Putting a Setmitsu Stick in an HRAP3?

between the 56s and the Hraps mounting brackets

if you don’t put a washer between the screw head and the plate, the stick will become loose repeatedly, no matter how hard you tighten it… unless you either grind the screws down or buy shorter screws…

First of all, I apologize if I’m repeating the Q & As of some of the posters above. My English isn’t very good and I’m not sure if I understand what was explained above.

I just tried to install the stick yesterday… Now I now why the need to install the washers. Just one question though (okay… two):

  1. Do you guys actually use the washers to shorten the shaft of the stick by putting the washers between the mounting plate and HRAP3 mounting bracket? (VF mounting plate-washers-HRAP3 mounting brackets)

  2. Or do you put the washers between the screws and the mounting plate (screw-washers-mounting plate)

I actually preferred not to shorten the shaft since I have big hands. I tried both options and the shortened shaft feel really awkward in my hands. I actually prefer to keep the original shaft length. Does this mean my only option is to get shorter screws?

Thanks for all the help,

I would put it between the plate and the screw head, therefor leaving shaft length the same… it’s already shorter than a JLF, so I’d rather not have it even shorter…

what type of screw (ref) do you use for this mod ?
Im note sure washer is a good idea , is it solid ? and stable ? since you add washer there is a gap bewteen seimtisu mounting plate and hrap3 bracket right ? of maybe I dont understand

example A

 T             screw      T

_________________ ls56 mounting plate
O add washer O
–_________________-- hrap3 bracket


example B

 T             screw      T
O     add washer    O 

_________________ ls56 mounting plate
–_________________-- hrap3 bracket

example b… keeps it more stable and keeps the joystick higher…

thank you for the quick answer =)

Im still looking for the screw reference if anyone get the exact reference , I’b thankful

is there another seimitsu compatible stick for the hrap3 ?

Didn’t want to start a new thread so…

Ok So I’ve tried installing my LS-56-01 into my HRAP3. Plugged out the JLF and plugged it in but I can’t get down to engage, or left or right for that matter. All I can do is UP and Diagonal Right. Must have done somethign wrong. Help is greatly appreciated.


edit: so stupid, the five pin connector goes on upside down on the LS-56 vs. the stock JLF.

Is there any difference in the mounting plate for the LS-56 if it’s going into an HRAP3SA vs. HRAP3? Sorry if this is a noob question.


VF Mounting Plate for HRAP 3.
MS Mounting Plate for HRAP 3 SA.

Seimitsu VF Mounting Plate is default of LS-56(-01).
Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate is default of LS-55(-01) and LS-33.