PS360+ Dreamcast VMU Options

Hi Team

I have been trying to enable every console I have with the power of the PS360+ including my beloved Sega Saturn and Dreamcast.

One issue I ran into was using the save files on the Dreamcast VMU! As you know this is necessary for MVC2 due to the character unlocks. The Dreamcast games will play with ps360+ sure, no problem, but you can’t save.
There was talk of PS360 VMU support back in 2012, perhaps an add-on PCB but I haven’t seen any updates or products yet. Let me know if you know of any!

In the meantime, tonight I stumbled on a way forward that I thought I should share in case anyone was sitting on the fence about buying one of these ingenious little devices but feared the lack of Dreamcast VMU support or if you are already on the band wagon but were miffed about your lost DC progress.

Converters are obviously the first stop and there is one that can be bought and used today!

If you set up your PS360+ 2.1 with firmware 1.5 or higher, your Saturn can only be supported by disconnecting your stick’s home guide button and instead connecting that screw terminal to the JST header pin 6 (as detailed in their pdf).

I support you doing this step anyways and having some fun with Saturn’s X-Men VS Street Fighter. But here’s the bonus, now you can use Saturn to Dreamcast adapters! and some have VMU capabilities built-in!

So, tonight I was able to play Marvel VS Capcom 2 in all its pixelated glory and SAVE my progress!

I used the Total Control 3 (Saturn Compatible Controller Adapter for DC with VMU SLOT) which can be found at Play-Asia and Sega Saturn Controller extension cords can still be found on Amazon. There is no lag to worry about either.

I have had fun and been successful making my own RJ-45 compatible controller cables, so don’t be worried that pre-packaged Saturn cables aren’t available from aki-shop. I used the Platinum Tools 100011C EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Combo and a regular crimp tool. time and patience will see you through.

This was a TRIUMPH!

please post with other PS360+ Dreamcast VMU suggestions or options you have found work well!

Very nifty! I can dig it.

Dual Mod with a Agetec PCB

Is it possible just to burn an mvc2 disc with everything unlocked?

Burning Dreamcast discs is getting into territory we can’t discuss here.
It gets into it gets into roms and warez which is a off limits subject in SRK.

Now the purely academic side of your question, I have yet to seen anyone accomplish this.
Most I seen is a on disc app that writes a 100% everything unlock game save. So you still need a VMU.
Where is it, don’t ask, please do not even PM me about it ether.

Don’t worry I wasn’t wondering how its done. I just know people have done there own custom colors and music mixes for mvc2.

Music Remixes are easy as you are just substituting one file for another and making sure the file names are correct.
I think its the same for custom colors.
Hell I seen someone fit four or five fighters on the same disc by deleting redundant files that are on each game and use some hard links to redirect the program to the new files.

But on disk unlocks is a different issue, you some how have to either hex edit (assuming you know the right addresses) decomplie and rewite the code, or reverse engineer the code.
That said I haven’t seen it done.

Worst case scenario, you can swap the controllers after booting up the game and getting your file read.

I always thought that was particularly dangerous for the Dreamcast, what with controller ports going bad and stuff.

Seems like the only safe way is a padhack & undamned’s USB decoder… not that I’ve tried that yet.

Not from just unplugging and replugging controllers

Also you can just leave a vmu in a regular controller in the third slot and it will load mvc2 data just fine. Kof98 saves don’t seem to load, but there’s nothing really to unlock there anyways

Outstanding! that saves us some trouble!


When doing this do you feel that the Agetek PCB lags less than a PS360 setup?

I was thinking of dual modding as you said but the last time I tried the PS360 worked fine but the agetek no longer registered. As of now I have a clean PS360+ sanwa Agetek stick…but in many ways I miss that authentic PCB

Twice in one day…

Don’t ask me about Lag, I do not subscribe to the controller lag hysteria.
Now if you want to use the VMU you need a board with VMU support, so far the PS360+ does not support the VMU and I fear may never will.

Agetec pcbs and Dreamcast Madcatz pads are probably your best bet for optimal performance.

Thanks everyone. Appreciate the patience for a noob. So far Im diggin the clean look and just using the total control 3 when VMU is necessary. Otherwise using a dreamcast cable from the PS360+ is 1:1 with the dreamcast PCB in terms of performance IMO

Why do u need VMU in port A?? i mean you can plug a dreamcast controller on port D and some games recognize them in port D iirc

Most of the time id say your right but I also use the sticks for SHMUPS and several of those don’t seem to recognize the VMU unless its in port A

It really depends on the game.