Portland SSFIV Tilt Tourny (7-31-2010)

Where: The tournament will be at the Lloyd Center Tilt Arcade. 2201 Lloyd Center Portland, OR 97232

When: This will be held the last Saturday of every month. Registration is from 11 AM-12:30 PM. The tournament starts at 1 PM. Don’t wait until the last second to register because we WILL be starting on time.

Entry Fee: $10. Pot is split 70%/20%/10% between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Set Ups: We will have two xbox 360s with monitors(3 set ups if needed). BRING YOUR OWN STICK OR PAD. Someone may be nice enough to lend their’s to you but thats not gauranteed.

All matches are 2 out of 3 except Grand Finals which are 3 out of 5. Please do not ask me to seed you. I will seed accordingly based on who shows up, previous tounament results, and/or the ladder or points system we end up using. It would definately be HYPE if Seattle and Olympia came through as well. I’ll make sure you guys don’t play each other 1st round if you come :wink: Train hard and see you all there.

Tourny Results (6-26-10)

  1. lord_BBH
  2. fatbear
  3. yansing
  4. FullMetalRoss
  6. Darwin
  7. SamB
  8. G_Effect
  9. ronnicle
  10. mkmaster
  11. fighterbynature
  12. slayu2
  13. kinue acid
  14. kwyjibo
  15. r_panda
  16. tsunamiken
  17. pasqual
  18. shadowblade
  19. xeris
  20. nohman
  21. mackinzie
  22. tajiri
  23. slash 5150

Tourny Results (5-29-10)

  1. Lord_BBH
  2. Virsaga
  3. Dseler
  4. fatbear
  5. Yangsing
  6. MKmaster
  7. G_effect
  8. Metalhealth
  9. R_Panda
  10. FullMetalRoss
  11. JP

10 dollars…gonna have to break my penny jar

lol I’m diggin the new avatar. If you win treat everyone to Salty’s!!!

wow, this kinda sucks. due to my work schedule i will never be able to attend this event without taking time off. Awesome that the event is gonna happen. Keep in mind that Crow’s Nest will be open when that Tourney is done.

The date is actually 5-29-10 not the 30th. I can’t figure out how to change the damn thread title. Someone send me a PM if they know how thanx.

I should get free entry because the 30th is my birthday

FYI Super NCR is this weekend and a few of the Seattle heads will be at that. You guys should try and roll out as well if it fits your schedule. Just the same the stream for NCR will be going on when this tournament is in effect as well…

Its in your best interest if you take SSFIV seriously, that you lvl up your game by attending NCR =)

Those who go to NCR will come back better players and it would be awesome if more of PDX was reppin’ in Cali.

You guys are lucky I have a dislocated elbow now

woot I love free money

Nice, Angel.

For the thread title issue, you either have to be a Premium Member or pm a mod. The moderators for the NW forum are Preppy and FrankDaDank.

bring it son.


A Tilt tourney starting on time? If that’s true, count me in!

Awh shi- someone beat BBH for once 'cause now that I’m actually interested in competing in tourneys, I don’t like the idea of money going to him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I live right next to the Lloyd but… $10 is a lot just to get my ass kicked.

monthly? hell yeah, too bad my income is less then 10 bucks a month D:

if I don’t go to NCR I’ll probably hit this up…as BBH said…I love free money WOOT!

It’s an investment more than anything. The more tournament experience you have the better player you will become. Plus you will get to meet alot of the local players and possibley some new friends :wink:

Bring it.

is this still happening?

Shit I hope

Did someone get news other wise? were still on for Saturday

^yes tourny is still on. Sadley though Dudley and and Ryu have been banned :frowning:

side note: in order for this to become a monthly thing, this tourny needs to run as smooth as possible and on time. IF YOU DON’T REGISTER BY 12:30 YOU WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING . Please don’t wait until the last minute. See you guys this weekend.