PS2/PS3 compatibility stuff

All the information here is extremely out-of-date! The first few pages of this thread should now be strictly for historical reference. I think we’re up to firmware version 1.93 or something. These days I spent most of my PS3 time either not having access to it, being too busy to use it, or scrubbing it up on DRO. At the present time, to the best of my knowledge:

  • lag still exists playing PS2 games on a PS3 (even when all TV lag has been eliminated)
  • the Pelican is the best and only PS2 to PS3 adapter you’ll ever need, and it works flawlessly for PC too (Windows XP, can’t promise anything for Vista or older ones)… check out the converter thread here for more info on this kind of stuff

This is all about the original PS3’s (the 20 and 60 GB models). I know next to nothing about the new ones (40 and 80 GB models). From what I’ve heard, the 40 GB will have no backwards compatibility, and the 80 GB will have only partial backwards compatibility and will use software emulation (instead of having an equivalent to PS2 hardware inside like the original models).


I have recently gained access to a brand new, shiny, smooth Playstation 3. It’s not mine, but I can pretend it is because it sits twenty feet away from my bedroom door. Being the Curious George I am, the first thing I decided I want to do with it had nothing to do with all of this awesome new-gen launch titles fuss. I wanted to see how well it deals with stuff that’s already been out for a couple of years. I wanted to see how it handles old, boring stuff. Yeeeeah!

I’ve seen a few threads pop up here over the past while concerning all of this, so I figured I’d share what I know.

The following are all tests through which I ran the PS3.

I used a SIXAXIS controller as… well, the control to my experiments.

To plug PS2 controllers into the PS3, I used a Sector 7 Playstation 2 to USB Adapter (model 5810257), which I picked up at The Source. This is apparently also known as the “Nexxtech PSOne and PS2 to USB Adapter / Radio Shack PSX-to-USB Game Adapter with Vibration Driver / Sector 7 (Orbyx Electronics) Model 5810257” but the packaging for mine sure as hell didn’t say all of that! The converter fits on both ends, and that’s fine with me.

Being the only arcade stick I had on hand–if it can even be considered one–I also tested an InterAct ShadowBlade (for PS2). Let me defend myself here: I picked it up on an impulse for only $10 Canadian ($7 American) to eventually open it up and see what was inside. As with most ShadowBlades that were made, the Analog button does not work on mine. I believe Analog is switched off by default: therefore, all ShadowBlade tests were done with Analog off. Truthfully, I don’t believe it’s very indicative of how a good stick will perform, but I ran it through all of the tests anyway, even if for nothing more than a laugh.

PS3 menu - the Cross Media Bar, the XMB, or the Xross Media Bar
whatever, you know what I’m talking about

SIXAXIS - the buttons work, the analog sticks do nothing, the D-pad works

DualShock 2 (Analog on) - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks do nothing, the D-pad works

DualShock 2 (Analog off) - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks do nothing, the D-pad does nothing

ShadowBlade (Analog off) - the buttons do nothing, the stick does nothing

No DualShock 2 input will register while a SIXAXIS is switched on. I even tried using the SIXAXIS’ cord to plug it in, and assign it to another controller port. To have your DualShock 2 work in the menu, you have to turn off all SIXAXIS…es. SIXAXES? SIXAXI?

PS3 game - Call of Duty 3
Please note that, during gameplay, the D-pad has no functionality for this game. D-pad test results for this are based on the in-game menus.

SIXAXIS - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks work, the D-pad works

DualShock 2 (Analog on) - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks work, the D-pad works

DualShock 2 (Analog off) - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks do nothing, the D-pad works

ShadowBlade (Analog off) - the buttons do nothing, the stick does nothing

Simply having a SIXAXIS on does not interfere with using a DualShock 2. However, if you assign a SIXAXIS to a port being used by a DualShock 2, the PS3 acts as though there is no DualShock 2 connected. Worth noting is that, lacking the Playstation button, there is no way to change the port to which the DualShock 2 is assigned.

