Petition to replace the four announced characters for the upcoming update

I, personally, am not satisfied with what capcom is about to serve us for the next iteration of Street Fighter 4. Hugo, Elena, Poison, and Rolento would have been a great selection of characters if they weren’t already introduced in Street Figher x Tekken. So, here I’m now, firmly curling my fingers, demanding for those 4 characters to be replaced by other fan favorite characters. (e.i. Urien, Sean, Q, Oro, Charlie, Birdie, Karin, Sodom, Skullomania, Garuda,… etc.)
pumps fist Who’s with me?!!

I vote you stfu.

Even if I wanted them changed, you’re fooling yourself if you think a petition will do ANYTHING to change Capcom’s mind. They already have most of the assets they need for the four announced characters, why would they start from scratch for a 15 dollar update?

Actually really glad to see Hugo finally in the game, he’s been hiding in the background all this time and frustraitingly unplayable and having another wrestler to choose from is always a very welcome decision (alex for 2015 update! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also liking that Elena’s back, will be great fun to master on sfiv’s format.

Would really like an Ultra III/Alpha option but understand it’d be a big ask haha.

Just because the characters are already in SFxT does not mean they are bad characters. I’m pretty sure Rolento has always been one of the most requested characters for SF4. I don’t understand why people feel that Capcom owes them something. If you’re unhappy with it, don’t buy the update.



Yes replace Elena with Hugo, Poison with Rolento, Hugo with Poison, and Rolento with Elena.

Only thing I’m disappointed in is that they are definitely not bringing another character from a previous game in. Alex went from the protagonist of 3rd Strike to an unknown that hasn’t been used since TvC.

Ps SEAN!?!? Really?

Luckily I’ve never played SFxT so these 4 new street fighters will be pretty cool for me. Also, Capcom has already started implementing these new characters in the game, no petition is going to change that. Finally, most people were scared we were getting a tiny balance patch, however there are going to be major system changes, new modes, big balance changes, new stages, and new characters…I mean sorry but I’m still excited bout this, very excited.

However hypothetically, if I could replace these 4…instead of Hugo, give me Karin. Instead of Elena, give me Ingrid. Instead of Poison, give me Urien. Rolento is a pretty good choice, so I can’t think of a good replacement.

No thank you. I like the characters.

Naw Urien would be garbage… They would probably give him less than average frame data on his normals(far from cammys) but give him range at least cause he’s tall. His Aegis reflector would be trash cause of lame ass auto block/absolute guard. Another reason why aegis will suck is cause it would probably be his super and you would only get to use it twice in a match if your lucky, and that’s if you rarely waste EX meter. He would probably have good health and stun though… average Ultras if you consider his other two super arts from SF3… I mean there’s a lot I can say about urien…Just save him for SF5…

No. The characters we get are very good. I don’t want other characters.

Lol this is stupid.

  1. That would delay the update MASSIVELY which no one wants.

  2. Capcom CAN’T add Garuda, Skullomania, or Karin as they don’t own the rights to those characters, they’d have to pay to license them. SF EX characters are also not considered canon. Karin they’d have to contact the creator but she is canon.

  3. Poison ranked higher than any character except Q that you listed for the popularity poll. Elena is almost tied with Urien and loses to Q. Rolento is way more popular than Oro or Birdie, or Sodom. Hugo is more popular than Birdie as well. So yeah, your “Fan Favorites” are more “Your favorites.” You don’t speak for everyone.

I find it funny that people said the exact same thing about Yun before AE came out.

Those other options you mentioned are terrible. Sorry not sorry!

Yeah and push back the content update a whole year, no thanks.

i called this as soon as they came out in SFxT, also i’m pretty sure they were already ported over to AE by modders, shows just how lazy Crapcom is.

I don’t want them REPLACED, but I would like characters that weren’t just lazily copy-pasted over from SFxT. Urien, Q, and Alex would have been nice. Or Karin, the crowd at Evo definitely wanted Karin.

Yeah I had a feeling someone would quote that part. I never thought that…i knew they would give him some combos so he wouldnt be as dependent on genejin as 3s…That’s probably why he was broken cause they tried too hard to make up for the less genejins… just a theory though… But as long as autoblock is here… well… yeah… not much else to say, but have a good day.