PSP D-pad - fix

Has anyone ever dealt with this person?

I’ve e-mailed him back and forth a few times, and he seems pretty legit. He says he’s modded his PSP D-pad since launch day, and put it through many ‘torture tests’, and says he can now perform all his special moves in 2D fighters flawlessly. I’m thinkin I may just do this. SF Alpha 3 Max sucks big time with an unmodded D-Pad. :arazz:

This is legit. There can be a few teething problems in the beginning, but most have gotten the mod to work perfectly - and they all swear by it.

Another mod based on this one is to just use 5 to 6 layers of artist tape (1 on top of another), then use a hole punch to punch out 4 circle bits of tape. Each piece is applied to the 4 contact points under the d pad - which inturn raises the d pad ever so slightly, equaling increased sensitivity from the d pad, and better control.

I have yet to try this mod, but i will give it a try if the Capcom d pad doesn’t work as good as i’d like it to. Also need to get a phillips head screw driver 000 (with a big handle), and artist tape/masking tape, then im all ready… oooh also need to get SFA3 MAX. =p

I can’t imagine the thickness of a NES sleeve making much difference, but if it works, cool.

I’ll let everyone know. I shipped my PSP off to him today for modding.

how much is he charging? and where are you shipping to?

Why didn’t you just mod it your self? It seems simple enough.

When he says he was going to make the D-Pad higher I thought he’d be using something that’s like 1/4 inch thick or something, not a thin piece of plastic. But if it works, it works. Maybe multiple pieces would give better results.

apparently anymore than that thickness and the pad becomes too sensitive, and the slightest touch will trigger off a direction =[.

I won’t mod it myself, because I don’t feel comfortable enough to do so. I’d rather let someone do this that is experienced, and has done it enough to feel comfortable. I’m not a “modder” by any means. I know some people dislike the DOA4 stick and Fighting Stick EX Hori makes for Xbox and Xbox 360, but to me, they are awesome as is. However, I’ve always thought the d-pad on the PSP sucked ass big time. :looney: Darkstalkers and SFA3 are literally unplayable on the system, unless you wear the absolute HELL out of the analog stick on the PSP for Alpha.

As for how much he is charging…

alright b1a54 i’m counting on your feedback to determine if i will send him my PSPs

I <3 your av.

:wink: No prob, … I will post as soon as I receive my PSP back and give Alpha 3 and Darkstalkers a good test run…

My PSP arrived in the mail today. I’m at work right now. I’ll give it a good test run with Darkstalkers and SFA3 Max tonite, and I’ll post the results.

Everyone… This guy is great! The D-pad is actually functional now. DP’s and FB’s with ease in SFA3. Jumping diagonally is a piece of cake now. Contact UFighterX! He will HOOK YOU UP!!!

sounds good to me :lovin:

i’ll send him 50 to do 2 PSPs

Thanks a lot for posting this - I was very interested in this mod and it’s good to hear firsthand experience.

btw does this mod make the D-pad as good as the PS2s?

In my opinion it does… It’s damn good… Trust me. :wgrin:

Hrm…I really don’t think this mod is hard…I don’t see why people don’t do it themselves and save $30. But good looking out. I’ll mod mine now so I can finally play some DS instead of it just sitting there collecting dust.


I’m sure it’s not “hard” to someone that feels comfortable with doing so. As you can read from my previous posts, I don’t feel comfortable doing so. Damn it… Just trying to help people out. $30 ain’t shit anyways for this fix.

Did the masking tape mod, and works like a charm. I didn’t notice a difference at first, but after testing it in SFA3 it was amazing. Before the mod i was having a super hard time doing anything (like 30% success in special moves), and now it’s 100%.

Highly recommended if you feel comfortable opening your PSP and voiding your warranty (I had no warranty, since I bought the Japanese version Black GIGA pack while I was holidaying in Malaysia).

I’ll be getting the Capcom D Pad add on soon, so I’ll let you guys know how the mod works with the pad add on.