Playing with non-standard rules - will it make a change?

First, im not a native english speaker, so i apologize for any grammar mistakes.

I was thinking on a game played for a long time here in the Dominican Republic: Mortal Kombat Trilogy for N64. Yes. That old damm port of UMK3 with more characters / features, etc. On other places / countries, this game was quickly dismissed: Agressor mode being the main reason, with good reason, is a really broken mechanic, and to boot, you could play UMK3 on arcades.

Not here.

See, not having a strong arcade culture / presence, makes you play the shittiest home versions ever. PS1 KOF 98, A3, SNES A2, WW, etc. But this MKT fellas made the damm game work: by banning Agressor mode, old characters, bosses, and a couple other things (oh, and playing 3 vs 3, something that makes this game look like Marvel, lol). And guess what? They’re still playing this old game, to this day, happily ever after.

Of course, arcade perfect was never an option for those fellas (sorry, i dont play MKT), so they adapted the game. For me, was YEARS of playing shitty ports of A2 and ST, until recently. But we altered those games in their options (making A2 running a tad bit faster, on the ps1 port, for example), so we could play the damm games. Sure, is better than nothing, isnt?

So, arcades dies everywhere, and now all the big titles are console exclusives, or released first or close to the arcade version. But IMO, most of the new games are really subpar. I was trying to get into UMVC3 (i liked MVC2 a lot, but there was no scene here), but dammit if XF and the huge damage output didnt make it drop it. FAST. But now people are doing tournaments / side events that BAN XF, and as i could see, even lower the damage to the minimun. Heck, banning gems in SFxT, was IMO the best thing SRK / the community could do.

So here’s my question: can this make a change? Could these rules / standards be the thing needed to make this newer games more akin to what the community really wants (adopting those rules, that wouldnt be home made, but accepted for all), making these new games better? Would developers see this as the proof that whilst liking in some way the games, we want them to be something… different?

This is too dam TLDR rite now, so ill give more ideas / thoughts tomorrow. Again, sorry for my grammar,

All I know is that God Marvel was the best thing to happen to mvc3 ever

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EDIT: Oh wait I see your point now, that since arcades are gonna die/have died most places that we have to make the most of what we have on consoles.

We used to run ST tourneys on anniversary edition banning all the non super and super turbo characters. Sometimes you gotta work with whats available to your community. But making an effort to get something better should be made if possible.

Changing the settings? Eh…

Spring for PS2s and the Alpha Anthology.

I’m sure people will adjust, and the few of us who were around when arcade versions still existed and dictated tournament formats will eventually stop playing and not care. It’s nice for TO’s to have a bit more freedom, but I hope people don’t get carried away. I feel like a lot of passionate gamers (TO’s fall into this) tend to overestimate their abilities as game designers.

I also like that there isn’t some centralized ruling board for fighting games. Having parties vying over conflicting tournament rules seems like just a huge mess.

Standardization is important if a game/scene wants to thrive. Having multiple rulesets and, more importantly, people disagreeing with each other over these is a sure way to ruin the community.

P.S. In before Smash/Smashboards.

just a question how many games of this generation have you played?

and no, imo your idea its totally contraproductive for competitive play, why?
because you are applying a random ruleset in order to accommodate the game to your liking, imo banning the gems was a bad idea, the game was designed with them in mind, do i like the idea? not particulary at least not how capcom managed it, there are game that let you customize some aspects of you character/team like dark awake for example, that managed to make the idea interesting, also so far the only reason why gems were banned were for time constraints for TOs and the imparity that preorder gems made, so far gems can add a new layer of depth, but due how capcom handled the idea (pay to win gems) no one is fond to the idea

the moment that you start stripping the game to make it “competitive” aka make it play like you want, you start defeating what competitive play means, you play the game as it is and you use what the game provides you in order to win

where do you draw the line of how much its needed to take away to make the game "competitive"
who is going to be in charge of making said rules? why him/her/they?

you need to understand, once you open the possibility to make your own rules, you are only going to bring more problems to the table, everyone would feel that they have something to say on how the game should be played, you would start having TOs using different rules creating only division on the community
and dont let me start with all the problems of creating an “elite” group to decide what is the better way to pay the game

smash is not a fighting game silly goose

I’m looking foward to watch FGTV house will make a no x-factor and low dmg tourney this friday. If it makes the game more fun it’s all good to me. Just like tournaments with only low tiers in mvc2

Its reason why the Soul Community lost its ground during SCIV…or whatever ground it had.

But what if the STANDARD that game developers throw at us are really crap… and the game could really benefit from changing some stuff?

I cant comment on smash (never considered it a FG, but i played a lot of the N64 version, really fun), but UMVC 3 could really benefit from a lower damage setting and no XF. And this SAME community banned gems in SFxT (something that developers wanted to make mandatory… even the tournament mode has a easier mode for using them, no?)

This sounds controversial as hell, i know… but the community banned ST Akuma knowing first hand that it was something that wasnt any good to the game… why cant we do it to modern games that could use some good tweaks to make them good (or above subpar, IMO)?

Well, lets just see how this Marvel tourney will turn out. Sorry folks, didnt want to cause any controversies.

The real problem is you need somebody with authority to make a ban stick, or 100% buyin from organizers. Neither of those is a very easy sell :stuck_out_tongue:

Gems aren’t banned for gameplay reasons (although the game could be even worse with them), they’re banned because the time it takes for every person to pick their gems adds to the already long run time for SFxTekken tournaments, which is an issue.

It’s not a matter of balance, it’s a matter of making sure that a 64 man tournament can finish in a day.

It’s been pretty ingrained in the FGC to play what is the standard (comes right out the box) and not change anything. And I think it should stick like that for the most part unless something is completely broken or stupid. But nowadays these companies are making fighting games different to draw in a new crowd of players and the old players with that dated mentality call these new things stupid when they shouldn’t. Big example now is Gems in SFxT there are defaults that they could of played with, those could of been used until there was an easier way of choosing them instead of banning them outright which was wrong.

Also there needs to be a known standard that actually works Smash Unity had a good try but smash has too many damn options

Smash is a fighting game. Traditional? No but it still is.

Congrats, you jsut fell for the forum version of ‘Oni is Banned’.

if I didn’t have an arcade and I didn’t have an accurate port, the next best thing to choose from is the PC platform with roms\emulators. There might be 1f of input delay but its better than playing on a shitty port that isn’t even accurate to begin with.

Not to mention that most fighters these days are being ran on PC computers. BB series, sf4 series, kof 13 and a slew of other games are capable of being played on the PC. There isn’t even a problem with stick because most of the x360 sticks work on most PCs.

I don’t believe that is the reason gems are banned. iirc, gems are banned because of all the hassle it takes. For a big tourney like EVO, they would have to make sure that every single one of those consoles had all the gems available. That is a lot of fucking updating. Then what about other big venues like CEO\NCR? w\e consoles they had would also need to be updated too. If the game continued to progress, they would have to update all those consoles whenever a new patch gem update became available. Then what about the pre-planned DLC gems that cost money? the tourney directors would of had to buy the DLC gem packs for EVERY console and there is no way they’re going to shell out that much money for a shitty game anyway.

Eventually, we would of gotten to the point where if you allowed gems, some of them would of been banned. The auto tech\all block gem certainly would have been banned along with some other ones like maybe the assist gems.

;-; i always fall for it

Just play the old games that you like man. you have to realize a lot of people on here are 09 players or later who started with SF4 and MVC3 and they don’t understand why we don’t like the comeback mechanics and high damage in their games. They take it sort of personally that you want to change their game. I don’t really understand that mindset but that’s how they feel for whatever reason.


EDIT: on youre profile it says youre 23 and you signed up in 2012 LOL WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!? OLDER??

I will, forever, be known as the smash-hating smash player.