NOTE: When you start up a PS2 game on the PS3, all SIXAXIS controllers are deactivated, and the system asks you to press the Playstation button, which is the proprietary logo button smack-dab in the middle of the SIXAXIS to “re-sync” it or something. It will then re-activate.

PS2 game - Tekken 5
On PS2 with Dualshock 2 - Analog is always on and cannot be disabled, the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog stick has no function, the D-pad works

SIXAXIS - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks do nothing, the D-pad works - the controller cannot be switched from Analog to Digital mode

DualShock 2 (Analog on) - the controller is not recognized

DualShock 2 (Analog off) - the controller is not recognized

ShadowBlade (Analog off) - the controller is not recognized

PS2 game - Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
On PS2 with Dualshock 2 - Analog is always on and cannot be disabled, the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog stick has no function, the D-pad works

SIXAXIS - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks do nothing, the D-pad works - the controller cannot be switched from Analog to Digital mode

DualShock 2 (Analog on) - the controller is not recognized

DualShock 2 (Analog off) - the controller is not recognized

ShadowBlade (Analog off) - the controller is not recognized

PS2 game - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (from the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection)
On PS2 with Dualshock 2 - Analog is always on and cannot be disabled, the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog stick works, the D-pad works and is used for the same function

SIXAXIS - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks work, the D-pad works - the controller cannot be switched from Analog to Digital mode

DualShock 2 (Analog on) - the controller is not recognized

DualShock 2 (Analog off) - the controller is not recognized

ShadowBlade (Analog off) - the controller is not recognized

PS2 game - Black
On PS2 with Dualshock 2 - Analog is always on and cannot be disabled, the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog stick works, the D-pad works and is used for a different function

SIXAXIS - the face and shoulder buttons work, the analog sticks work, the D-pad works - the controller cannot be switched from Analog to Digital mode

DualShock 2 (Analog on) - the controller is not recognized

DualShock 2 (Analog off) - the controller is not recognized

ShadowBlade (Analog off) - the controller is not recognized

Graphics of PS2 games on a PS3

Back when the PS2 was released, I remember trying out some PS1 games on it just to see if they looked any different. Some of them looked better, others worse. Some were unchanged, and others just looked… different. From my limited testing, it appears that PS2 games running on the PS3 is the same story. I worried that maybe the whole mystique of the beautiful new console was teasing my imagination and leading my impartiality astray, so I tried a few different games on it, twice each. I used the same TV for both consoles, a 27" Sony Trinitron. The PS2 and PS3 consoles were both connected by their default composite video/stereo audio RCA plugs. I did use different input ports but I’m positive both inputs are working optimally.

My observations are as follows:

Tekken 5 - It definitely looks a little better… not a lot, but enough to be immediately noticeable. Nevermind that those screenshots from PS3 Dark Resurrection make this look like a joke. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly why it looks better. It just does. As a late title in 3D from near the end of the PS2’s reign, this is essentially what I expected. Some backgrounds feel little deeper, and the characters somehow look just plain better. The majority of things look either more crisp or smoother in all the right places, in all the right ways. If you were really looking, every once in a while I could spot an edge that looked either too fuzzy or too jagged, but I was really searching for these. Flames from the burning temple lick and flicker deliciously. Hair looks more wispy and a few textures look crunchy (such as Xiaoyu’s plad/checkered schoolgirl skirt), but even then, they seems to move more fluidly. All splash screens and 2D overlay looks the same. Once DR hits the North American Playstation Network, I don’t think I’ll ever touch my vanilla T5 disk again, but until then this is pretty neat to see.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution - This game echoes essentially what I saw from T5, with one glaring exception; the 3D graphics are “griddy.” It looks like everything on-screen is being divided into rectangles, each one in which it seems that an approximation of all colours found within these rectancles is taken and then all individual colours in the rectangle are shifted closer approximation. This makes the colours seem dulled down, but it causes a worse problem: even though everything can be seen clearly, it feels like everything has being lightly run through Photoshop’s Pixelate/Mosaic filter, the way they censor things on TV when they hide an underage criminal’s face or a bear breast during a daytime rerun of something filmed live. It’s sort of awkward. If you sit far enough back and you get really into the game, this unpleasantry does seem to melt away but it is unmistakable.
Amusingly, this dissappointment has made me even more excited that VF5 is only a few weeks away. The anticipation is killing me in the bones!

