Pokemon X and Y: Aftermath (GEN 6 Discussion, Tier Talk, Breeding, Meganite)

Pokemon X/Y - Out Now!
System: 3DS (XL) or 2DS (Bundle)
Previously: Pokemon Black/White 2

**Type/Strengths/Weaknesses **



X Version Exclusive Pokemon

Mega Charizard X
Mega Mewtwo X

Y Version Exclusive Pokemon

Mega Charizard Y
Mega Mewtwo Y

Pokemon Friend Codes

Mr. Bastos - 2621-2648-7130
Thancruz - 2680-9448-7764
Joshkaz - 2277-6634-9585
Phantom Angel - 2981-6233-6740
Neesa - 0559-8183-6908
Po Pimpus - 3153-4603-1058
regulate - 2251-5109-3380
GoDotsRevenge - 4914 - 2881 - 3956
spideyman - 5241-3208-1057
SmoothCat - 3024 6106 9978
Syke1 - 4597-0010-1088
shintarru - 1676 4016 3856
The Rock-bos - 5198-3761-2370
evilweevle - 0232-8273-2994
The Martian - 0103-9849-2120
Zebster - 1392-4119-7524
Ninjanuity - 5300-8534-5872
Arrkai - 2165 5935 0661
r00ster22 - 2122 - 5889 - 2033
KimuraLOX - 3308-4594-8350
The Co-Jones - OLD 4785-5489-0227 NEW 3024-5714-6069
Eren - 0361-6582-6538
white shadow - 5429-7957-1528
Bious - 2020-0066-5748
JGreen - 3797 7084 8216
DatFeetLee - 1134 8239 5488
CloudEnvy - 1246 - 9615 - 5517
ViciousSLASH - 0302 0957 4812

Kinniku Buster - 0044-4094-4891
Tien Gouki - ** 2234-7171-7806

homerjwho - 5129-1505-4162
yoh001 -
4811 - 7485 - 8425

WonderTonic - 1848-1731-7787
ribu - 2895-7293-1921
tolore - 0774-5661-6635
武俠派 - 1864-9707-4963
FreezingCicada - 2638 - 0660 - 4553
Grimmjow316 - 3368-2140-0560
KaboXx - 3797-6411-3706
specs - 1564-3226-0793
zman804 - 1564-3264-6188
Seiken Enhasa-

Knot8 -

elgueaga **0748-2043-7360 **
dodgers2213 2208-5690-5058
shining negro - 1693-0954-9411

In-Game Names

[details=Spoiler]Eren - TK
Phantom Angel - Phantom
Ninjanuity - Vanessa
Joshkaz - Bufanaquisha
Shintarru - Malcolm
LordWilliam1234 - William
Neesa - Neesa
po pimpus - Po
yoh001 - Yoh001
Arkkai - Arkkai
Zebster - Zebia
GodotsRevenge - Godot
Atkasha - Atkasha
The Martian - Martian
regulate - Regulate
Mr. Bastos - Bastos
Thancruz - Julian
Syke1 - Shane
evilweevle - Dave
TheRock-BoS - Jonathan
phantasy - <3
KaBoXx - Dante
JGreen - Seth
SmoothCat - Johan
Grimmjow316 - Rokusho
viciousSLASH - Mike
Kinniku Buster - Raven
r00ster22 - Randy Savage
DaFeetLee - Patrick
Tien Gouki - TerraRED
武俠派 - Mouhappai
white shadow - Marlz
Bious - Melody
spideyman - mokujon
SunocO - Sunoco
EveryFlowerFlow - Ja3dn
Wonder Tonic - Sleepy B
Kooper - Kyle
homerjwho - Dave
The Co-Jones - Da-Co-Jones
melflomil - ?
ribu - Gary
tolore - Alex
FreezingCicada - Straytos
KimuraLOX - Orpheus II
roknin - Ruby
zman804 - Zach
specs - Lady Langis
Mood4food77 - Hiro
Saiken Enhasa - Galatea
de BLOO - Hector
dodgers2213 - Serena
The Invincible Swordsman - LJ
shiningnegro - ?
RagingStormX - Jeff
shining negro - shining[/details]

