Possible age rewind?


Oh man. If this becomes true, then youth may no longer be wasted upon the young. :tup:



So we are giving rise to daywalking vampires? I’m down.


Holy shit.
I am ready to become the Dragon.
Eu sunt Dracula!

This in no way at all affects the rate of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senescence
You’d still die from old age and the associated ills regardless of if you have this done or not.

So instead of having kids to drain my wallet, i can have them so i can drain their youth?!

funnier if I picture RDJ say this


Are the farms ready yet?

I’ve already been doing this for a decade.

Won’t be long till we have people living forever.

:rofl: Child adoptions are about to go through the fuckin’ roof.


DBZ was ahead of its time:

I’ve always wondered if you could cure AIDS by just swapping blood.

This will be interesting to see if they can find some sort of way to deal with Alzheimer’s though

You have to grind up $100 bills and put it in your blood stream. AIDS is so 90s dude.

Someone call Uncle Rico

I thought Starhammer didn’t believe in rewinding his dvds that he rented, he always told me it was the next guys problem


<—I think he was injected

We need that other stuff too.

“School lunch programs to make us supermen, midnight basketball to allow us to function without sleep!”

Good no more of that shock story placenta embryo soup, shady black market craziness, “for sexual vitality”

Rich people, asia horror story stuff.

So awhile back I took this quiz to find out who I’d be if I was an evil criminal.




It’s all falling into place.

It IS the next guy’s problem if he’s still buying DVDs. :tdown:

trying to remake Goldielocks and the three bears huh? Can’t turn everything ghetto.

Look at his neck though. Got in a fight with a highlander I see. Might explain why he won’t go away.

:rofl: OMG. There was a documentary about her on earlier this evening!! That is just TOO perfect. Who knows? The old girl might have been onto something.