Project justice discussion ...and conclusion

i think i’m ready to make a good tier list about this game
and declaring that roberto is not a top-tier anymore …it is true

here we are …


yurika <—queen of turtle,you knew it if you experience it,set-ups too
kyoko <— she’ll throw you anytime , not to forgot the damn damage
roy <— infinites , damage , set-ups
hyo <— stun lord , 2 combos , stun , and pokey
D.hyo <— landing-&-impale-trap is top-tier
hayato <— as painful as dudley , invulnerablity
kyosuke <— rushing , poke-strings , set-ups
edge <— AKUMA !! play fakes and throw set-ups
roberto <— slow , gay-damage
momo <— poor in defence , beasty damage
kurow <— so-so , need fakes to win and counters

zaki <-- annoying
hideo <— air dash with qcf-k .but don’t hit on a guard opponent
hinata <— agility owns , sakura fighting with ken’s speed
nagare <— ORO !!! work on most boys only though

low tier
W.daigo <— better than Q at least
ran <— she need to depend on air-et-ups to win …
batsu <— is just sean with extra-damage point. but people use him carefully
linhcyo <— it took 3 super-combos to stun an opponent , lol
boman <— hugo trade some of his damage for a lil agility , ducking helps sometime
gan <— he’s tooo slow … play tick throw

edit : to play this game , all you need is guessing/punish-throw , wake-up , tardy-reversals , set-ups , turtle , fooling to win the round …

never play blindly
never abuse meaty in ProJus

i dont know about your list of characters on how they need to win and all. i can play everybody very well except edge and boman for i use everybodies combo more than poking or any other thing. other than that, lets just say after playing Ran Hibiki, shes my new favorite character in Project Justice.

Ran: "so how does it feels to win"
Ran: “I FEEL great”

i’ve never use ran before …
tell me how ?

all i know was ran’s is useful …
and her ground-roundhouse that chain into dodge photo-shot

and the recovery rate of her photo-shot is poor … not good for close combat

and her dodge shot is like stopping a charging bull , meaning … opponent runs and does a slide , flying-kick or shoulder-ram …
when about to reach , evade and click …

i’m still confuse wether ran ontop of W.daigo or below him , or above akira , which is the mid-tier section …

now i got to fixed again , though my tier-list looks complete

Wait up. You say you don’t consider Roberto top tier anymore, then you put him in the top tier?

Gan from rival schools was the bomb. His grab super was nearly instant and hurt like a bitch.

roberto is top-tier because 1 poke , you’re crying …
there are many way to reverse roberto’s attack …

grab-supers ??
kyoko’s > Gan’s …

if gan use grab-super, i would actaully tap f.kk or jump …

so am i …
i pick top-tiers though

i dont know the tier list completely except for roberto, momo, wild daigo, and roy having an easier time winning. reason why i like playing ran cause she has a kool personality and its harder to win with her thus giving me a challenge. :cool:


ran the scoop-girl …
i remember being defeated by her …
people use form of set-up to defeat the opponent …
ran got kick ass air combos …

but she still lack of something , that’s why she’s bottom tier

here’s my reason …

why daigo is in the centre ?
reason being he’s the only guy who does hella damage and stun damage , and not to forgot that his air combo STILL hurts like hell , jump lk,lk,hp,qcf-p/super .
not to forgot that he can chain roy’s double-shinryu team-up after a , than add extra OTGs like qcfx2-hk or ground-stomp .
that’s the good point about daigo
bad thing is , slow and poor in defence .when he does combo-strings on you and guarding , you can tardy of his hk or hp or f.hp …
but beware that he can fool you by canceling moves to a super(qcfx2-hp) while you tardied his attack , at that point he became invinsible and KNOCK.

as hinata , she’s on top of daigo because…
opponent hardly able to reach her
her flaming-tornay(qcb-hk) makes the opponent repel with the 3rd hit …
her MGB-super is almost the same as chun’s sa2 … invincible , stop abusing projectiles …
she’s the sakura in the game , A3 sakura …

why edge is top-tier as people thought that edge is low-tier …
because …
he could beat down a scrub-roberto or a real good roberto player …
you can say that edge is cheap , why ? he is like akuma in the game , but with no dive-kick , and he’s air-knife-toss is annoying enough …
he’s dust-kick , i said dust-kick , not dust-Cart-wheel-kick . he’s dust kick is specially useful for meaty , just like v’rosso’s slow flaming-punch , dust-kick recover fast , this is to bait opponent that use team/party-up wake-up .
he’s the only person that play throw the most , tick-throws especially , jump and kinf-toss ,land and capture(high or low)
or dodge .
he also have strong combos , such as , df-hp , jump , lk,lk,lk,lk,lk xx super-knife-toss , and that cause alot of damage to the opponent …and you can quick-tardy on roberto’s somersault…

Please explain.