Friend Safari Pokemon

[User Name] - [Mii Name] - [In-Game Name]: [P1], [P2], [P3]

• regulate - Regulate - Regulate: Nosepass, Magcargo, *
• evilweevle - dave - Dave: Nosepass, Onix, *
• roknin - Akin! - Ruby: Boldore, Onix, *
• de BLOO - Hector - Hector: Boldore, Macargo, Barbaracle

• Neesa - Neesa - Neesa: Phanpy, Dugtrio, Diggersby
• Atkasha - Atkasha - Atkasha: Phanpy, Nincada, *
• 武俠派 - Mouhappai - Mouhappai: Phanpy, Camerupt, Diggersby
• SunocO - Chaz - Sunoco: Trapinch, Nincada, Gastrodon
• dodgers2213 - dodgers - Serena: Sandshrew, Dugtrio, Diggersby

• Thancruz - thancruz - Julian: Ponyta, Charmeleon, *
• Arkkai - Arkkai - Arkkai: Pansear, Larvesta, Braixen
• WonderTonic - Tonic - Sleepy B: Growlithe, Pyroar, Braixen
• ribu - Sugardrop - Gary: Growlithe, Larvesta, Ninetails

• Phantom Angel - Phantom - Phantom: Phantump, Shuppet, Drifblim
• Joshkaz - edfff - Bufanaquisha: Shuppet, Phantump, Spiritomb
• Mr. Bastos - Mr. Bastos - Bastos: Lampent, Phantump, *
• GodotsRevenge - Godot - Godot: Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Golurk
• SmoothCat - smoothcat - Johan: Lampent, Phantump, Spiritomb
• DaFeetLee - Patrick - Patrick: Lampent, Pumpkaboo, Spiritomb
• tolore - alex - Alex: Lampent, Pumpkaboo, Drifblim
• Mood4food77 - Domenick - Hiro: Lampent, Pumpkaboo, Dusclops

• po pimpus - Po - Po: Mawile, Klang, *
• Syke1 - Syke1 - Shane: Ferroseed, Klang, *
• KaBoXx - juni - Dante: Ferroseed, Metang, Klefki

• Shintarru - Malcom - Malcolm: Cascoon, Ariados, Drapion
• TheRock-BoS - John - Jonathan: Gloom, Ariados, *
• The Co-Jones - Andrew - Da-Co-Jones: Seviper, Ariados, *
• homerjwho - Dave - Dave: Kakuna, Swalot, Whirlipede

• The Martian - Martian - Martian: Snover, Sneasel, Piloswine
• Bious - Wan - Melody: Spheal, Bergmite, Piloswine
• FreezingCicada - Anders - Straytos: Bergmite, Snover, Cloyster
• zman804 - Zach - Zach: Spheal, Bergmite, Cloyster

• yoh001 - yoh001 - Yoh001: Pidgey, Tranquil, Hawlucha
• RagingStormX - Jeffhizzle - Jeff: Hoothoot, Tropius, Pidgey

• Ninjanuity - Aye - Vanessa: Meditite, Pancham, Breloom
• JGreen - jgreen - Seth: Mankey, Throh, Breloom
• EveryFlowerFlow - Jad3n - Jad3n: Meditite, Pancham, *

• Zebster - Zebster - Zebia: Combee, Volbeat, Venomoth
• Eren - rocky - TK: Paras, Masquerain,
• The Invincible Swordsman - Derek - LJ: Venomoth, Beautifly, Paras

• Tien Gouki - Terra - TerraRED: Munna, Espurr, Gothorita

• LordWilliam1234 - Mac - William: Aipom, Audino, Chansey

• The Co-Jones - carlos - Carlos: Vullaby, Sneasel, *

• phantasy - lalo - <3: Octillery, Wartortle, Frogadier
• Grimmjow316 - Rokusho - Rokusho: Octillery, Quagsire, Azumarill

