Please assist FGwidget TE issue

Trying to get my fgwidget to light up my Uila’s.

Edit: I now have the Joystick and 4 buttons lit correctly. 4 Buttons (The same 3) will not light at all.

The 3 Buttons that will not light up are Short, Roundhouse and 4K.
4P will light on touch, does not light up when the screen saver roll is going on.
The Joystick works as it should.

This is what I have (Its the same for all buttons, I checked it 10 times)
For Standard Button ground/power I am using the TE black wires (which are black)
Ground on the FGW to the ground on the TE
Jab_in from the FGW to the Signal on the back of the TE wiring pcb
Jab_out to the Knsert VCC (Black) wire
Uila ground (White) to the ground on the TE wiring pcb

Is the white wire going to the ‘GND’ point on the KNsert and the black wire to the ‘VCC’ point?
The white Knserts were mislabelled, and there should have been a sticker on the bag you received about it. If not, I apologize.

Actually, I apologize. I meant Uila but I think its the same issue. I reversed the white and black and it lit up.

Toodles, I rewired everything and corrected the OP. Can you tell me what is going on?

The fourth buttons are most likely because the additional buttons werent activated in the config menu.
As for short, I dont know. Swap LEDs around with one that works and see where the problem moves.

When you say activated in the config menu what does that mean? I did what you suggested with short. Even using a known good led/button it doesn’t work. Buttons are all registering correctly on the 360 and pc.

Config menu is detailed in the welcome sheet that came with the LED Contrller.
Grab a meter test the voltage on the SHO_OUT point when you have the button pressed. You should see the voltage go high when the LED should light up.

I am reading the guide. If you have a stick and 8 buttons is the XTRA_IO on the FGW used? If so what is it supposed to connect to? I think I thought XTRA_IO was only used if using 11 buttons. That is one of the issues. I have a meter (don’t know how to use it) but I am googling now to see what to set the meter on and where to put the Red/Black tongs now.

I assume black probe needs to go to the Uila ground which is grounded right to the PCB for testing. Then Red would go to SHo_Out like you said which is connected to the Uila VCC. I am unsure what to put the meter on to check it.
Here is the model I have:

That’s the setting for AC voltage. You need DC voltage, and since what you’re expecting is between 0-5v, you should use the 20 setting in the DC voltage section (upper left quadrant). You can test it’s working by testing voltage on the VCC point, and you should see 4-5 volts

Hmm, I have the black prong on all the Uila grounds. I set the meter as you said. I get no reading at all on any of the “outs” when touching the “outs” on the fgw. Pressing the button does nothing. Even the ones that are working read zero pressing the button or not. There are readings on the TE pcb where the “ins” are soldered to, those are 3.67.

Edit: Looks like I get btw 3.30 and 3.32 on the ones that work when I press the button down, the ones that don’t work get zero so switching buttons etc do not help.

Sounds like it’s time for pictures.

The right ground is tied to all the white ground wires on the Uila’s. The next one is for the LED on the stick.

I didn’t use the Xtra_IO. I was under the impression that was just for 11 buttons.

I know the soldering job isnt the best but I redid it 10 times thinking I screwed something up. I also forgot to mention this was in the batch that needed the corrective parts sent but I did use the new one. The ones that light up are fine, not dim or anything so I assume I got that part right. Let me know if you need more info. This is driving me nuts.

Also, I used this for the Balltop:
[INDENT=1]Balltop LED Cathode go to Ground on FGWidget LED Controller. (I did not do this, I grounded to the TE PCB)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Balltop LED Anode go to STICK_OUT on FGWidget LED Controller.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Up Signal of Joystick go to U_IO on FGWidget LED Controller.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Down Signal of Joystick go to D_IO on FGWidget LED Controller.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Left Signal of Joystick go to L_IN on FGWidget LED Controller.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Right Signal of Joystick go to R_IN on FGWidget LED Controller.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]And this is the layout of the TE PCB how I wired it. [/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]So “A”, RT and LT are my problems.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Same as picture here. VCC goes to FGW VCC and Ground goes to FGW ground.[/INDENT]

I’d really recommend redoing and cleaning up the soldering on the bottom of the LED controller. A number of the resistor pins are questionable, and even more look like they have very little solder, but enough to make a connection. In the lower right of the bottom of the LED controller picture, there’s a blob just hanging out on the board, and the resistor pins and IC socket pins look like they could use a touch up.

As for testing, desolder the wire from the LED controller’s SHO_OUT point. Leave the button connected to SHO_IN. Use the meter on the same setting to test the voltage on pins 28 and 27 of the chip, both with the short button pressed and without. Pins 28 and 27 are the left most two on the top row of the top view picture you posted; i.e. the two closest to the C2 capacitor.

Actually, if you are talking about the bottom of the LED board I didnt solder there at all except for install. I only soldered them from the top. Just so I am sure you want me to test the first pin is the boards ground and the next oneis SHO_In correct with the same test as before? Where does the black prong go? The common ground on the TE PCB?

Someone had to solder the parts to the board. The soldering of those parts looks suspect, and needs touchup/rework.
The two points you need to test voltage on are the pins on the chip itself. You should be able to easy touch the probes to each leg without problem in the spots circled.

Uploaded with

Ok, I cleaned up that board.

Uploaded with

Ok, I cleaned up that board. I will test where you circled in a sec.

Edit: HOLY FUCKIN SHIT, I think its working!

All LEDs working, only issue left is Left/Right don’t seem to be working on the Joystick. LED lights up but not movement.

Did you set the joystick to on in the config menu?
Also, please get me a picture or tell me about the writing on the side of the small 6 pin resistor piece.