Post here if you get the "Your post needs to be verified/approved" message

You should be good now.

just happened when posting a link to a video with a little text


User “Guerilla_Tech” says he’s unable to post messages anywhere on SRK. He can’t PM mods either about this issue.

Can you guys do anything?

I got it when I posted a new thread about AVG2 in the Other Games section.


Just happened to me. I couldn’t see the message due to the “complex games” ad-bar at the bottom obscuring it. I think I posted the same thing like 4 times before realizing it.


I just got it as well when trying to make a post in one of USF4’s character discussion threads.


Also, please @ me when you post in this thread. I always forget to check this thing.

@Valaris tried to post 4 times or somesuch before I found this and read about the complex games bar blocking the error message aswell. Hopefully this goes through.

You should be fine now.

@Valaris I think I got it 20 min ago while trying to post in the USFIV Cammy section. I saw a message pop up, but it went away before I could read it. Tried to post again after that, and that post wouldn’t appear either.

It shouldn’t happen again.

It just happened to me in the Oni forums.


It happened to me just a few minutes ago on the Vega forums.
Sorry that I tried sending it four times. I noticed this thread and on my fourth attempt, I’ve finally noticed the approval prompt. It’s kind of tiny.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, fixed it yesterday but forgot to post to let you know. You should be fine now.

@Valaris I get this when trying to post links