Please Don't Jump - The Black Adam Thread

Here’s a thread for our favourite villain with zero AA and a super that finishes with an M Bison stomp.

Lol soviet trolling with the No aa’s
Tho power cage is a godlike AA

Absolutely love the title.

EDIT: I started a combo thread on TYM, if anyone wants to use as a reference.

I hope you guys are on Dial Up.

Dictator stomp and float walk FTW. Definitely trying him out, too boss.

This character is godlike. Scary at full screen or up close, has multiple unblockables, easy crossups, and gets so much damage from meter.

No good anti-air or low though.

Yeah he has no high/low mixup but he doesn’t need it, he has crossups for days and his trait can open them up for huge confirms. His D1 doesn’t hit low but it’s still a good low profiling poke that can be cancelled into trait.

His AA and wakeup seem pretty bad unless you want to burn meter, but he builds it quickly. Armored B3 beats a lot of things and leads to huge damage.

the hitbox on j2 is retarded and he can hit people even if it looks like he cleared them by a distance.

Any advice on using his trait? I have to admit, I rarely use it, and I am horrible at using it in a combo (I know it’s possible to turn it on mid combo, then just continue a combo, but I can’t get the timing).

You can also do J2, MB Divekick. Depending on your spacing, you’ll either hit them with a crossup J2 and front divekick, or a front J2 and far crossup divekick.

In a combo, you just input it like a string. There’s an infinite input buffer in this game as long as the stuff you’re doing chains together. For example:

2 2 Trait (as fast as possible), then 1 1 2 QCB+1 (as fast as possible). Both of those are strings and can be linked together since your first string ended in a Trait Cancel. Then you can finish the combo by dashing and doing B2 3, U1+3 or whatever.

As far as using it other times, I usually don’t, because not many people know how to block, but B1 Trait is pretty good because it leaves you +18 on block or something ridiculous and puts them in a mixup situation. If they block low, you can do B2 3, U1+3 for an overhead combo. If they block high, you can do 1 1 2 xx QCB1 and one of your orbs has a good chance of making this string unblockable (don’t input the QCB1 as part of the string here, wait to see if they get opened up first, and cancel it from the 2 because it’s terribly unsafe). Then you can follow up with the combo of your choice.


My problem with crossup dive kicks is sometimes they’re ambiguous enough to fool me even. And I get the wrong one and dive kick across screen lol.

Is b+2 really the only AA we really have lol? Not including mb bounces.

AA options seem to be 1, D2, B2, and MB B3 with the latter being most reliable. They all suck, I would usually rather block/backdash and punish since that’s kind of Black Adam’s playstyle anyway.

The problem I have with Black Adam is against characters who just jump nonstop. Once they start jumping, you’re reduced to either hoping a dive kick can catch them, or you have to AA them, as none of your specials really work.

I find electric cage, even meter burn, is a bad AA due to the timing and the hitbox. I’ve rarely had it work :frowning:

Yup. This is a counterpick game.

Yeah, his AAs are terrible. Jumping 2 as an air-to-air isn’t that bad, a bit tricky though.

Just bought the game, haven’t even played it yet. I come from a Taskmaster background in Marvel who’s pretty good at zoning, has really good midscreen pressure, and has high-priority moves with high damaging combos if the opponent makes a mistake. Also, he’s relatively easy play =) Does Black Adam sound like a good transition character for me? It doesn’t help that he’s pretty strong in the game comparatively from what I hear.

Not really similar IMO, though it’s hard to compare any MvC3 character to any character in this game. Black Adam doesn’t really keep people out with his long-range moves, they’re more of a deterrent to characters who try to keep you away. He can get big damage off of trades in zoning wars if you spend meter.

If I had to compare him to anyone in MvC3 I think it would actually be Doom, who you also play. He’s a difficult, technical character with crossup footdives all day.

yeah Adam reminds me of doom a lot. Snapping fingers for hidden missile, only its instant electricity or lightning. Foot dive all day.

b+2 is a pretty godly aa, especially since it combos into 3, up+1+3

b+2 also combos into raging storm or better yet enhanced raging storm

Off a raw B2, you can do B2 3, 1 1 xx Lightning Storm, B2 3, U1+3. That’s his basic BnB.

If you hit with an AA B2, you should burn meter for 20% extra damage:
B2, 2 2 xx Lightning Cage [MB], B3, J3, B2 3, U1+3