Jive Out!

he’s the guy who can do 40 hits on male characters with 2 super-bars …

which works on batsu-clones , daigo , gan , boman , nagare , roberto , hayato , kyosuke , d.hyo and hyo

(some of his combos were done differently on other characters)

on roberto …(up to down)
jump-lk ,
c.lp , lp , hp
c.lp ,
c.lp ,
c.lp ,
c.lp , lp , hk ,
qcfx2-lk , jump lk,lk,hp,hk,qcfx2-lp

you get 41 !
you don’t need momo

he’s weak , can be stunned easily …

anyone has a problem … in VS
i’ve actually discuss before with icege about yurika-whore’s cheap gameplay …

i won using hyo for once, i poke back with a f.lp->f.hp->super-slash
i did that thrice …and win , but the yurika-user learned fast …
i won that match , and lose to him again …

edit : just added D.hyo in the tier-list , i still got trouble using that impale-super … and that is as worse as raging-demon , it’s a throw , but can be used as an anti-air … but USE this super wisely .

infinites in PJ?
Sorry I missed the PJ scene quite a bit…could you explain?:confused:

there are no infinites in Project Justice. the punch and kicks either makes you fly higher or lower in the air and on the ground is impossible to do.

demon hyo has very good special move and super. problem is that you just gotta know how to trick your opponent or learn to use it wisely. Most character that i play with such as Zaki, Kyoko, Ran, Natsu, Shoma, Akira, and Nagare has very very very weak combos. Only way for them to do massive damage is if you connect a super with. though i do prefer to play these guys than roberto considering they have a harder time winning than a easier time at all. For some reason i hate playing with Batsu or Burning batsu, but i play with vatsu more than those 3. i guess either there boring or just aint my type of guy to use.

Though the one thing that tick me off about one character is that sakura girl(i forgot her name, but shes one of the student). shes not even close to the Rival School sakura. its like shes a whole new person now:mad:

I still don’t see why Shoma is rated so low in this game. His Hk attacks, the slide and as a jump-in, are fast and have a lot of priority. His mini-launcher sets people up for a painful follow-up combo (without supers). I either do a jump-in to lead into the mini-launch combo or tardy-counter directly into the double Hp.

Ideally, it looks like this: jumpin Hk, jab, jab, Hp, Hp, follow-up into the air, wp, wk, hp, hk, either the forward HP or set-up for the air throw (land and jump back up and grab-it tends to go through a lot of moves).

The air throw at the end brings the damage out to around 48 percent. Still, even if you just finish things with the forward swing, 33-40 percent is pretty good. I think the fastball super actually does less damage than the swing.

Zaki is very similar, except her forward double kick in the airkeeps the opponent in the air longer and sets up her throw/follow-up better. Plus her jumping Hp has sick priority.

roy’s infinite is strict and easy …

just do this normal combo …

then as you recovers do rush-cancel lp->shoulder-ram before the victim reaches the ground

after lp->shoulder-ram , the opponent is down , you quickly OTG with a back flip and rush-cancel lp->shoulder-ram->lp->shoulder-ram->lp-shoulder-ram->lp->lk->shoulder-ram and the opponent fall to the ground, back-flip and repeat the juggle

back flip , rush cancel and juggle em’ to the floor and otg with back flip again rush cancel and juggle em’ to the floor …again and again

TOP: Roberto, Roy, Daigo, Momo, W. Daigo
HIGH: Kurow, Kyoko, Kyosuke, Hayato, Hinata
HI-MID: Natsu, Gan, P. Akira, Nagare, Yurika
MID: B. Batsu, Vatsu, Hyo, D. Hyo, Hideo
LOW-MID: Tiffany, Zaki, Akira, Batsu, Shoma
BOTTOM: Incho, Ran, Boman, Edge

I still stand by those tiers… with the exception of the possibility of Edge moving up.

i don’t get it why you put daigo so high ? i’ve been badly defeated by people using top-characters like kyoko , kyosuke , roy and yurika …

edge kick ass !! air-knife tossing owns

and hyo below batsu ?..hyo was reknown as the stun-lord in the game . and hyo would play batsu’s kiaitans like baseball
hyo only has hard-time fighting against kyosuke , kyoko & yurika
hyo would own momo easily …

all i can say that yurika is a complete sinister

The “tiers” are in no particular order, just in that group. There was talks about moving Hyo up, but he just doesn’t have as good of match-ups as the other characters have.

Daigos are fucking monsters bro. They’re one of the only characters that with one super, can out damage Roberto’s basic air combo which out damages pretty much everybody else.

Daigo’s also have hellacious range and priority. Their defense is hella good too. They’re like Yurika. You can turtle and win, except you don’t have to burn two meters.

sorry for posting this late , actually my comp got infectedby the latest virus , and now i’m in McDonald’s free internet booth , seeing kids playing neopets and eating fries or potato chips dipped on ice cream!?

and here’s my best experience in projus casual play , it is rare to meet a friend of mine , before he played with me i asked him about the Yurika-player in the arcade i rarely met , he said that it was his friend , and he also had no idea how to beat his yurika .

as the game begins ,it had been a major improvement that i was able to catch up and win ,this is the 3rd time , the 3rd casual match with him …

i was able to beat hime with edge , kyoko and hyo , well this 3 specieally . and he’s the fella who is good with roy …

and i’ve discover new things to beat turtle players …
i pick edge because his team-up is good for baiting the oponent while guarding it and counter it , you know that i recover fast after that team-up. i was able to do air-throw jump-in as a counter for opponent’s air-to-air-punish …i did that thrice on him .

i win because i play baiting , trap and throws on him , and i thought his skills in projus got rusted , but soon he get used to it . and i start to losing out …

my goodness his zaki is better than local scrubs that abuse zaki , pretty smart he cancelled zaki’s air-hp into qcf-lp , not bad …i got unnoticed by that

better start practicing dodging too , cuz i don’t want to get trapped on momo’s and kyoko’s jab-O’-Death .

i also discovered roy’s stun combos by doing lp,hp,f.hp,f.hp 3 times and able to stun the opponent and using party-up as a final blow …ouch

before i’m leaving , god , there’s some crazy kid asking for my comments about his snowman face in his ice-cream with fries :stuck_out_tongue: