PSN sux AKA The New Vanishing Points Sux Thread

ok i am still furious while writing this …i went from 2800pp to 2000 pp,and how i have no fucking idea
so let me explain : i fought a few guys and mostly won,and in the after match statistics i see like geting some points blah blah but after some time i see 100 then 200 etc points desapier from me…instead of my pp going up my pp goes down i really cant explain that…so i win matches and my pp goes down…there is no rage quiting and bulshit like that
any1 had the same expirience and might know why this happened??? not that i care for points i really dont but i get mad when something like this hapens,i win and i am geting punished

for now you’ll have to trust me by my word but i’ll upload an video of the batlle log to suport my story

I doubt this is exclusively PSN’s fault.

If you didn’t care about points…this thread wouldn’t exist.

its like you have 5 feraries and 1 volkswagen polo …you dont care for it but you still dont want some1 to steal your polo just like that from you
same shit here

many games on many systems have that glitch on ranked sadly.

hahaha it continued to hapen …now i have 1600pp loooool

i noticed the screen weirdly blacks out just right after i get some bp/pp from the other guy…and the next fight instead of increased i have decreased statistics …same shit like when rage quiting,exept i never rage quit + i won so why should i rage quit


ok here is the video i said…because i even dont look at the points when playing i didnt notice it for some while untill beating that high lvl dudley
so like you see i beat him and he gave me like a ton of points but the next fight you see i have 2400 and something …i didnt even notice that until i fought that fei long at the end…he won that match but nevermind cause i steped into the ring with 2300 and i won all previous battles as you can see

now at the moment i have 1600pp and i started with 2800pp holly shit

PPs and BPs! Enjoy thy PPs and BPs!

Maybe they’ve changed the scoring system to be more like golf?

unlike the VW, points really aren’t worth a damn
that comparison is flawed

Play with low points like I do.

no1 asked you 1 single thing

I’d be more worried about your English than your points online.

well maybe you should start losing to get your points back!!

seriously though, why do i see so many people blaming everthing and everyone but capcom? next it’s going to be my dog groomer’s fault.

I have the game on both systems (PS3 and 360). Used to play ranked a tons. I personally only had this problem on PSN. Try to avoid having stuff like Netflix and YouTube running while you’re playing.

Mainly encountered the problem when someone else was on Netflix. Hope this helps.

The game knows you suck and is taking points away from you win or lose :coffee:

Holy shit why do you always beat me to the best thread?

O ma points o noes.

God damn COD generation can’t just play a fucking game for the sheer fucking enjoyment of it.

Here’s your no-prize, deeply satisfying pixels on a screen.

You’ve already lost bro. Not at games bro, at life. Sit and think about it.

I’ll do well to keep my disgusting opinions to myself, Sir.