Preppopolis: Feb 8th: Kit Kat Palooza

On a random Friday or Saturday of each month (typically, sometimes this may change due to travel), peeps are invited to my place for poker and games. If you don’t want to play poker, people typically play video games alongside anyways.

The date of the next shindig is in the thread title, starting around 5PM. Nobody ever shows up on time, but we’re all used to that. Poker starts when people get there, before that it’s just games and hanging out. If you’re actually going to show up “on time”, POST UP. Everybody always asks me when people are going to show up, and since nobody ever tells me… I can’t help you. If people want to show up and play an earlier game, post up and we should be able to make it happen.


  • poker tables: sits 12 or so
  • 55" LCD HDTV in media room with Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox 360
  • 40" LCD in living room with Xbox 360
  • 23" ASUS VH236H (Evo monitor) with Xbox 360


  • 1 PlayStation 4 with Street Fighter V, MK:XL, 1 Mad Catz SFV TE S+ stick
  • 1 Xbox One: vaious
  • 3 Xbox 360s: SFxT, KOFXIII, UMvC3 (2 copies), SSF4:AE (1 copy), MK:9, SSF4 (2 copies), ST HD Remix, MvC2, SC4, VF5. 2 Xbox 360 Perfect 360 MAS sticks, 1 MvC2 TE stick, 8 regular controllers, 3 Kinects
  • 1 DreamCasts: CvS2, 3S, MvC2, MvC1, SF3, SSF2X, Super Puzzle Fighter. 2 Perfect 360 MAS sticks, 5 EMS Total Control Plus Playstation to Dreamcast converters.

BYOC if you want anything else. Fancy hi-def games have priority on the LCDs.


  • Don’t wear your shoes in the house.
  • Only eat or drink in the kitchen. I’m tired of removing carpet stains. You can drink water elsewhere, but each and every time people have come over there has been spilled food or pop.
  • Smoke or vape outside only and throw away your butts into the butt bucket.
  • Be nice! It is my home after all.
  • Don’t be random/ugly
  • If for some weird reason you actually support Trump, don’t talk about it: I really don’t want to know.
  • No trench coats. No guns. If you really need weapons of any sort in my house, you are not my kind of person.
  • Throw away your trash. It makes my morning much nicer. This very much DOES mean any food bags you bring in, since those fill up the counter.
  • The blue trash can under the sink (and in the garage) is for RECYCLING, not for trash. :tup:
  • If you need to crash, that’s cool, but be out by 5AM plz. :smiley:

EDIT: Updated to 2016. Damn it’s been a bit.

I’m down, I’m back in town the 26th.

Count me in I’m off of work the 23rd thru the 2nd. I might have to work one day, on the 27th but if we get the project done then I’m free…

Count…me in!


I was trying to get a second table, since that’s easier/quicker than finding a sofa that I like…

Jeff says that this is best, this is 2nd, and this is Crap. The first only fits 6, but maybe that’s okay.

I’m open to suggestion - I’d probably spend about 150 or so offhand.

I kinda like the first one the best.

RouletteDare: yeah frank stopped respondin to IMs like an hour ago
Super Joe1182: LOL
RouletteDare: probably playin burnout or somethin
Super Joe1182: you know that’s a religion now right?
RouletteDare: church of burnout
Super Joe1182: Rev Dank is in the house tonight…can I get a AMEN and a boost?
RouletteDare: nasty

JMar says: I’m in.

Hey Zach, you gonna have the table for Wednesday or you’re still trying to narrow it down? Just played some Christmas poker down here and I’m ready for some action when I get back. :karate:

JMar helped me pick up the first one from the list, so now I just need to get some more chairs. :smile:

I know you’ve posted it before, but can I get your address? I just realized this topic said Poker/Gaming Get-Together and not just Poker Get-Together. Kept ignoring it because I… don’t play poker. :lol:

Thinking of showing up. :wonder:

you can count in the nolander… revenge on those skyway haters, if they show up.

Nope, I gotta work tomorrow night :(…

Next time I’ll show up. Gave over yeahhhhhhhh!

Somebody please make sure I finally give Frank his copy of Marvel tonight. :confused:

Thanks for playing y’all. Row, you’re WEAK! :smile:

Next shindig is Fri Jan 6th.


Thanks for having us, I had a blast. Those straights didn’t stop coming lol…

Good times. Who won the second tourney?

Joe Bray.