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (from Street Fighter Alpha Anthology) - The 2D sprites don’t look as good. The game as a whole isn’t too bad, especially once it’s in motion, but it’s just not as good. I didn’t mind it that much, though. SFA3 is, after all, certainly showing its age up against 2D beauties like Guilty Gear’s billion editions. It was hard for me understand–I thought maybe a few pixels here and there were smushed or something–until I tested the next game.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (from the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection) - I cannot believe how awful it looks. Sweet Jesus, the eye-pain is debilitating. The only thing that looks normal is 2D overlay, and I think the frame rate is okay. The backgrounds are fuzzy. The character select portraits are choppy. Worst of all, the 2D sprites are absolutely mangled. It seems as though the console tried to force each sprite into a different pixel resolution than what it was drawn as, and then rescale it to the proper size. The results are horrendous. You may be doubting, wondering just how bad it could possibly look. Let me tell you I was close to tears when I saw what this big black beast of a machine, ungraceful and soulless, had done to my beautiful 3S. It’s really that bad. I am so sorry, guys. I’m as dissappointed as anyone.

PS1 compatibility

I haven’t tried anything yet and I probably won’t. If you just dropped $600 American on a shiny new console to play Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2, there is no hope for you.

In all seriousness, though, I know a lot of custom sticks use the PCB’s from PS1 gamepads. I’d like to test a PS1 controller but I don’t own one.

To do list

There are a number of other tests I have not had the opportunity to try. Some of these I may be able to do, some not.

  • I would like to try a PS1 controller on the PS3, as mentioned above.
  • I would like to try the controllers on a PS2 game where Analog can be disabled. These exist, don’t they? Am I losing my mind? Does this only work with PS1 games?
  • I would like to try a PS3 game for two players. Specifically, I’d like to see if a PS2 and PS3 controller can be used simultaneously.
  • I would like to see the graphics of PS2 games on the PS3 in HD. For all I know, this may make 3S look normal again.
  • I would like to try T5DR and VF5 to… hell, I just want them!

I think there were some others but I can’t remember them right now.

What does this all mean?

I’ll try not to get too much into the implications of my results. You can draw whatever conclusions you’d like about how this will impact you in your living room. I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to do stick-wise.

I thought of one major issue that may come up for a console tourney like Evo and pose a problem. With a bunch of PS3’s all in a row: when one SIXAXIS is activated to navigate the XMB, the input of all nearby sticks using DualShock 2 PCB’s may suddenly be disabled. I can’t imagine anyone wanting this to happen during their match.


It’s clear the adapter I picked up is no good for playing PS2 games on the PS3 with a PS2 controller. Note that it worked fine for the PS3 game I tried with a PS2 controller. I know Guitar Hero fans have been scrambling around looking for a solution. IGN raised hope and dashed it down only four days later. They’re not the only ones who say it doesn’t work.

Some of the boys over at Tekken Zaibatsu found an imported adapter, the Elecom JC-PS101USV, that lets them use their old sticks on the PS3. However, I don’t know if they’re using them for anything beyond T5DR right now. If you’re in Japan, apparently Yamada Denki carries them. If you’re not, you could try ordering one from Himeya Shop. Worth mentioning: there have been a few reports from there that, if you add an Analog button to a stick that doesn’t work and turn Analog on, pretty well any adapter will let you use an older stick to play DR on the PS3.

Apparently Nyko has one on the way that it supposed to make everything the work properly, but we all know how these rumours go. There’s also a Pelican adapter in development that keeps having its release date pushed back.

