Practice Mode

I recently tried to learn to piano cr.hp xx hk.ll… in hindsight it was a waste of time because how many times am I gonna try and loop this in a match? This lead me to try and practice other stuff like hit confirm combos into super with random block turned on.

How do you guys spend your practice time in training mode?

cr.hp xx hk.ll into sweep its very usefull, not sure about the loop tho

about my training sesions for now its just links timing, punishes and such

I wouldn’t say that learning cr.HP xx HK Lightning Legs is a waste of time. Chun has a bunch of offensive options from it, plus it costs no meter (in fact you gain almost an entire EX bar from it), it does a lot of damage, and a lot of stun.

If you are consistent with the link into sweep, it also gives you an untechable knockdown, which is always good.

If you’re not confident about the link into sweep, you can do cr.HP xx HK Legs [MK Legs] > cr.LP > st.LP > This is an easy, easy, easy link getting the jab off cr.HP xx Lighting Legs since it leaves you at +7, and after that you just autopilot into Chun’s meterless BnB.

You can also link EX Legs straight off the frame advantage and have it combo, then follow up with U2. If not, linking cr.LK is easy and then cancelling into EX Legs should be cake too.

My favorite one so far is:

[In the corner]
cr.HP xx HK Legs [MK Legs] > cr.HP xx HK Legs [MK Legs] > cr.HP xx EX Kikoken xx Level 2 Focus Attack [Crumple] xx Dash Forward > [Wait] df+LK > Headstomps


Couldn’t agree with you more. What I meant was that learning the piano method of that combo was a waste of time. I slide that mofo for days. The reason I wanted to learn the piano in the first place was so I could plink the cr.hp for an extra frame.


Checking option selects, solving problems, looking for setups, practicing execution.

I plink it via piano-ing. Makes it easier to get the Lightning Legs input too, at least for me.

It’s kinda cool once you use it effectively. If you’re consistent with it, then its a very good tool. Good for pressure if it doesn’t link, good for stun if it does link.

practicing basic stuff really… my execution is awful.

i mess up x 2 to EX legs more than i should… and i don’t know why but sometimes my timing is off for the juggle U2. there are times when it comes out too late and i miss or i finish it up too early and the kikoushou just doesn’t come out at all. to EX legs is giving me problems too… hmm… =\

Yesterday I was practicing blocked c.hp x hk legs, c.lp, c.hp x hk legs, c.lp, x mp kikouken for pressure/meter.

frame trap there right?

You could make it a frame trap if you like but it’s comboable (<-- real word?).

c.lp, c.hp combos on counterhit, so if they press a button after hk legs it will combo.

Yeah thats right. I thought you meant cl.hp not cr.hp.


i was messing around with that and i realize that u can do cr.lkX3, st.jab into ultra 1 or sweep, not practical at all but flashy as hell xD

Practicing the c.hp x legs, c.hp x legs, piano is despair in its purest form.
The longer you practice the further down the success rate goes due to fatigue.
But at the same time you’re thinking "I was landing this more just a few minutes ago, I can do it!"
After a while you realize that the training isn’t paying off anymore, so to top off the session you decide to atleast land it twice in a row.


If you’re getting tired, you’re building stamina. :slight_smile:

I think this is character specific.

I’ve made it like a daily routine to practice the c.hp x legs loop, I really want to get consistent with it so that I can start working on my meterless playstyle more.
Also I figured this one out today c.lp~hk~mk~lk~mk~hk.
Index finger on lp, ringfinger on hk then slide it back and forth.
Still feels weird, but it also feels as if this is the “easiest” way to cancel c.lp into hk legs.

dont think so, but then again its not like its going to be very usefull…

mostly just keeping my execution up, looking for neat punishes, and training new strings.
iv’e been working a lot on cr.hp hk.ll mk.ll sweep, and cr.lp cl.rh hazanshu

probably not the place to ask but crouch/stand jab will never link to correct? thats just a block string?