Psychic Hotline: Rose Video Thread

i know there’s not many rose videos out there and since she’s a console character
we probably won’t get anymore until next month
but i decided to post a video thread anyways

[media=youtube]baJpyzGxJbE[/media] (Character Demo: Rose)
[media=youtube]FeLbsiOlh7I[/media] (Cammy Vs Rose)
[media=youtube]78zcnK2stSo[/media] (Gen Vs Rose)
[media=youtube]fS1hQUOjZh8[/media] (Ryu Vs Rose)

Thats an A.I rose , but regardless nice to see some potential play with her.

Rose vs Sakura. Now featuring blurry command list.

[media=youtube]__tk2Ra4nxE[/media] - CES 2009 JWong (Rose) vs Ruin (Ken)


Here are some Rose vids

Notice how weird her grab box is on the ultra.

Quite a few from the same player(s):

My house on 2-14-09; tons of Rose footage:

01-49: casuals
50-72: sets (first-to-5 x3)

yeah i was watchin those vids and i like how jay wang was playing cammy with the block strings using dive kicks could be lower for more options and less chance to punish but nice all the same.

on another note since this is the rose vid thread i was kinda hoping to see more FADC combos but oh well.

Very nice videos…I can’t wait in 2 days. :lovin:
About how much life do you think Rose have?

Unfortunately, that’s all me in those videos.

Awesome Rose there, was you refraining from her Ultra on purpose though, I saw a few opportunities for you to do it but didn’t, like Zangiefs spinning lariat…?

I am going to practise that cross up and that low kick combo but I have a hard time on the 360 Pad doing any quarter circle motion 100 per cent. :frowning:

More Rose madness at my house on 2-16-09:


Me and my Rose duty tour :stuck_out_tongue:

damn like your style

Nice little Dhalsim-esque throw loop ya got going on there. Never thought of that. I’m sure the slide can be punished pretty easily on block though. Still, it’s a good surprise tactic to use once in a while.

Edit: I don’t see it punished once in your videos. Nice!

Abuse the slide people. Its really only punishable by psychic DPs from what ive seen and it has to be a reversal. Her slide is easily her best normal IMO. It’s awesome against quick get ups and sets up all kinds of goodies (throws, FAs, combos, etc.)

awesome collection of vids!! I’m trying to pick up Rose and these vids will definitely help my game. Thanks!! :tup:

You can punish her slide on hit with Ken’s FP shoryuken on reversal from virtually any range. If you do it to close you can be punished by certain pokes on hit, especially 3-4 frame ones. The slides nice, but abusing it will only net you reversal shoryu’s, free combos and free ultras even on hit.