• r00ster22 - NvMe - Randy Savage: Dedenne, Mawile, Floette

• white shadow - MARLZ - Marlz: Tangela, Ivysaur, Quilladin

• viciousSLASH - Mike - Mike: Gabite, Noibat, Sliggoo
• KimuraLOX - Pancho - Orpheus II: Gabite, Shelgon, Sliggoo
• Seiken Enhasa - Enhasa - Galatea: Gabite, Noibat, Druddigon

• specs - Axelhander - Lady Langis: Emolga, Stunfisk, *
• shiningnegro - Shining - ?: Electabuzz, Emolga, *

    • User has yet to defeat Elite 4, P3 unknown[/details]



Holy fuck did the run out of precious metals and colors…

That shit makes me a little mad :rofl:

They broke tradition like crazy, it’s been colors since the beginning… ever since I was a kid it’s been that way…

Good to know.


Plz balance the damn types already Gamefreak.

Fix stealth rock so it’s just a flying spikes or just make spikes hit flying people and eliminate stealth rock all together. STEALTH ROCK IS STUPID.

PS - All types should have 3 weaknesses, Grass and Rock having 5 is out of control. Fire is basically useless now. FIX IT.

PSS - Plz fix the stupid breeding crap. Just make all IVs the same. Evs should be able to be applied at a clinic/battle center or something. And you should be able to change natures/abilities at a pokeshrink. Also NO dream world.

X and Y do not belong. Seriously, it sounds like a spin off, not Gen 6.

Looks like someone isn’t good to adapting. -_-

Make a better team if you’re having problems. :wink:

Oh no, they’re not. They’re just milking the franchise until it becomes COD. People say that it’s good that this exists instead of a R and S remake because “they aren’t milking the franchise as much”. What? A new generation not even 2 years later is “not milking the franchise”?!?! How?!?!

I think they could have waited a bit longer…it’s usually around 3 years per generation, isn’t it? Original Pokemon in 1996, Gold and Silver in 1999/2000, Ruby and Sapphire in 2003, Diamond and Pearl in 2006…they took their time with Black and White though, that was a 5 year gap between generations. This is the shortest gap between generations so far.

I can kind of understand why though. People have been asking for a 3DS Pokemon title for a while now…and now they’re delivering that, 2 years after the 3DS comes out. It took 2 years for Diamond and Pearl to hit the DS after it was released as well, if I recall correctly.

The game looks great though. I wonder what new features will be added to this one…I see a lot of potential.

By the looks of it though, they may not be focusing too much on putting a ton of new Pokemon into the game like they did with Black and White. I see a bunch of older pokemon in the trailer, so maybe they won’t be adding too many new ones this time around? They’re probably just waiting on the reveals though…kinda early to speculate on that, I guess.

I’m curious how the transferring will work this time around. There’s two things I can think of off the top of my head…you’ll either need two DS’s again (one 3DS and either another 3DS or a DS), or they’ll do some kind of transfer thing via a downloadable title. E.g. You have your Pokemon Black/White or Pokemon Black/White 2, use the downloadable software to place the pokemon into the software, then you place your Pokemon X/Y version into the system and then those pokemon go into you X/Y version. The second option is a bit more awkward I guess, but it’s better than being forced to have 2 systems to do it.

I agree, I felt that Game Freak showed Pokemon X and Y a little too soon. Generation V is still very young; despite it’s been 2~3 years.

Aside from that, the Generation VI Pokemon looks great in 2D design (still need to get use to their names respectively), and Game Freak’s approach on 3D models (most favorably the Pokemon models) looks absolutely stunning.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next upcoming trailers. ^u^

Oh I use the shit out of stealth rock, it’s just dumb that it makes fire types basically useless. If you ain’t stealth rocking you are doing it wrong.

PS - I use Weather too, WEATHER WAR, LETS GET IT BITCHES. The game is actually fun to play, but the breeding stuff makes it so aggravating to get a good team compiled that you just want to quit. Like my save file is liek 600 hours or something retarded and only like 90 of them are actually playing the game instead of walking back and forth and using a calculator to see if numbers are good or not.

