Phantom Breaker: Extra - Available in Arcade, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (in Japan)

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Yep, another new fighting game with girls. No info about platform but is by 5pb (famous for their SLG/ADV games and now because they are working with Hideo Kojima in a new game… not this i guess) coming in 2011… and yeah, thats it.

EDIT: Famitsu says is a fighting game between Memories Off and Stein;Gate characters.


Game development in Japan is like copy cat serial killing.


The new trend it seems. lol

Hey Japan, you listening?





That is a delicious avatar you have there.

Hey now, the game still might be good. Might be a dark horse.

remember when we thought MKV might be good?:rofl:

Like, sure its Loli, but every stupid fad has a few greats. All this stupid vampire shit like Twlight brought us the genius that is Let The Right One In. Sure, there’s a 95 percent chance this will suck, probably higher, but it might be great.

I concur!
With that said, someone should make a highschool of the dead mod for left 4 dead 2.

Ok I know that’s HotD, but what scene and episode is that from? :open_mouth:

It’s in the intro.

Put tits in your avatar and you don’t even have to TRY to derail threads.

lets hope that at least will be descent

i agree with this

Highschool of the Dead is the shit just for that pic alone (although the series is pretty boss as well).


Isn’t that by nitroplus?
Looks like this could be interesting.

House of the dead?

High school of the dead. look it up sir.

No gameplay vids? I need to see the lolis in action first.