Power Instinct 3: Groove on Fight


This game should be pretty unknown to people not living in Japan and somebody from the german fighting game community linked me to match videos of this game. I found the game pretty interesting, so I thought others should see it at least once.
The game was released in 1997 for the ST-V plattform (which is some Sega Saturn arcade plattform) by Atlus and is the 3rd part of the series. It’s more serious compared to the first 2 games.
Informations on the controls can be found on gamefaqs (just search for Groove on Fight), so please discuss a bit and share your opinions!

Tournament Part 1/5
This is the first of 5 parts and the other parts are replies to the previous part. Also there is a playlist on the same youtube account with over 20 more matches from last year.

Yeah, this is a pretty goofy / fun series, even when its trying to be serious. (I think most people on here are somewhat familliar with it)

Even tho Power Instinct Matrimelee (Shin G?ketsuji Ichizoku: T?kon Matrimelee) is pretty average at best, we still play it on 2df occasionaly, mainly for fun.

yeah this game is really fun but it run too slow on mame:sad:

Yeah that’s true. I have set it to skip frames automatically and it runs a bit better. But don’t let us start a MAME discussion here:rofl:

Imo GoF is much more serious than the other parts of the series. The combos in this game are totally crazy and the damage is so high that I think they cry when they eat one of those.

Matrimelee is more like a sequel to 2 than Groove on Fight is imo. It has more characters from 2 than GoF has.
I wish I had a cabinet with GoF because that seems to be the only way to really play it .:sad:

Saturn version is a good port of the game and lets you do 4 player mode also.


I was sure someone would have started a GOF thread after seeing those videos :tup:

Haha, I just had to. But I guess it didn’t suprise you that I created the topic:rofl:

@nocturnal: I read that the Saturn version is missing a lot of frames and doesn’t look as good as the arcade version. But I guess that’s normal for older games.:shake:

Anyway thanks to Soh for uploading the matches.:wink:

I also could have sworn that on mame it ran pretty good at least on my PC. I’ll have to try it out again to see what problems it does have still.

Those matches were off the chain. I’ve never seen high-level matches in GOF before so I was most impressed.

As far as GOF on MAME is concerned, it works perfectly for me. 60 frames and all that good stuff. Just make sure your running a later version of MAME and the ST-X Bios

I might give GOF on Saturn a look because of the 4-player mode.

I use MAME++ 0.119 and have the ST-V Bios. I can play 3rd Strike without any slow downs but this game has some but I don’t know why. Maybe somebody can help me with that. Just send me a PM with a piece of advice or add me on ICQ/MSN.

I’ll play Solis and Popura. I hope I can find somebody to play this game with in Germany. Maybe the Americans can record some matches because your community is bigger than ours and you might find somebody to get into the game with.

What characters do you think are the best? Imo M-A-D is probably the best in the game and then followed by Solis and Tenjinbashi.

Mine runs well on 0.116. You guys may need to tweak some settings around for it.

I love the SHIT out of this game!!! :lovin: It is THE (main) reason I have a saturn. If you’ve never had a chance to give the 4 player mode a try, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Once you get a group of people who seriously know how to play the game, it becomes something like the “Bomberman” of fighting games.

Damage in this game IS borderline ridiculous which is why when I DO play against other people we ALWAYS play on the lowest damage setting so that rounds actually last a little while. A somewhat strange thing to notice is that as you get closer to the end of your health meter, you actually seem to get more stamina; in otherwords it seems like you have to do more to take away that last bit of health (this will become very apparent with trying to cheese what you think is just a line of health).

The stuff that was posted from Mi-Ka-Do (also available on YouTube) is top knotch in terms of quality game play. Unfortunately I’ve never actually played the arcade version (or tried it on MAME). I can however confirm frame cut out on the saturn version as well as the absence of moves and thus absence of certain combos. And yes the saturn version does NOT look nearly as good as the arcade version. Nevertheless it is seriously one of THE funnest games I’ve ever played. And yes, it CAN be played seriously as the Mi-Ka-Do clips will verify.

If anyone needs any tips (at least for the saturn version), let me know.

Keep Play’n. Peace

C’mon just because you die from 2 combos doesn’t mean that the damage is ridiculous :smiley: This game is one of the best fighting games EVER! I got it to work on my computer and the gameplay is just pure awesome. I’ll try to get some people to play it and even if I fail I’ll try to find an Arcade that has it when I go to Japan next year.

So keep this thread alive! uhhh combo discussion anyone? :smiley:

Well, since you use both Solis and Popura here are some tips/combos (note: these tips are based off the saturn ver as I do not currently have a way to test the arcade or MAME ver… in addition, you could help me verify differences between these versions):

Solis Running Combo:

  1. j GA (jump w/ “launcher”)
  2. d GA (RE-launch your opponent after you touch the ground)
  3. qcf LP (time the projectile so that when it hits, your opponent stumbles)
  4. ff P (dash P)
  5. special chain finish (the qcf chain w/ different kicks)
    Note: if the timing for the punch is kind of hard, then use kick… it will still take off a lot of health)

Popura Corner Combo:

  1. ff GA (looks just like regular GA, but allows you to connect the next hit)
  2. d GA
  3. wait till your opponent is somewhat close to touching the ground and Tag Team Super
    Note: for some reason, you can only chain w/ a DASHING GA into a d GA
    I have yet to see someone combo w/ a Tag Team Super in the arcade ver and am wondering if this is possible or not. This is definitely possible on the saturn ver.

Hope this is a decent start.

Keep Play’n. Peace

solis overhead combo:
2)ff P
3)HP (2hits)
5)HP (2hits)

Poke combo:
3)hp (2hits)
5)qcb.lk / whatever you want.

I’ll post more when I saw the match videos again and played around a bit:rofl:

This is a really great game that no one knows about.

I’m glad people on hear got word of it.

I was trying to play this since 2001. Drove me up the fucking wall how slow MAME was at the time.

Can anyone varify the presence of Tag-Team combos in the MAME ver? This is DEFINITELY possible in the Saturn ver. The key to doing this is either being in the corner or being point blank to your opponent and launching them with d+GA and inputting the tag-team super command when your opponent is close to hitting the ground (this of course requires you to delay before inputting the command). Btw, has anyone else been able to get this game to work smoothly on their PC?

Keep Play’n. Peace

d+GA>Tag Team Combo works, I tested it.
Also it works smoothly on my notebook but not on my normal computer. Maybe the graphic card on my notebook is better or whatever.




DP=Dragon Punch
TK= Tiger knee

Here are some Larry combos:

“Drop The Bomb On You” Corner Combos:

Larry and Anyone

  1. DB (d,d + K = only the 1st part will hit)
  2. GA
  3. d GA
  4. TTDB (Tag-Team Death Blow = d,d + P during tag)

Insult Variation (of the combo above) done to mess with your opponent:

  1. DB (d,d + K = only the 1st part will hit)
  2. GA
  3. ff P
  4. DB
  5. d HK (kick flaming body on ground)

The main concept to get out of the Variation is the link from GA to ff P. For those characters that can link GA into d GA, this should work (at least in the corner). The standing GA will kind of serve as substitute for a j GA.

Tap Link Combo

  1. uf HP (Cross-Up)
  2. d LP x3
  3. d LK
  4. d HP
  5. qcf HK
  6. u + K

More combos for other characters to come.

Keep Play’n. Peace