Is it pointless to try and into this game? There doesn’t seem to be any activity or anything surrounding this game anymore.

no is not

here in my country most people dont like mvc3 so we still held some tatsunoko action everynow and then, however is true there no activity in this page, so far thats true but that doesnt mean the game is dead or something just try to enjoy it

Ah, I see I do play and enjoy it. But I’m not sure if I should bother investing time to learn the advanced combos. In your country do you guys hold tournaments or just a group of guys that get together and play ?

both, we still do some tournies from time to time, however must of the time is just casual play

do you guys stream or record vids or upload to youtube?

It might seem pointless in that the tournament scene is dwindling, but I think it’s easily the best Capcom fighter on the market. Since there isn’t much people playing online and it only has matchmaking(no lobby), you might have to seek out players through message boards if you really want to get into it, but I’m sure you could find plenty of other moderate to mediocre players(like me) to play with here on SRK.

At this rate I would say it’s pointless but if you are looking to go to any majors you might be able to run into some people who would want to play. I myself am looking at a couple tourneys but as much as I love this game (tvc>mvc3 godammit!) I don’t see the tourney scene picking up unless a sequel is announced.

On another note, I still plan on recording/posting some matches with the NorCal TvC folk eventually…

Buying a fighting game late is always kinda pointless because the people that still play it are way ahead of you and the others happened to move on. I’d say the tourney scene for TvC is basically dead, but you can still find people playing online and if you have friends to play this with, then you’ll have a blast when you get the hang of it.

Ah, I see thanks for the feedback guys.

K beast u have no fn idea how correct u r witht he quote TVC>MVC3, as i told EVERYONE before it came out how horrible mvc trash edition was gonna be, it baffles me as to why the good game gets shunned and the bad one prospers.

TVC UAS For Fucking EVER!!!

In this case it is just the Wii… I wish it was something that made way more sense but it is just because players, ( really not so much top players, but really tourney players in general) do not really want to be traveling around playing on the “kiddy” Wii!!!

No biggie, just keep it pushing with this game, it is too good to continue to look over. Shit if there is a squeal it would be hard to stop it, even if it stays a Wii exclusive (which I hope it does!!)

I’m in the same boat. Besides me, no one in my area really plays TvC, and it kills me because I know that it’s a good game, but it feels like a waste to play training/arcade on my own [Alaskan internet is too horrible to play it online.

Is anyone going to Evo this year? Someone’s planning on hosting a side tournament for TvC [It’s in the Evo Thread]. I’ll most definitely be there.

Why would you want it to stay a Wii exclusive, just out of curiosity? The fighters with the biggest communities are on the 360 and ps3 and offer legit online support (as opposed to this bunk, no-lobby crap we have on the Wii).

TvC was too good of a game to simply be a Wii exclusive. It’s a pity that the tourney scene is probably just going to dwindle and die out. I can’t help but feel like this might have ended differently had it been on the 360…

I have said it before and will say it again. I do not care about huge communities, I mean look at the skill gap in all these new games… (save TvC) They do not exist. The only thing that sets the best apart from the rest is how long they have actually been treating E-sports ( 1 on 1 fighters or any for that matter) as a life style and think of the games as much more than a game.

Most of you were not around for the release of CGOH but that game was in arcades on the same hardware as a Wii. That is one huge reason why I want it to be a Wii exclusive, because it might/will get an arcade release in Japan.

The Japs (no hate) broke the game and made me love it even more than I did already. (High level Lightan place top at SBO. Gotta respect that shit) That Breathol (sp) dude/chick really showed some crazy shit in the first one and had a full loop/infinite vid for UAS on like day 1 or 2. (The same day I posted the Frank west and Tekkaman Blade shit)

The american scene is shitty to say the least, we were way behind in CGOH and had like 50 million excuses for it, but it was at every major with decent numbers. SBO was just a show of how much Americans could use some creative help in fighters. If it stays on the Wii we will have that help, or at least we have a better shot on the Wii than any other system… (Where is the arcade port of MvC3?? I keep hearing about it but nothing solid… Anyone know about this?)