This is the last section

In all honesty, this started just because I’m about to buy a new stick and I wanted to figure out for myself whether it should be for the PS2 or PS3. Once I started, I wanted to try more and more. Once I finished, I realized other people just might like to hear how it went. For all I know, this may all be old news for this forum but I hope all of this helps some of you out.

i tested the elecom with around 10 ps2 fighting games and sfex:2 for psone (only non import psx game i own) and none of the games would recognize my dualshock psone based stick.

i’d imagine for any of them to work you would need your controller to have a “ps” button like on a sixaxis to pair the controller with the game.

also make sure you ps3 is updated to the newest firmware since the last firmware 1.5 fixed some graphical issues with ps2 games. every game i’ve tried is now displaying in 480p. i’ve noticed alot of games look less jagged.

and why would you think turning on one sixaxis with a bunch of ps3’s in a row would disable a bunch of dualshocks? each sixaxis needs to be paired with a console via usb before it can control it wirelessly. i could be wrong though since i’ve never been around a bunch of ps3’s but when i bought my second sixaxis and turned it on before plugging it into the usb, it didn’t work.

Yeah, it just was recently brought to my attention that a patch was released that apparently “makes everything look normal.” Though I’m not entirely sure yet, I believe that the PS3 I tested has not been patched. I’m very curious to see what the new patch does to it. Does anyone know what version of the firmware is the original and which one is the updated one?

Your findings are both unfortunate and lame. Thanks for checking, bro.

That’s very cool, I did not know this. Maybe there will be no problem after all.

I know very little about PCB’s and pad hacking and all, but I’m curious as to how difficult it would be to use a SIXAXIS’ PCB for a custom stick.

EDIT: I just checked… I used version 1.32, and the graphics patch is with 1.50. I’d like to update it sometime today and try 3S again. Fingers crossed!

The Elecoms work perfectly for PS3 games only.

If you want converters for ps2 games, you have to wait for the nykos.

Hello. Can any of you tell me if the VF5 arcade stick from Sega will work on a PC, since it’s USB?

Also, I would like to know if there are any USB to PS2 adapters out there, that will allow me to my VF5 PS3 stick on my mmodded PS2 console? You’re probably wondering why I just don’t play the PS2 game on my PS3 right? Well the reason is because I have Samurai Spirits Tenka for the PS2 and it’s an import Japanese game. Therefore I can only play it on my modded PS2 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hi Isamu, hopefully this answers your questions.

I believe the stick you’re referring to is the Virtua Stick High Grade. To the best of my knowledge, the answer to your first question is “No, not right now, but probably yes later.” It will plug into your computer without trouble, but you’ll need some sort of driver to have your computer properly understand the input. I doubt Sega has any plans to realease this kind of software but I don’t doubt that someone somewhere will make their own and let it loose on the Internet. It may be hard to find and there’s an 80% chance your driver will be in Japanese, but it will likely be made.

While I believe USB to PS2 adapters exist, I can almost guarantee you that you will not find a way to have a PS2 use a PS3 controller, let alone a PS3 arcade stick. I figured I’d mention that, though they are often forgotten, the PS2 has USB slots anyway.

Greetings and hello deadfrog. deadfrog…words cannot describe how much I appreciate you taking the time to post a detailed reply to my questions. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Now…I would like to bring your attention to an app for Windows that is supposed to allow you to use the PS3 Sixaxis controller in Windows programs. The app is called the Sixaxis_PS3_Win32_Driver_For_PC. HERE is the link to the app. There is also a link to the thread where I discovered this program, RIGHT HERE

deadfrog and everyone else who is reading this thread…can you guys comment on your experience with this windows app and tell me whether or not you think it will recognize the Sega VSGH and allow me to use it, specifically in mame?

Please let us know, and thanks again :slight_smile:

I saw your question was also asked here and the answer was relevant to someone else so I answered it in the other thread:

Good job on this. It was a big help. I’m in the same situation.

It seems like the best way to go for me would be to get a PS2 arcade stick now (I want the HRAP2), and then worry about a converter later whenever I get the PS3. That will definitely be a while from now. I’m sure the Elecom will still be around, and there will probably be other converters around at that time.

sigh darn.

If it’s not too much trouble, can you, or anyone else, please test the dual shock 1 via ps>usb adapter on a ps3 game, and see if that works? I know ps2 dual shocks works to some extent, but I’m really hoping dual shock 1 would work too. Thanks in advance.

it works on ps3 games if you turn on the analog.

for PSX Dual Shock 1? Yay! Thanks.

