear most LS-56-01s do, but I want to make sure, and they seem to be too busy to reply to my e-mails.

Good to know that the Sanwa / Seimitsu ball-tops are swappable. Helps save a couple extra bucks on my end =)

Just wondering… what kind of rubber washers (size, dimension, where to buy) should I get for installing the LS-56-01 into HRAP3? Can I get by without them?


just install it in your stick and then measure the shaft height from base of cp to beginning of ball thread. Should be 23-24mm. if its more get some washers that will bring it to your desired height. I personally prefer 23mm

I have just installed a 56-01 into my Rap 3, and the guy i bought from said about the washers.

The only reason i could see to use them was as the mounting plate of the stick touches the brackets of the Rap 3, the standard screws are then too long and will physically touch the underside of the top plate, is this correct? I then put them under the actual screw heads, between there and the mounting plate of the stick.

Where do you have your washers, between the mounting plate of the stick and the brackets of the Rap 3?

Great service this guy too, next day delivery if in the UK -