Besides, online for most all fighters create a sub culture in actual competition. The whole “That shit does not work offline” applies to just about any fighter online (Wii, PS3, 360, PC, 3DS, PSP) Try to find a match in TvC:UAS online and I am pretty sure you will not have a problem… even without a lobby or endless battles or any other bullshit. Who really cares about online anyway? Have you seen the numbers for Majors lately… Get out the house and say fuck online.

Keep the game on the Wii because I would like a game to develop as deep as VS did… As we can tell it is really hard to get that deep without the Japs… Just saying… Look at our VS/VF scene (or just wait until UFGT and watch how “deep” american get with outside help in VS. GGPO is supposed to be the best shit ever… Still we do not know/do anything near what they do in those games, as a community, or a single players.)

Tourney scene will not go anywhere, If you bring 2 setups and sticks for Wii or Ps2 adapters to any major the TvC heads will come out. It is just hard to get grown men at a major to say out loud, “I want to paly that kick ass Wii game for cash right now.” Thus is life for TvC… Still a good life if you ask me.

Leave it on the Wii so the game can grow like some fungus.

It has only been 2 years people, most are just not ready to play Wii games yet (Sam Sho 6 is another great example of the best port that will just not get played, GGAC and GGAC+ all on the same next gen system and get no play on them like it is a bad port or something…) Shit GGAC could still be alive if people were not so anti Wii, and then we would not have to worry about scrubby ass BlazBlu because like Japan we would still be playing GG… LOL

Hope that helped.

Hey, it helped. :slight_smile:

I see what you’re saying, and I agree for the most part. Are you saying that the American scene in its entirety is pretty shitty, or just UAS, though? I’m new to the scene in general, so I’m just wondering…

I am saying that most of the gamers in america have a very big bias set upon them (lazy, unmotivated, kiddy, etc…) thus they tend to be much more lazy about leveling up and getting better.

In UAS is all I really care about… Most other games I just watch at a high level… I really do not get into the new fighters at all… So I really could not say anything about other games.

Our UAS scene and our CGOH scene are both jokes. That does not mean much since it is a Wii fighter (actual fighter) and that is the main reason why they are the way they are… Tho I do think adding online to UAS was just a helping factor in killing the tourny/competitive factor in the game. People think they are good because they have 4,000+ matches and a win % over 65… But like they say “even if you have that many matches online, you are probably still free at an in person tourney” which for the most part is true.

Ah, I see. That’s pretty interesting - the bias is definitely there.

I’m not saying that a game has to have a huge community, but it’s kind of discouraging when things are dwindling or just plain terrible. I wish TvC had way more support here… I see it as being the one true fighting game I can say I really love playing outside of various iterations of the Street Fighter series.

That really is not what you want… When CGOH was out and all kinds of people were posting ( Keits, Kurasa, Royal, ll.ND etc…) here it was much worse. A whole lot of miss information being passed around. The only saving grace was ll.ND posting Japan matches all the time. (From nico nico)

You just have to have drive… really that is all, because as you said, you really enjoy playing the game already, so the more you learn the more excited you should become about the game. Screw who does not support the game, you like it right?? You push it then… Or sometthing like that… LOL

The game will grow like everything else in life. It just has a much different way of being spread to others which makes it look like what you have described. TBH, the game is exactly like it was last year around this time… With the exception of it not being on the EVO roster. People dropping the game and others picking it up.

The numbers are still much in the same except that those in the mid-west and west coast have jumped ship for a small time to MvC3, or just stopped playing it all together… But the boards around this time last year were only hopping because of the American version being so new and people having something to talk about…

It’s never pointless to do something you like, even if right now right here there’s noone to do it with you. There will always be side tournaments and shit like that here and there, especially if you’re willing to go to EVO.


Right on! Well then, let’s get to playing more TvC! :slight_smile:

Where are these Japanese tourney videos that you speak of though, SaeQuo?