Project: All custom MVC2 DC Edition

With the help of Jac on a few edits, I’m panning on making a full custom game.
I will be uploading new sets as soon as I am done with them.
I will also add a download link for the customs game.
Most characters will have custom projectiles.

Don’t ask for rom’s as I will not upload nor do I have any of those.

Feed back and any opinions would be great.
Let me know what you guys think and which ones you like.

Update Edits:
Update Sept 25,2009:
Added new character images of recently finished work.
This includes Amingo, Anakaris, Colossus, Doom, Hulk, Iron-Man, and Silver Samurai.
Changed the sentinels a bit replacing an all blue with Christmas style red/green and
darkened the brown on the kiwi sentinel.

Update Sept 28,2009:
Added new character images of recently finished work.
This includes Blackheart, Cable, Cyclops, Strider, Storm, Thanos, Tron.
Once again, edited two of the sentinels, replacing the X-Mas and Black/Bright Blue to grey/navy.
Replaced and fixed most magnetos with cleaner colors.
Darkened bright Edits: Amingo, Hulk, and Venom

Screen Pics:

Complete Sets:
Dr. Doom

Text Color Download:
Will be posted upon completion

Custom Games Download:
Will be posted upon completion

this would be great!

I suggest 1 color per picture with the text code with it so we can put it up on magnetro’s website for everyone. That way, users can go there, find a color a they like and just copy the text code or w\e you guys call it.

You should do special effects as well, like changing flight mode colors with sentinel or cables AHVB.

Sounds good.
But adding the Hex Text will take some time, besides, the palmod program doesn’t work that way.
You kind of have to look at the color and choose one that looks similar to the one you like.
I could always do the hue, saturation, ect numbers but like I said lol, it will take some time.

CTRL+A all the ID’s, then CTRL+C. Then paste that into a .txt file.

Great, thanks.
will post the Hex Text Once I am done with all the Edits.

With proper html knowledge, it’s possible to include a page like this:


ask eidrian to teach you how.

like this

I used that site a lot to find which characters I plan on working with next.
It never accrued to me to implement it into the disc.
I will ask eidrian to teach me :tup:
Thanks for the info.


:wasted: man you need to learn to shade my friend. Your colors are crazy bright:looney:. Im not hating im just saying, but do your thing if you like em thats all that matters.

:sweat: I don’t want too make them.
all black
And yeah, I do a lot of graffiti so color is always on my mind lol
I think I shade them very well, going over each one then playing them to see how they look on screen. Then I edit them too what I want them too be.
Plus I go back too each one and fix whatever I miss. :wgrin:

If you have any request, feel free to post a certain color and I will code it for you. :tup:

If you tone down (not de-Saturate but simply Darken) the darkest value on each of these = godlike good to go. Most of what Smooth is responding to is the lack of darks in each of these. Your Magnetos are a perfect example of needing 1 dark value to bring them together-- your colors are beautiful, but you need some contrast of tones to bring that shit together.

Check out my Aming vs. yours and see how that one spot black brings out the colors.

Random secret color knowledge- if you’re not already doing it, you should be checking each character against a light and a dark value. Never use White or Black though, because they’re too extreme. Just do an extremely dark red for example. So if your color blends in too much to either light or dark, you know you have to change something. An easy trick to a balanced looking character-- find the biggest area for each main color (ie Mag’s body suit), and make that the color you want, then find where it would be in shadow and make it almost black. Then bring it back towards the original color slowly until it looks dark but not too dark. Now find where it would be light and bump that up until its too light, then step it back in the same way. You should always lay the foundation with one main color (“Purple” for instance), making three different values of that same color. Once you’ve done that you can swing the hue slightly for different elements. In other words a Bluish Purple for the shadows, but a Reddish Purple for the highlights. If you try to do that before laying the foundation, you run the risk of having the character look funky and unbalanced.

I see what you mean, I was already fixing a few of them when smooth last posted.
This is a share so I will tone down a few of them to what you guys think is good.
I do like feed back after all.:tup:
I compared the amingo’s like you said and most your your characters are around the same color, that’s kinda what I wanted to stay away from.

My latest updates on sentinel actually resembles your sentinel.
But instead of orange on the body, I made it gold. :tup:
I still have too update it. I will do that soon though.

Btw, your Tron armor looks great.
I like the teal gauntlets on it.





Thanks for the feed back dood. :smokin:

all custom colors will be put on magnetro’s site if he allows it. The more the better IMO but then again, its not my site.

eczangief, can I get some custom colors from you?

They are? Are you going to write the HTML code for me? I’ll upload the file once you write everything down in each of the HTML files (one per character).

just so everyone knows, Jac is a top MvC2 player here in AZ

I might be willing to donate some colors from some old mixes to magnetros site. hit me up on aim and ill send em to you.

I just opened these on Windows XP and they do look bright.
I work on them in vista so the color isn’t as bright.
When I play the game, they don’t come out as bright as they do on XP.

I could see where you are coming from if you have XP.
Either way, I re-edited most of them.


colossus color edits look terrible