PS3 Fight Stick HORI and Madcatz will Compatible with PS4 ( YES or NO ? )

any Manufacturer of HORI or Madcatz can confirm ?

I am dying to know the answer to this.

Thankfully, even in a worst case scenario, I can always mod my sticks to become compatible with PS4. That said, I’d rather not have to. I know Sony said that the DS3 wouldn’t work anymore, but that the Move would. So, clearly, the PS4 will still understand inputs from older PS3 peripherals on some level. I’m hoping Sony’s smart enough to make an allowance for fight sticks. Especially because there’s no profit in it for them as Sony doesn’t sell fightsticks.

I’d like to know as well!

You’re wrong…

Sony makes money off the hardware that is LICENSED for the PlayStation systems.

That said, it’s up in the air whether current-generation joysticks will work with the next system.

We probably won’t know until after September or later this year when the PS4 launches.

Don’t expect all the old hardware to migrate with the new system.
It’s remarkable that all those old controllers going back to the PS1 actually worked with the PS3 with only a compatible USB adapter in many cases; not so with the XBox 360 and original XBox controllers – or for that matter, most systems and past generation controllers without PCB swaps/replacements.

I would not be surprised at all if Sony pulls a Microsoft here…

Expect to pay more for the basics.

Looks at the jump in price from the DS2 to the DS3 pads. It was insane and I don’t buy the excuse that it was all because of a rechargeable battery or Six-Axis. That’s BS and the hardware gaming companies know that. They get these parts by the thousands (if not millions after a critical build-up) and the mark-ups DON’T have to be this bad when it becomes obvious after a while that the controllers are using old tech that’s gotten the third or fourth tweak this time around.

Due to the amount of unofficial controllers for the PS3 I’d be very surprised if Sony didn’t implement a security chip for PS4 controllers.

There’s no question Microsoft and Sony make some nice money off of officially-licensed controllers when the market exists to sell quantity of higher-level/pro-circuit controllers (joysticks, steering wheels, flight sticks, etc.).

I know Toodles talked about the 360-security chip several years back… He never bothered with it because he didn’t want to get out of the grey zone and get into a situation where he could get sued by MS. Of course, the usual IP thieves picked up the slack and made counterfeit 360 chips. Toodles said not to count on any of the current third party PCBs (PS360+, the cheaper Euro/Asian PCBs, the Cthulu line) to work on the PS4. He figures Sony will go the security chip route like MS did this past generation. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll all be lucky and Sony will let things go like they did for the PS3. I doubt that very much…

How long was it before the 360 security chip was reverse-engineered and reliably bootlegged? Wasn’t that at least 4-5 years into the life of the XBox 360? It would have happened sooner but the fighting game market for joysticks didn’t revive until after the release of Street Fighter IV.

Personally, I don’t care much at this point in time. I still have two joystick designs left I’d like to get for this generation… IF the game industry is in decent shape and fighting games remain viable into the next gen, there’ll be re-engineered PS4/X720 joystick PCB’s soon enough and people will retrofit existing sticks just like they’ve been doing now. I don’t even plan on buying the PS4 until at least a year after its release. I’m tired of malfunctioning hardware (HEAT, HEAT, HEAT) and you know the systems are going to be redesigned/rebuilt over a year. There’s no way MS and Sony are going to improve the reliability of the next gen systems given what they got away with this past generation despite the outrageous costs of both systems to date. The premium console releases – large hard drive-sized systems with Blue Tooth, wireless, etc. – will be at least $450 if not $500. There’s not going to be much price difference just like there wasn’t this past generation. I would have liked to have seen sub-$400 systems but it’s not going to happen unless there’s a “starter system” with removed features. Most of us will pay for the larger hard drives and wireless functionality.

Yeah… totally forgot about that. Oh well. Hopefully it’ll be easy for people to make some PCB’s for us to use. Or better yet, a way to trick the PS4 into thinking there’s a new pad attached. I’d rather not have to bother with trying to dual mod for PS3 and PS4.

There’s no sense in getting overly concerned with compatibility. For starters, Sony isn’t supporting any PS3 discs. They’re also not guaranteeing any compatibility with PS3 digital downloads.
At this point, there’s no reason to want compatibility. If and when this conversation were to become relevant, the time between a (worthy) game’s announcement and its release would allow for the development of a modding solution.

I’m personally banking on Microsoft to announce 360 game compatibility. It would make the new console the preferred FGC console of choice and the frontrunner for modding solutions.

I posted in another MCZ thread, but the answer is no. Seems like PS4 has added security or something else in the works…

Logically speaking, no backward compatibility for gaming makes sense because they basically said, “We effed up with PS3’s cell processor so we’re starting with an entirely new processor that’s developer friendly” back in February when they had their conference. Being backward compatible with the PS3 would mean a price increase because Sony would need to install a cell processor in the PS4 and we all know how bad current gen software emulation is too. This is why the initial batch of PS3s were expensive, they actually had an Emotion chip in it whereas they got cheaper and went with the 10% compatibility software emulation for.

That being said, at the very minimum, I was hoping that aftermarket PS3 peripherals would be 70% functional taking in that 30% not working would be the share button, touch pad and headphone jack as these are new features of the DS4 controller. In the end, I plan on just modding my existing sticks that enables the 360, PS3 and PS4 compatibility. I don’t myself playing on a Xbox One until possibly months or more after it’s release as I have just pre-ordered a PS4.

There’s no reason to get an XBox-One with the stupidity and overwhelming arrogance MS has displayed since before E3 with regards to used game practices on the system and the constant 24/7 Internet connection requirement.

Does anybody honestly believe fighting game tournaments will want to deal with a system that HAS to be connected to the Net all the time? d3v made a solid point about this in another thread…

Look, I don’t want to sound like anybody’s fanboy but how much does a company have to f’up before product launch for you to make an informed, reasonable decision to wait-and-see OR send them a message by NOT supporting their product! How can anyone stand to bend over and let a company f’them over – especially when that company’s officers seem to be overly gleeful about that action and their dictatorial and anti-choice positions???

I’m still amazed that some of you STILL stood by MS after 3-5 fried 360 consoles… Isn’t there a point when you get sick of getting mugged by a company selling sub-par product??? Are Halo and Killer Instinct such good games to pay to play on an exclusive system especially when a company has told you it’s controlling how and when you spend money on that product pre-launch??? That’s such an anti-consumer and authoritarian position for a company to take. That dictatorial tone should be scaring everyone from buying MS product!

The PC crowd got sick of MS’s OS upgrades that forced premium (re: expensive) hardware upgrades and sucked up system resources (more RAM than should be necessary, highest speed/most expensive CPUs). 2 of the last 3 OS upgrades failed commercially (Vista, Windows 8) on those grounds. Consumers were just not going to take it anymore…

Gamers have to decide whether to follow the MS lead like lemmings or demonstrate that they’re going to think carefully and make good choices instead of being compulsive and blindly faithful…

why is everyone getting worked up, i don’t quite understand, has some new legislation been passed that requires you to buy a next gen console?

i think ill stick with my snes, gamecube, dreamcast, og xbox and ps3, might get a 360 when they ate going for peanuts and a hard copy of super turbo hd

super turbo hd is a XBLA and PSN title, there is no hard copy. The very short lived Retail packaging only comes with a pre-paid download code. Just get it for the PS3, Skip the XBLA version.

You are preaching to the choir brother, but I don’t see how this affects us using existing sticks on the PS4. Lets for the purposes of this thread forget the Xbone exist.

We got no official work yet, not even any hints from markman.

Now Mike Z director of Zero Labs and Developer of Skull Girls hinted that PS3 wired controllers might work but he didn’t indicate if that statement included any existing arcade sticks.
Expect the older PS3 Round 1 and Round 2 TE Fightsticks not to work on the PS4 to to the same issues those sticks will not run on most PCs.

You can read on that here.

Mods can we lock this thread or merge with another as I think this is like the 3rd speculation post I seen for PS4 Sticks on SRK TT.

there is a hard copy

its called the capcom digital collection, its been out in UK for ages, i bought a copy on release couple years back, still sealed as i don’t have the console!

will buy a couple more when they going for peanuts, they going for about £15 shipped at the moment, but will drop further

i play the psn version but its kind of quiet and crashes alot, why skip the xbla version?

Capcom Digital Collection was $5 at a few days ago. I ordered one but it’ll take a while to ship.

If you do not have the Xbox 360 yet don’t Start now.

Personally I try to avoid games that are made for a console with a 1 out of 3 failure rate. So I did not realize there was a physical disk version of the game (although another SRK TT regular told me about it months ago). I still see plenty of the newer Xbox 360 Slim consoles that get the RROD error. That is a issue MS should have addressed many hardware revisions ago; the model before the Elite should have fixed the RROD issues (the Elite is the version that added HDMI support and a 250gb HDD). My own Xbox 360 only still works because how heavily I modded the system, Talismoon fan and Artic Silver thermal paste, as well as experimenting on case mods.

That is why I skip the Xbox 360 version of the game. I like to play my games long after the manufacturer stops supporting the system. If MS isn’t stupid the 360 will have 2 maybe 3 years of most of continued customer service support after the Xbone comes out. It was Sony’s Misstep to support the PS2 as long as it did.

Yeah the PS3 has the YOLD but that is 1 out 0f 1000 systems odds and it affects mostly older “FAT” models of the console that had a 5 year run.
Both the YOLD and the RROD can be prevented by modding the system to have a better stronger cooling fan and replacing the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU with a better thermal paste like Arctic Silver.

But it is your money, you want a Xbox 360 go for it, just know I warned you about the consoles reliability (or lack thereof).

1 out of 3? Failure rate for Xbox360 in 2008-2010 were like 47% according to some survey that catalogued failure rates of the Wii, PS3, and Xbox360. Nearly half. That’s shockingly bad quality assurance. And that’s just for one RROD. Subsequent changes of rrod thereafter dropped to 30%, 20%, etc etc, but that’s still bad.

I haven’t met a 360 owner so far that hasn’t had at least ONE rrod.

I’m still on my first 360…

It doesn’t count if you turned it into a lamp or a heater.