Power Rangers fan short produced by Adi Shankar: A darker version of the colorful heroes

Video (SFW version) and full description here:

NSFW version returned to Vimeo:

Suprised no one has said anything about this yet. It made me smile.

this has always been gold

2015 & niggas still hate Rocky.

I only thought this was OK. For being a Power Rangers thing there was very little Morphin Time. I kept anticipating Tommy and Rocky to Morph for their fight but neither of them did, then I REALLY expected Tommy to Morph for the Rita reveal, especially after the little flash back where has that sick ass Holo-Suit but still nothing, so I ended up feeling left cold by it. It displays a lot of potential tho, I like the idea of what it sets up. Mercing 99% of the team doesn’t bode well for a future for it tho hahaha.

is that who the dawson was supposed to be?? hahhahah i dont know why but i had no clue and just assumed it was rocky lmfao.

It looked good, but Guardians of the Galaxy shows you can make sci-fantasy look epic and cinematic, without going all grimdark and Cookie Monster voice.

ya i def didnt notice his name being said. i was wondering what ranger he was supposed to be. honestly rocky wasnt the most hated…the kid from turbo was the most hated.

Thought Rita was good by the end of the MMPR series. Kept waiting for Alpha 5 to show up on a leash.

They should have used the kid as he grew up TBH. He’s the epitome of using a kid to fight their battles. People are complaining it’s being more gruesome than it had to…not really. Power Rangers is a show with violence, guns, swords, etc. in like 95% of the episodes. They kidified what should have been blood and guts with mini-explosions on their costumes and random flips. Do you know what should have happened when they rammed giant swords into enemies? Blood and guts everywhere.

Gritty and serious isn’t surprising anybody at this point is what I’m saying. Like an old actress leaking a sex tape in 2015. You don’t have to go that route to make an adaptation bigger and better than the original.

It’s trying to hard to be GRIMDARK. “In Space” and a few of the Sentai series play dark moments just fine.

Bulk & Skull cameo

I thought this was pretty bad, not bad in a quality sense, but bad because it’s NOT Power Rangers. The only thing Power Rangers about it is the character’s names and a couple Ranger suits. Take that out and what is it, random sci-fi action foo. Hell they could’ve taken out what little of that stuff there is and call it a Minority Report fan short. lol

As for the violence, I’m all for a slightly edgier Power Rangers, but PG13, not this.

And come on… Power Rangers with assault rifles? What the hell is going on.

I don’t hate Rocky. He just sucks… See the way he got injured at the Turbo movie?


At 4:48


And then, he got replaced by A KID. Rocky is ass. he can barely kick. lol

I stopped watching the N.A. version Power Rangers when the cast changed to be honest lol. Mighty Morphin was the shit until Rocky, and what’s their faces came along. I remember being so hyped for the movie as a kid, only to be disappointed when it was filled with a bunch of imposters.

Remember Zack’s battle ax was also a shotgun type thing. And they all had those lasers so assault rifles isn’t off the wall.

This was good but needs more zords.

As a die hard fan of both PR and Sentai, this was awesome. And not just because Katee Sackhoff in a pink ranger outfit is the ultimate nerdboner for me.

That was more of a side note than the main point of my post.

Only watched Turbo once, & that was theaters when it came out. Completely forgot how he got hurt LMAO

Now that I see that kid I remember laughing everytime he morphed & went from little ass kid to a grown ass blue ranger. Morphers givin niggas growth spurts & shit.

I watched it. I thought it was alright. It just pushed the edgy tone but didn’t have enough “Morphin” to make it work.