Project Justice- Anyone still play?

Does anyone still play Project Justice? i was wondering if it is tournament friendly game. Yes, I apologize for my last post about Evo, forget it ever happened. I would like to start over with a blank and fresh slate. Anyway, can this game get interesting? I dont see a lot of people playing it at the arcades.

I love project justice, It just sucks that theres no scene anywhere to be found. Kinda wish there was one around here, <3 momo

Yeah I know. The game is hella fun, and it seems like you could get a few fun casual matches out of it. Of course I know there will be people who will win with nagare cuz he’s about one of the only ones with an infinite combo. The reason I like PJ is cuz the game doesn’t revolve around infinites, the same combo over and over. Yes it is effective, but over time it just starts to lose its appeal.

o_o? I just pick momo and do her s.lp c.lp loop all day. ALL DAY SON.

momo is fun to play with. but i dont know, for me I usually use Hayato, Hyo, and Daigo. I just like them. Shoma is pretty fun to use too, and the only characters i dont care about Yuriko (that girl with the violin) and Kurow.

I love you too.:lol:

Oh shnap. Take it to GD you two.

Anyways, yeah Project Justice is pretty rad. They need to re-release it.

Shit’s too slow, environments too sterile and generic. I’ve been meaning to say that for nearly 10 years now.

I love the theme of Project Justice. It reminded me of 80s High School movies when everyone is divided into labeled groups. Greasers, nerds, jocks, ectt…

This game looks neat, any word of a re-release?

Im hoping they re-release with online play.

You know, If you’ve got nothing good to say, Why post? This isnt GD…

I enjoy Project Justice, I think it’s one of Capcom’s more uh…“lighthearted” fighting games. Fun to bring out when you need a break from the grind of Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue and the alike.

I was glad that I found the game at a Japanese arcade when I went there a couple months ago, and actually played against human competition. I need to buy this game for the Dreamcast, and an arcade stick for the Dreamcast at that…

Im guessing he thinks this should be tekken or soul calibur where the backgrounds need to be interactive. Sure thats fun to see, but not everyone cares about it. I play PJ to fight with school teams, not stare at the backgrounds.

Oh fuck you, Dont hate on tekken. He just has no reason to even post if he doesnt like the game.

I only had Rival Schools, for PSX. Played the shit out of it.
It was also nice that it was a dual disc release, with the arcade version and a console version, a story mode with spoken dialogue and tons of unlockable shit.
Daigo’s assist attack was so awesome.

So what does constitute as fast for you, then?

I think we had several PJ threads before. But regardless, would love for Capcom to give us a 3rd title in the series and/or re-release the 1st two games on XBLA/PSN.

It’s a fun casual game, not sure how competitive it is. I hear there were infinites all over the place, not surprising due to the game’s gravity and combo system. I would love to see the game redone with touched up models, and spruced up backgrounds. The game was very entertaining.

i dont hate on tekken, matter of fact I play Tekken 3 from time to time.

Cuz he’s a badass:smokin:

I didn’t see many characters with infinites, and if I can recall, I only saw momo and nagare having them. A 3rd game would be awesome, but Im hoping the game doesn’t have the console exclusivity shit. Everyone deserves a piece, even if you own a wii.

Didn’t Roberto have a couple, or did he just do MAD damage?