Predict top 8 for Street fighter & Marvel

Evo’s right around the corner, and while most of us won’t get a chance to go, or will never be good enough to compete, maybe some of us can still recognize greatness. So as the title says, have a go at it and don’t be scared to back your predictions up with arguments. I’m not sure which players are coming from Europe, so I won’t put them into the equation but I can only see Luffy or Alioune making top 8 if they did anyway…

Here’s mine


  1. Daigo

Very little to say: The best player and the defending champ is back, and now he’s using what is generally believed to be the best character.

  1. Poongko “The Machine”

I watched this dude at Shadowloo Showdown and my God what a beast! He bodied top Japanese players one after the other, while making it look relativly easy. He made Seth look like the best character in the game. That’s how Godlike he played. To be honest I wanted to put him at nr 1 but I just can’t bet against Daigo.

  1. Tokido

Born winner, and still one of the best in the World. Rarely gets nervous and has plenty of deepstage tournament experience. However, I think Daigo’s Yun will be too much for him.

  1. Infiltration: One of the best Akuma’s in the World, although I rate Tokido’s just a bit higher.

  2. Mago: Again, one of the best players in the World, but he has a tendency to get nervous in deepstages.

  3. Wolfkrone: Underrated. I rate him as the best American player at the moment. I think he deserves that accolade at this point, and I hope he proves me right at Evo.

  4. Momochi

  5. Ricky O

Marvel 3

I don’t know anything about this game but I watch the streams because it’s fun as hell. Here’s my best guess.

  1. Justin Wong. Same as Daigo in SF. I can’t bet against Wong in Marvel.

  2. Tokido. He’s pretty much godlike with his team. Beating Justin at Ceo impressed me a lot.

  3. Daigo. Probably a very controversial choice, but I just feel his ability to adapt and learn from his mistakes is so good that he will in all likelyhood be much better than he was at Revelations.

  4. Filipino Champ

  5. Floe

  6. Viscant

  7. Combofiend

  8. Tim, or Tinh?? Sorry don’t remember his exact name. Anyways, that dude at Norcal regionals who bodied everyone only to get bodied by Justin in the finals.


  1. Daigo
  2. Tokido
  3. Infiltration
  4. Wolfkrone (For the sheer amount of points he has so far)
  5. Vangief
  6. Mike “Mike Ross” Ross
  7. Poonkgo
  8. Alex Valle

(Sorry Justin, you just don’t have the Street Fighter in you anymore!)
(I’m sure someone else will take second this year, someone that I couldn’t guess, so I’ll say it’s a wildcard.)

MvC3: FoTW

  1. JWonggg
  2. Combofiend
  3. Tokido
  4. Floe
  5. Daigo
  6. Clakey D
  7. FChamp
  8. Josh Wong

(Can’t see Wong not winning an event at Evo. Expect Daigo to be exciting.)

why is this even a debate. its obvious

Marvel vs Capcom 3
[]Justin Wong
]Dark Phoenix
[]Dark Phoenix
[]Dark Phoenix
]Viewtiful Joe

Street Fighter 4 LOL AE
[]Mike Ross

Justin Wong doesn’t have the mixups to deal with Dark Phoenix or Wesker. He has an okay zoning game, but that’s it. Zoning won’t beat Dark Phoenix! The character is basically built for cracking under pressure. I can see Justin Wong pulling out a top 16 Vs. Characters like Jill and Sentinel.

And don’t even get me started with the SSFIV rankings. Everyone knows Mike Ross/Yun is a 7-3 matchup for Ross!

This is literally impossible to predict. With pools, bracket placement, and the overall randomness of Marvel, how can you predict either games top 8? There is literally no way.

For example:

No one picked PR Rog to be top 8 in Evo 09. Matter of fact, no one knew who he was. He used to go by the name VvV Scrub IIRC.

Who the fuck was GamerBee before Evo 2010? I mean, he has been a great player over seas for a long time, but 99% of Americans had no idea who he was. Same for Infiltration.

Not to mention, every single year, there are Japanese (and other players from across the ocean) who say they are coming to Evo, but never officially sign up. Hell, some register and still never make it. These things are literally impossible to predict.

Now, once we hit top 32, and pools are finished, then the real discussions can be had on who goes how far. Until then, though, it’s simply silly to try to predict. These aren’t sports teams. There is no certainty whatsoever that any player will be there and play, so how can we predict who wins?

While I agree that the certainty of said player showing up is never gauranteed, we’re speaking in hypotheticals the what the likelyhood is. And the likelyhood is that all of the players who’ve been predicted to Top8 in both games are going to be there and I’m sure even “you” can’t argue that.

Regardless, it’s just for speculation. If you don’t wanna give an opinion because you think the spectrum of “random” is too broad, then that’s cool.


  1. Daigo
  2. Tokido
  3. WolfKrone
  4. Mago
  5. Justin Wong
  6. Mike Raws
  7. Marn (Favourite player)
  8. Poongko


  1. Justin Wong
  2. Viscant
  3. Tokido
  4. ComboFiend
  5. Floe
  6. Richard Nguyen
  7. Clakey D
  8. FChamp

Opinions opinions, don’t judge me if you think my lists are dumb.

i agree with your list really.

but its looking doubtful whether poongko is going to evo? or has there been news i haven;t heard.

there should have been a group buy from the commnuity to pay for him to come over after shadowloo sure it would have only need a few dollars each with the hype surrounding him after that. :slight_smile:

yeah i want him there. almost as much as i want mike ross to get top 8 again (but i doubt it will happen)

Dare I make a prediction that no American player will get into the top 8 of AE? Competition this time looks to be a lot tougher, with more overseas stars coming in, and other than Wolfkrone the standards of the other SF players (especially Wong) seems to be dropping ever since MvC3 came out.

I don’t know who’s going to be top 8, but Marn will be bottom 8. Unless there’s a league of legends side tourny!

I lol at anyone who puts daigo in Top 8 marvel.

I think it’s gonna be really hard for some of the top East Coast players in both games, because of the lack of Phoenix and Twins play over there.

Tokido takes Marvel, Daigo takes AE.


1.) Justin Wong
2.) Tokido
3.) Viscant
4.) ComboFiend
5.) Floe
6.) Clockw0rk
7.) Clakey D
8.) Marn


  1. Daigo
  2. Tokido
  3. Infiltration
  4. Wolfkrone
  5. Alex Valle
  6. Mike Ross
  7. Poonkgo
  8. Sako


My rankings are NOT in order, I’m just naming top 8

AE: Daigo, Mago, Poongko, Wolfkrone, Xian, Momochi, Tokido, Hsien Chang

Marvel 3: Justin Wong, Chris G, Viscant, Filipino Champ, Tokido, Floe, Combofiend, Can’t think of an 8th :frowning:

Wow no one has Chris G in top 8!?


edit: ^^ thank you

Totally forgot about him. He’ll be in the top 3 for MK9, but yeah probably will be in top 8 for MvC3 too.

Kayo Police for 1st place in Women’s tournament.

1.“Stone Cold Steve” Poongko
2. Daigo(he probably search for ways to beat Seth)
3. Mike “THE BOSS” Ross
4. 2DGOD
5. Murderface
6. Uryo(idk if he is going)
7. Wolfkrone
8. Vangief