PS3 Fight Stick HORI and Madcatz will Compatible with PS4 ( YES or NO ? )

I’m also still on my first 360, its been 5 years going on 6 now

I’m still on my first. My roommate on the other hand…

And aren’t all 360’s heaters? I thought that was what was causing the rrod.

I’m on my first 360. I got an arcade model back in 2008 and gave it a 20GB HDD and have never used a different HDD. The arcade models also had the HDMI ports, which supposedly meant the systems were less likely to RROD. I’ve always kept it in an open area without any other heat sources around it, and have played it a lot over the years with various different fighters on top of loaning it out twice now to two different people for a year at a time and letting them do God knows to it. The disc tray barely works anymore and I honestly am surprised it has not RROD. Though I am disappointed by the disc tray having issues. I have seen original fat PS2s that still have better working disc trays than this thing. Truthfully, I expect it to die on me soon but it’s been pretty tough for a 360. I think if it dies? I’ll just trash it and not replace it. I honestly only ever used it for fighters I all ready own and prefer to play on PS3, and I have no intention of buying an X-Box One. That being said:

Sony has said “USB devices should work” and Madcatz is saying “No they won’t.” Let’s read between the lines here: Madcatz devices probably won’t work especially Round 1 and Round 2. The PS4 is using x86 architecture, the same thing your computers all use, and considering the compatibility with USB devices the PS3 had? Unless Sony uses some major security on the PS4 controllers, I don’t foresee there being an issue with any devices that aren’t USB 1.0 (though fyi USB 1.0 devices tend to work with USB 3.0, which the PS4 has) working on the PS4. The reason Microsoft ever took that stance to begin with was the original Xbox was able to be modded and hacked so easily via the controllers. The PS2, and the PS3 did not suffer from this. The PSN security risk and down time had nothing to do with controller security. What’s the saying? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Granted, maybe they will? But I think it was somewhat of a selling point to have such high controller compatibility and I don’t think they wanna chase anyone away.

“Requires a whole new set of peripherals” doesn’t mean “Wont work”

The PS4 features (e.g. Share button and touch controls) OBVIOUSLY wont work with any PS3 peripherals, but that’s not any different than Sixaxis controls not working in a PS2 pad using a converter.

Sony says “Should work” which means there’s nothing official from them yet. They might not even know, or have thought to test that out. They have a big check list to do before launch, so I’m sure that testing old shit wasn’t on the priority list.

Madcatz didn’t answer the question directly. They also have nothing to gain if they said “Yes”, whereas if they implied they WONT work, they have your pre-orders.

I don’t know that even MadCatz knows the answer yet though, because they haven’t even announced anything will be released. Maybe Sony’s not sure about putting a security chip, and developers are waiting on them to decide before they give the go-ahead.

I really hope they will be compatible. That way I can still use the Cerberus and be able to mod the XBone pads to work on ps4.

Assuming that XBone controllers will be common ground…

1 out of 3 if you factor in the whole lifecycle of Xbox 360.

Perhaps Mad Catz doesn’t want to say just so they don’t get caught unaware later on.

I hope Sony keep their policy of having standard USB accessories working on their system. That would mean all our arcade sticks would keep working even if the home button, or some other features don’t. But as long as the buttons work and can be assigned properly we should all be fine.

We have until After the 2013 Holiday season to see what controllers work and what does not.
For example the Kickstarter Ouya been around for maybe 2 months, I had mine for only a few weeks and the list of TESTED compatible controllers does not include sticks yet.
Its not that Sticks don’t work but no one going around to testing sticks yet.

When it comes to the PS4, without a backlog of older games due to the lack of backwards compatibility, if no game warrants a Stick sticks aren’t going to get tested until there a fighter, shmup or other arcade game that would take full advantage of the stick.

Stickie the last post, folks… It’s a keeper.

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Won’t matter if it is or not if I don’t plan to keep the xbone side working.