Hi guys, here’s an update on forward and backward compatibility for hardware and software, controllers and games. This post, I’ve been a little more specific to our principal area of interest; fighting games. There are corrections, and additions I missed the first time around. There’s some recap, some clarification, and some new information. I’m not the quickest, but I’m the most complete!

Some of this I tested myself. Some of this I’ve learned by asking questions and scouring forums and websites. I feel extremely sure that all statements I’ve made are true to the full degree that I’ve specified. If I am unsure of something but still chose to mention it, I will state that I am unsure.

Graphics for PS2 games on the PS3

I updated my firmware from 1.32 to 1.51 and gave the ugliest duckling another spin.

3S - I cannot begin to tell you how overjoyed I was when I saw it play. The improvement is massive, incomparable to what it was before. The pixels still somehow look a little harder than they did on the PS2 so having the filter on is a must, but man oh man, it actually looks good. Though I am fully willing to accept the possibility that it very well may be only the product of my overzealous imagination, I swear the colours were brighter. It’s beautiful to see 3S looking beautiful again.

I didn’t even bother testing the other PS2 games again. I don’t imagine they’ll look worse. I was too happy about 3S to care. I beat up the computer for five or six minutes just to celebrate.

PS3 controllers for PS3 games on the PS3

Of course, the SIXAXIS works fine with everything.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and the Virtua Stick High Grade apparently all work fine with everything so far (I’m talking T5DR and VF5). I didn’t expect any problems, but it’s still nice to hear.

PS3 controllers for PS2 games on the PS3

As far as I know, the SIXAXIS works for all games as long as the PS button is pressed (except the vibration, of course).

The VSHG will not work at all with any PS2 games, even when their Home button is pressed, despite claims during development that they would work. There’s a rumour going around that all non-SIXAXIS controllers are locked out for backward compatibility. That would be really lame. If it’s just an overlooked/unforseen problem, I hope it is addressed in a firmware update.

The HRAP3 appears to be the same story, or at least mostly the same story. In this thread, the original poster Nine Inch said he has it working with 3S and GGXX Slash, and hasn’t addressed any doubts. Other people in the same thread with similar setups have said it doesn’t work, though I don’t believe they’ve tried the same games. Regardless of what Nine Inch is doing to make it work, the HRAP3 is definitely not working well. To be honest, his is the only report I’ve been able to find of the HRAP3 working for any PS2 games.

PS2 controllers for PS3 games on the PS3

Most PS2 to USB adapters (Radioshack) work as long as Analog mode is on. As far as I know, all PS3 games thus far will function with a DualShock 2 in this way (except the six-way movement detection feature, of course).

However, most sticks don’t have an Analog buttons. Thus, most USB adapters don’t work for sticks.

Sidenote: What I’ve heard is that T5DR uses digital input while VF5 uses analog input, which is the cause of any discrepancies in compatibility. These reports for both games are for the Japanese version, as they have not yet been released here, though any difference is unlikely.
Note: Previously, I mistakenly called this converter the JC-PS101USV. The JC-PS101UBK and JC-PS101UWH are the same thing; the last two letters simply indicate the colour (Silver, Black, and White, respectively)

Elecom JC-PS101U - This adapter lets you use PS2 sticks with T5DR (which takes digital input), and it was thought to have cleared up the Analog button issue. However, an Analog button is apparently required to use it with VF5, and possibly other games.

Elecom JC-PS201U - This adapter is brand new and apparently clears up problems regarding the analog input. It currently functions with both T5DR and VF5, and should probably work with all PS3 games.

For possible future solutions, see the next section.

PS2 controllers for PS2 games on the PS3

Currently, nothing works with anything. Don’t let anyone fool you. There are adapters and converters aplenty out there but, at this time, we’re all sitting on boners with this one.