Grass, Water, Poison, and Rock are the main ones that need a rebalancing. Just make Grass weak to fire, ice, and bug. Poison should kill water and and electric or something. Rock is fine offensively but shouldn’t have 5 weaknesses. Basically your offensive strengths should be equal to your defensive weaknesses.

The game looks great, I agree, it’s just that it’s way too early. They took their time with Gen 5 and barely kept it around. Now they’re shoving Gen 6 down our throats so early. I don’t have a 3DS yet so I may get it for this, but it’s pretty scary. It’s been so little time since Gen 5 was released (which they took their time with) and now they are releasing Gen 6. It feels rushed to me and seems like they are just doing it to please fans. Spend more time on it and make a better product. Something seems fishy…

I’m excited. It’s Pokemon.

To everyone complaining that its too soon, most big game franchises have yearly updates(Madden, CoD, Ass Creed), what’s wrong with Pokemon’s next generation hitting a year or so earlier than expected? Besides, they’re finally giving you the fully 3D overworld and battles you’ve all been begging for.

Beyond that, I’m with VS- Fix Stealth Rock aka Fuck Charizard and nerf the stupid Dragon and Water types with an extra weakness. Water should be weak to Poison and Dragon needs another weakness beyond Ice and itself… Those two types are too powerful because of it.

I’ve always been a Pokemon fan. Though I do agree that it’s a little soon, more Pokemon means more happiness for me. Happiness is good.

More Pokemon just means more combinations and more things added to the meta. I like the challenge and learning new builds and the like. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hyped.

@PoPimpus That or simply make grass more useful than it is…

Grass pokemon would destroy water types if they had more utility…

More often than not, they are trash…

Dragons? Idk what to do about those… even if given more weaknesses, their stats are really really fucking high…

Can’t choose between fire and water…

Dragon does need another weakness.

The reason why this is a problem (yearly releases) is that Pokemon is better then that. Even in the “third versions” and remakes, they just ooze quality. Each has new things and constantly introduces new things, unlike COD or other games like it. They spend time on each Generation and constantly refine it over the course of each generation, something that never happened to Gen 5. Gen 5 still has life in it. It isn’t time for Gen 6 yet, it seems too early and rushed.

It was a 5 year gap between Gen IV and Gen V…perhaps some of that time was spent planning Gen VI as well? I’m sure that Game Freak/Nintendo was aware of the fact that people wanted a Pokemon title on the 3DS, so maybe some of that time was spent preparing for that. And the release so quickly after Gen V was to give people that 3DS Pokemon title that people really wanted.

I do agree that it’s a bit too early…they could have waited another year. But it’s still Pokemon, and even if it’s coming out a little early, I’m not complaining. :slight_smile:

On that note, I wonder if Game Freak is going to do some balancing? I don’t really play the games competitively (I think I’m pretty much the only person in my area who even knows what EV training is). If nothing else, maybe make Stealth Rock not have type advantages (so Pokemon like Charizard have a better chance) but it still stacks with other traps like spikes/poison spikes, and make Drizzle/Drought last for only 5 turns rather than forever. I understand why they had it infinite weather initially since the abilities were unique to Groudon and Kyogre, but now that it’s on other non-legendary Pokemon, I think it’s time for a nerf.

A stat rebalancing would be nice too, like each fully evolved pokemon gets a stat total of 650 or something. I think that is asking too much of a company that clearly doesn’t give a shit. What would Dragons second weakness be? Doesn’t steel resist dragon? Why not just make steel strong against dragon instead of ice. Then you fix ice at the same time. They need to introduce a light type or something so there is an even amount of types and make that type weak to poison.


PS - You just said Pokemon isn’t like CoD or Madden, that is insane. The only difference is that it’s not released every year. EVERY GAME IS THE SAME. Oh man, it’s Team Plasma! THIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM TEAM ROCKET!

I think Dragons being weak to only dragon is fine honestly. When you think of dragons in general, you think of mythical creatures where they stand at the top of the food chain. The only thing that can compare to a dragon is another dragon himself. Seems to work fine for me.

I mean, I don’t really have too many complaints about battling dragons. Most dragons have a second typing anyways. Dragon typing is definitely godlike though.