Playstation tv fightstick working on ps4

Ive got a custom fightstick that works with the ps tv that doesnt need any convertors ive even uploaded a video on youtube inside my stick it has a zd ps2 / ps3 encoder from ebay that works i thought id give it a try when i was trying mortal kombat x on ps4 and it said it dont work with wireless controllers which is weird because its wired so i tried it and voila it recognises as a ps3 pad ive tried tekken 6 psp version, metal slug 3 and few others and they work spot on

good to know! thanks for the tip!

Dude, thanks so much for this. I forgot I even had an iNPiN laying around.

I was using my Hori Command Stick just fine with the iNPiN on the PSTV (even programmed some moves right on it), and now I’m using my main stick (Mad Catz TE with Kitty). I tried the TE once before straight into the PSTV and it actually broke the Kitty until I reflashed the firmware. But using the Neutrik > PS2 cable > iNPiN, I’m having absolutely no trouble, and I’m making full use of the features of the Kitty, namely:

  • Button remapping (especially important for Street Fighter because you’d otherwise have to open up your stick and rewire to turn your R2 into L)
  • Turbos (because I’m a cheater)

Seriously, turbos for PSP games… that is pretty damned awesome.

Now there are a handful of vertically-oriented PSP games that don’t orient your controls as well (Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting, Capcom Collections), but maybe I can rotate the lever inside my case too. Or get another one of them harnesses, rewired just for that…

By the way, does the PS360+ even have button remapping or turbos? I already know it has shoddy legacy console support. Welp, I got my Kitty… B)

Im not sure mate this is a zd encoder thats in mine and not a ps360+

Ive just done a test on my ps tv and i can use it to control my ps4 and i played injustice and mkx through it ive put a vid on youtube showing it working

Would you please post the link of the YouTube video?

Ps3 fightstick working a ps4 via a ps tv:

Thanks for the video. I noticed lag between the clicks and the actions on the screen. But it might be your TV or the audio out of sync.
Could you please confirm if there is added lag with this method?

There are some issues with using the Vita TV for PS4 game play.
There going to be a lost in video quality and some input lag, as you are streaming input and output from you PS4 “base station”.

Great if you want to play your PS4 in another room of the house, not feasible at all if the only thing you want to do is use a PS3 stick on your PS4 games.

There is, besides the lost of obvious video quality (smaller video image is used to use less bandwidth, so you never get your full resolution and lost of detail) the actual degree of lag will vary with the nature of your own home network. Of course you can combat some of this lag by only using a wired Ethernet connection and not using Wifi, the streaming audio and video is going to take the largest chunk of the data stream.
There also the post image processing of the VITA TV before it would hit the Display’s image post processing.

If you want to adapt your PS3 stick to your PS4, the VITA TV route is not a great option in any respects. It is approx $100 for a Vita TV, you need a 2nd HD TV or Monitor VS the cost to convert or dual mod a PS3 stick to work on the PS4. its $45 to $65 for a PS4 controller to get the PCB from it for a mod or $200 to buy a dedicated PS4 stick. You need need the 2nd TV set and networking equipment, a router and perhaps long lengths of Cat 5/Cat6 cable.

Ive just tried it again with the ps tv next to the ps4 and near the router it seems alot better i couldnt see any lag i think it was because the wifi signal was poor

For me im not that bothered about the ps4 side of it as the only game i want to play the ps4 with a fightstick is mortal kombat x which i can use a ps3 stick with. But for me having the stick working on the ps tv as a stand alone controller is great for me buying the zd ps2 / ps3 encoder was worth every penny

Just because you didn’t “see it” does not mean there isn’t any delay.

Also I pointed out that Wifi is going to be a weak connection even if you get a good signal.
For networking Wired (Ethernet) is always going to trump wireless (wifi)

Which if you look at the total cost of the Vita TV/ PS4 setup just to play a PS4 setup is not very practical. If it works for you thats fine, you got to make your own choice in the end.

But for the benefit for others who looking for an arcade stick solution for the PS4, this would not be the route I would recommend. I would toss this “option” with the other non-options such as the Cronus max or the Titan One.

Important part in bold. Using a PS2 to PS3 coverter to play PSP and Vita games on a PSTV is huge! Are we all just ignoring all the great arcade collections from the PSP days, now playable in perfect quality with an arcade stick? Hell, I might even try Dead or Alive 5 now.

I agree with you on that its not the best way for everyone but it works for me i mainly want it as a ps tv stick

Triple_lei i love the the psp and vita classics ive got capcom classics, tekken 6, soul calibur metal slug 3 on my ps tv

I’m just interested in this because there are actually interesting, non-Fighting games on the PSTV that can and should be played with an arcade stick like Darius Burst or TxK.

I also picked my PSTV up for $40, brand spanking new from WalMart on a pricematch for Gamestop’s recent sale.

I wouldn’t mind picking up a second PSTV for $40 for my JP account.

For the rest of us in the US, there’s this compatibility list which is seems to be more reliable than Sony’s official list:

Unfortunately Gradius Collection won’t work on a PSTV with North American accounts but maybe Gradius Portable (JP) will…

Lol i normally prefer to play crash bandicoot 2 with me stick instead of pad plus thats a good price for the pstv

I brought mine second hand cost me 60 pound then a week after the price dropped to 45 pound new

Kinda related. Hori Fighting Commander 4:

  • Does NOT work with the PSTV.
  • Turbos aren’t as fast as on the TE Kitty or even the old HRAP3.
  • Works with PS1 and PS2 games on PS3.
  • Pad and buttons feel great.

Still, I’d have it padhacked without remorse.