PSABR 1v1 Tournament Signup (12/22: 8-9:30 EST)

So let’s see if we can do our exhibition tournament this coming Saturday. If everything is a success I plan to make a weekly event of it with standings and perhaps even prizes. Naturally the ending time is an estimation, we will finish the tournament of course.

Game Related Rules:
1v1, 3 stock limit
Hazards and Items On
Best of 3, first stage is random and in following matches loser picks (do we allow practice stages)
Double Elimination unless there is an overwhelming amount of players present.
Counterpicking after a lose is allowed.

Misc. Rules:
-Sir Daniel’s permashield glitch is banned and using it will have you forfeit the round.
-There is no spectator mode so results will be relayed by the players. Be honest this is just for funsies anyway.
-Do your best with the connection provided. I am sorry to say that in matches of extreme lag a coin flip will have to decide the winner, but if someone is lagging like that with everyone than they will have to forfeit. If such lag occurs and there is an international player in the match, the round will go to the American player.
-First round begins at 8, anyone arriving after 8:10 will be sent to losers so try to arrive a few minutes early.

These are the rules and I am sticking to them, at least the format. If things go horrendously wrong we can discuss the aftermath in the Main tourney topic and plan what we can improve for the next one.

So sign up here, post your PSN, and feel free to ask any questions.

  1. QuackendriverV
  2. SkinjaDood
  3. Flowtaro
  4. Reggie Rob
  5. Heavyjugz
  6. goddessbracelet
  7. WhereIsProtoman
  8. tuyung
  9. ProtonicShadow
  10. Mayhem_and_Eggs

I’m up for it
PSN: SkinjaDood

excellent. sounds great!

PSN: Flowtaro

I’m down!

psn: Reggie Rob

Gah, I won’t be able to take part. Oh well, hopefully some matches might get recorded.

Psn: Heavyjugz

I am a maybe right now.

psn : goddessbracelet

Not 100% sure i’ll be able to make it :frowning:

PSN: ProjectSeoul

ah i work, but i would’ve been interested. im going to let some ppl know tho. it would be nice to see who used which characters for a little bit of statistics :wink: lol

Well again, it’d be a recurring thing.

And this is only the case if like, everyone agrees, but can more people do Friday?

I’ll join


I have no idea how to use irc… 8pm EST would be 5pm PST right?

I have no idea how to use irc either. Would it be possible to coordinate here? It is not like we have so many players.

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this would probably be easier. Just mention us and it should notify us.

What do you mean? Using a user’s name gives them a notification?

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yea if you use the @ and their name it should mention them

Here is a quick tutorial from another forum
Replace #Stickpage with something like #PSallstars

i’m in!!! PSN: tuyung

Im game! PSN: ProtonicShadow