Pelican - This sounds like an excellent solution (well, any solution will be excellent by default). There have been rumours flying all over the place about this one, thanks to stupid articles like this and this, full of wild speculation. Officially, I’m not sure if Pelican has said anything about it. The picture up on EB/Gamestop made me think it won’t be any better than anything at Radioshack. Heck, this website doesn’t even have a picture and it says it’s already in stock! However, our very own DreamTR let us in on some very cool news. Things are looking very good! I haven’t heard about whether it will function for PS3 games yet though I would assume it will.
EDIT: DreamTR has confirmed, two posts below mine, that it wil function with PS3 games. I reassert excellence!

Nyko - This one also seems like an excellent solution. This article hooked my interest this article hooked my interest even though it’s from the same website that wrote this shit about the Pelican adapter. Since then, there has been good news from IGN about it, which was backed by this article, which sounds more like it was actually written by a human being, and not paraphrasing from a press booklet. It looks frickin’ cool! I don’t know whether this one will work for PS3 games, but I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t.

As of now, there is plenty of hope. Patience, comerades.

I just found news that a company I’ve never heard of, called Dragonplus, is making a PS2 to USB adapter. They’re claiming plug-and-play functionality for the PS3. There are a number of these types of things floating around about various new brands and products, but somehow I’m not convinced they will be any different than what you can pick up at Radioshack now. Established companies like Pelican and Nyko are going to a lot of work to make one that does what it’s supposed to, so it sounds fishy like all of these random upstarts could suddenly pull a design out of thin air.

PS1 something for something PS1 lol PS1 you are an old grey dinosaur

To the best of my knowledge, all instances of “PS2” in all the above statements can be replaced by PS1 and said statements will retain equal veracity. That’s the fancy way of me telling you that, concerning PS3 matters, everything for PS2 games and controllers should be the same for PS1 games and controllers.

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just for the hell of it, i uploaded a pic of my Dragonplus adapters.

AFAIK, the dreamcast one is exactly the same as the first Total Control. the second one works for original sonys and hori pcbs.

The PS2/PS3 Adapter will function on PS3 games as well.

thanks allot deadfrog!

I was very bummed out about the sadness of VSHGs and HRAP3s not working with PS2 BC games.

I rather wait and be patient for the Nyko adapter and re-use my old PS2 sticks and pads :wink:

thanks for all the insight

I have nothing new worth getting too excited about… there may be another can’t-wait-for-Pelican-or-Nyko solution to use PS2 sticks on the PS3 for PS3 games.

I was looking at a Watch Impress whatever article that mentioned the Sanwa JY-PSUAD1 converter/adapter/whatever alongside the Elecom JC-PS201U (confirmed as a working solution for both T5DR and VF5). I can’t read Japanese; I was just there for the pictures.

Could anyone who is Japanese-literate take a quick look at that article for us?

On that note, it looks like Himeya Shop has started selling the Elecom JC-PS201U here.

I just fired off an email to Akihabara Shop to see if they can get 'em too, since I’d rather order from there. I guess I’d just feel more comfortable ordering plugs from a website whose catalogue doesn’t also feature hentai Mahjongg.

Hi, everyone. Has anyone had the chance to try the HRAP3 on 3rd strike(anniversary edition) on the ps3? I’m curious because i have a HRAP1 and i want to play 3rd strike on my new ps3. However, if the HRAP3 works w/ 3rd strike, i’ll go ahead and get one.

Thanks and i appreciate your help.

^ ^ ^ to xjrx05 ^ ^ ^

Sad but true. Apparently all non-SIXAXIS controllers are locked out for backwards compatibility. The HRAP3 won’t work. Though I imagine a firmware update could fix this issue right up, I don’t believe it will ever happen.

Pelican and Nyko both have solutions in development, and will likely release them in the coming few months.

Though I want to remain optimistic, we’ve heard little more than “IT WORKS FOR GUITAR HEROOOo!!” from Nyko.

News is that the Pelican one will be half the price, release in April, work for American and Japanese systems, and allow any PS2 controller to function (on the PS3) for any PS1/2/3 games, all with no input lag whatsoever. Wow. Thank DreamTR, an inside source who posts here.

Guess which one I want?

alrighty, thanks. hopefully they fix this soon.