Pocket Rumble: 2D indie fighter - Discussion

Let’s try this whole crowdfunding thing one more time.

I was just wondering if you guys had scrap this after the first kickstarter. I’m glad it’s back, because this is a cool idea.
Hopefully someone puts up on the front page this time.

Ehhh, we aren’t counting on it lol. We’re mostly here to talk to people about the game, our publisher can handle most of the press stuff.

really digging the diversity of the roster and their concepts! also makes me super happy to see Subject 11 using the pronoun “their.”

totes supporting this~

Backed! There’s a ton of interesting ideas, I hope this time around you reach your funding goal!

Did I correctly see that the game has airblocks? How will they work? Can you block grounded attacks? or just air-to-air? What about specials/supers?

loving the diverse cast and basic appproach. Will support

I could see why you would think that, Naomi’s air reset animation looks a lot like she is blocking. We wanted to fix that before we captured footage but we really didn’t have enough time. We don’t really have any kind of airblock atm.

Glad to hear that! Airblocks are difficult to do right in traditional fighting games.

Well, at least the characters look more original this time. Suppose I could get behind it.

You guys are in Pittsburgh? Let me know if there are any opportunities to buy you guys a beer.

Yeah, one of the biggest complaints during the last KS was how much the sprites looked frankensteined/ripped. While that wasn’t ever the case, we were DEFINITELY designing things too close to the source material, so as soon as that Kickstarter ended our lead artist redrew everything from scratch. We still kept the low resolution and color restrictions that we liked a lot, but we majorly beefed up the framerate (the amount of frames per animation is now closer to 3S than it is to anything on NGPC) and we approached the ‘chibi’ artstyle a little differently. Most NGPC sprites have pretty hefty/squarish bodies (check out square-ass Ryu here). We wanted to keep big hands/head, but we made all the characters lankier and taller basically because it’s not what NGPC games do… BUT we still really like the result even if it’s betraying our main inspiration a bit.

And we actually went more NGPC in some ways. We use the sound chip the NGPC was based on for all of our tracks now, and they sound significantly** better imo (I’m not the composer) than the fake-bit we were doing before.

We also gave Naomi a haircut and turned her hat backwards because that was the sprite everyone thought was a sprite edit of Terry.

Do you think you could make an option able to listen to the remixed/arranged tracks in-game instead of the chiptunes? I can appreciate a decent chiptune, but they do grate on me after a while.

It’s something we’ll definitely consider if we get that remix album (although Guile’s MotM track can never grate on anyone ever. It’s perfect).

Hmm, well, money’s tight for me right now but I’ll do what I can to support you guys. Maybe you can do the same with my fighter one day when I finally get it in a showable state!

Sure thing, just let us know when you have something to show. We could use more indie fighting games, the only ones I’m really aware of in development now is Shattered (which from the little footage I’ve seen is looking REAL good) and Fearless Night (although I haven’t heard anything about this in a long time).

Haha I like this, this is cool. And the characters are pretty unique and diverse. If I wasn’t going through some hard times financially right now I’d definitely donate. Hope you guys reach your goal.

Glad to see you guys are still working on this, i saw the kickstarter last night, looking pretty dope

The goal with the new Kickstarter was to have the video be 100% gameplay, pretty much the exact opposite of what we did last time. So far, seems like it was a good decision!


What happened to Leona with Terry’s cap? I liked her. :frowning: