PSN Hack Update: Stolen Information Detailed, Partly Up Within A Week

Update on PlayStation Network and Qriocity ? PlayStation Blog

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Giving you PSN users a heads up! Cancel that Credit Card fast and start changing passwords!!!

'Cept you can’t change your password till after the service is brought back up. :c

I was going to say the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Change your passwords to other emails, accounts or services if you use the same password as your PSN account. This is a common practice.

Would be nice if they had a list we could check to see if our account was compromised.

They are claiming that all accounts have been compromised.

Bah, guess it’s time to change all my passwords just to be safe. PSN had a different one but still… what a huge headache.

for me personally i think your an idiot to use credit cards on psn, i use playstation cards which you can purchase at your gameshop… even before this happened my original account was hacked by some nerd but it didn’t affect me much because i used and still do use fake name and address y? because my frikin house is more secure than this network… if u have to make new account what are trophys anyway compared to privacy ???

HAAAAAAAAA LOVE IT, airplane great movie… makes u think the sony staff are acting the same way…SHIRLY!!!

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I will pin this topic for those who are concerned about the situation. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy offline gaming/local gaming.

Fuck you too bro.

im not your bro… your obviously a dumb ass credit card user, shame for you chump

I think you are going overboard with this. Just because you decide not to use your credit card on PSN doesnt mean you shouldnt. Sony is a multi-billion dollar corporation that should have better security. Ive had my CC info on XBL for 8 years and I have never had anything like this happen to me. Am I an idiot for doing so as well?

Thats pretty dam funny but this one takes the cake.

PSN is down?and has been for a week now.

According to the Official Playstation Blog PSN has been taken down by Sony themselves because?.

?An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.? ? Patrick Seybold

Now it is true that PSN has in fact been ?Hacked? / ?Attacked? but not in the fashion that Sony is spinning this story.

First of all customer information has not been compromised. No one has your credit card #. This is a bullshit PR story to make them look good. That?s right; Sony telling the public that their personal information has been compromised is actually a good thing for them in the end.

Why you ask? B/c it communicates to the customer that we?ve shut down PSN to protect your personal information, we care about you, blah blah blah.

Telling the public that customer information has been stolen is way better than the truth, and the truth of the matter is?. Sony is protecting their bottom line?$$$.

Last Tuesday, April 19th 2011 I was on PSN trying to play MK online and buy a few things on the PS Store. When I tried to log on to PSN, I received strange error message that I?d never seen before. I can?t remember the exact verbiage but it displayed a message something to the effect of?

?Adding funds to your wallet has been denied?

Again this was when I was initially trying to log onto PSN not the store, which means to me that funds were automatically trying to make their way onto my PSN wallet.

This leads me to the REAL reason why PSN is down and furthermore why Sony is going after various Hackers like Geohot that design homebrew and custom firmware.

**Last week custom firmware was released that allows you to turn your Playstation into a Developer Console. Once your Playstation is recognized as a developer console you can download ANY game you want from PSN completely for FREE. **

Sony and several other companies were loosing money, and thus they took PSN down to prevent gamers w/ custom firmware on their Playstations to download free games. As a company Sony does not want to admit the real reason that they took PSN down is b/c they were loosing money.

So they made up some bullshit story about compromised accounts. Once again Sony does not want to tell us the whole story. They are full of shit, and have a PR team and spin doctors for this very reason. So believe the ?Official Story? if you want, but this is real talk.

Thats bullshit go to this link and tell the people that have noticed illegal transactions on their credit cards otherwise.

That link that you sent does not display one post of someone reporting illegal transactions…Cool Story Bro.

just in case… i had to block my credit card and they have to replace my credit card number and the card itself. damn this.