Pokémon champ loses title after taking a deuce in the tourney venue hotel hallway



on another note, has anything this trifling ever happen at a fg major?

Lol pokemon


what a shitty site…and a shitty champ

I hope this story blows up as I’d love a break from fgc bashing, and making pokemon a target is just too good to be true.

Muk, I choose you!

i remember the good old days with primerape and sandslut

Good shit man.:coffee:

Sometimes when you gotta go, well, you gotta go.

I have a banana grin right now

“Looks like he’s in deep shit”


now that’s what i call not giving a shit…oh wait, they did

That runner up kid must be stoked.
This is pretty gross though.

Nah, just people getting knifed over Marvel 2 money matches, or Noel Brown occasionally knocking the shit out of a dude.

who got knifed over marvel 2 money matches?

I…have no pun for this. I’d like to know what was going through the player’s mind though. Who does that? The only thing I can think of is that his own bathroom was occupied.

Was about to post the same thing. You deserve all the marbles son!

I remember back in Tekken 5, a dude in Soho opened his house up to some players from Chinatown fair after a tourney. Except that some of them started inviting their homies, who invited their homies, etc etc and long story short the bathroom walls definitely had shit smeared on them. That was still in the bathroom, and I’m not sure if it was even someone that played Tekken or just one of the random people that showed up. But yeah that apartment as a whole was a wreck.

So FGC behaving badly? Yeah all the time. Shitting in a hotel hallway? So far not to my knowledge.

Well this looks like him right after the act:

And yay pepto bismol! :lol:

It is ironic. He was the one who did catch them all, but it’s the one he dropped that cost him everything.