Pro Fighting Stick (PS2/PS3/PC)

Hey guys, I just found that stick on ebay. It costs 50Euro, so it’s pretty cheap, and the SF4 stick arrive in Europe in very small quantities at the moment. So I thought this might be another option.:bgrin: Also shipping is free.
Yes I know about sticks and as it’s just some noname stick from Hong Kong it probably isn’t all that good but I still want to hear your opinions. (I fuckin love cheap sticks) My first stick was a noname stick from hong kong and I loved it after I modded it with Sanwa parts.

So here is the link:
Pro Fighting Stick

Looks like the copied an old Hori stick design… I remember a Hori Tekken 3 stick w/ that design minus a few buttons.

I have now ordered one and am hoping its not unmoddable. It looks the business compared to other cheap-ass HK sticks but as you guys say Its no guarantee its going to be any good. Im hoping it`s at least half decent as I have never modded a stick before and am dreading the thought of opening the thing up and breaking it! :slight_smile:

rebranded hori, so not impossible to mod but it might suck.

let me know how that stick works out!- it’s probably at least as good as the basic madcatz. i’ll get one on your recomendation if it turns out ok

The postman tried to bring it today but i wasnt in. Going to the post sorting office first thing in the morning to pick it up and will be home around 5pm. Ill open it up test it and put up some photos of box contents and a “Mini-review” I`m no expert on sticks but I did own an MVS/Jamma arcade cabinet and have played with a few decent sticks in the past. Looking forward to testing it, a friend of mine may be able to help me mod it if its junk…if not i might try and rope in someone here on the forums(I would pay them of course).

nice one mate- i look fwd to your musings. i hope it’s decent otherwise i’ll be gettin the MDF out and having a stab at a home brew!

Any chance you could post a pic of the internals? Easy to swap out Sanwa buttons and stick? Thanks.

I got it on Thurs but havent quite had the time to give it a serious test however will try and post a mini-review tonight. Going to take some pics now and indulge in a few hours of testing will be back later with the info. Ill try it on Street Fighter anniversary and some other capcom/SNK titles maybe some side scrolling beat em ups and a shooter or two.
As for posting pics of the internals Ill see how easy to take apart it is and get back to you on that. As i was saying im no expert and im really unsure as to how moddable it is- perhaps youll be able to tell if we can get the lid off and get a pic of the internals.

Right here we go…had an opportunity for a few hours playtesting today with this stick. First off I should mention that the instructions refer to it as the “Street Domination” Fighting stick from a company called TOPWAY (Not sure if it has been listed under this title elsewhere on the net but I couldnt find any evidence of it- The box just says "Pro Fighting Stick"). The picture that is on the leaflet depicts another stick regularly sold on Ebay which has artwork of SNK characters from Samurai Showdown and KOF which leads me to believe these are from the same manufacturers(the layout of the stick is the same). The contents of the box are: the stick itself (Of Course), a very amusing instruction leaflet chock full of "Chinglish" Goodness and a driver CD for use on PC. The stick has 2 plugs seeing as its compatible with PS1, PS2 and PS3 a regular PS1/PS2 connector plug and a USB for PC and PS3. The LED indicator on the plug shows which controller port is connected like on a regular PS3 Dualshock 3 controller. It also has a “PS” Home Button for accessing menus and other features on the PS3.
Okay so onto the test: I tried it on the PS2 first on Street Fighter anniversary and I was more than pleased with the results. I found button inputs to be very easy and the stick to be very responsive. The stick itself seems to be of a decent quality build it is flexible enough yet quite firm at the same time and clicks with each input. Despite how fast i went switching from one move to the other and trying to link combos together it still recognised each input and didnt miss any parts of the sequence. I then popped on Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection and KOF 94(Orochi Saga) and found the experience to be much the same. I then had a go on Final Fight on the Capcom classics collection for some side scrolling action and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then the PS3 test. I recently downloaded R-Types from the playstation store and I thought a shooter would be a good test run because of the amount of button presses involved- I found that it stood up to rapid repeated presses time after time and the rapid fire button(not a feature of the stick but an assigned button in R-types for faster fire) worked well- I blitzed through the first 3 levels before being satisfied it was okay and concluding my test. I have not yet tested the PC compatibility but plan to do that ASAP perhaps tommorow. Bottom line: The buttons and stick dont have the exact same feel as the classic cabinet (I used to own an SNK MVS 1 Slot cabinet) however they do work well and seem to respond a lot better than a lot of cheapy sticks out there.
I have not yet opened the stick to see how it would be able to be modded but will do this soon so that the more knowledgeable among you can share your opinions on that.

Here are a few Photos:-


Hmmm, interesting. well it past the first test- in that it was working straight out of the box! button layout doesn’t look too bad and the stick looks convincing- will have to do some digging on the origins of the stick… ok found this

bad english translation aside - the company is responsible for a host of other sticks such as… and indeed…

Is it just me or are these all just copycat designs of other bad sticks from other cheap-ass manufacturers? I hope yours is the exception animehead!

I got a Dragon Ball Z joystick off Ebay and I wanted to modify the buttons but they are small. Can anybody help?


I just found out about this stick today…is this stick new? I can’t seem to find any review on this…
So this stick uses its own parts, which means no name stick and no name button right?

To animehead: So do you recommend buying this? I am so desperate for one right now… man idk what to do…

is that the blue stick with the tiny red buttons that looks like a fisher price toy??? you’ve no chance of modding that- it’s not really what you want to do. you’d be better off getting rid of it and saving your pennies for something more ‘grown up’. if you’re strapped for cash you can mod a few of the cheap sticks on ebay- eg the mayflash- there’s a few stick modding threads on these forums- but i wouldnt mention the DBZ stick unless you want flamed!:wgrin:

you pays your money you takes your chance. animehead said he’ll post his thoughts, but this is def a cheap noname stick with stock parts- the key will be if you can mod it- then it might be worth it- till then i’d hold off.


Cheap stick but it works. Not going to be my final one but it was just a trial for a new guy on the joysticks. Funny if I could mod it though!

What forum is the SF4 SE stick thats modified with the day glow yellow buttons and yellow joystick? I saw it yesterday but I can’t find it in any forums.

Well Ive been using it for a week now with no problems. It obviously doesnt perform as well as it could do if modded but all the inputs work and it definitely gives an arcade feel- overall I think you could do worse for a first stick! Buttons could be a little better but they dont miss any presses (I would have noticed any misses due to playing a lot of shooters lately where rapid fire is king) I was quite surprised when i found every move i tried to do worked and no buttons sticked and everything operated fine- wasnt expecting much for around 40 but hey not bad for the cash! plus its worth it just for the laugh those chinglish instructions gave me! haven`t had belly laughs like that in a while…
By the way i still have not had a chance to test it on the PC or open the thing up but will do ASAP

Is it Sanwa ?

Looks a lot like my Soul Calibur 2 PS2 stick. It’s not real sanwa, and you can get better, but it’s a solid choice nonetheless. I have no problems using mine when traveling (hraps are too big!).