Petition to have Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on X-Box 360


lol @ petitiononline. these things never work. Don’t waste your time, seriously…

if you want to actually petition something, make an actual writeup that people can download, print, sign in ink, and mail to you. You can then have all the papers (when it reaches like 5000 signatures or something) put into a leather backed book, possibly designed by Udon or something, and then mail THAT to Capcom USA.

Don’t waste your time with some stupid online petition.


Again I find it peculiar that this is stickied. This is the type of thread you would think would get closed by moderators lol.

Maybe…just maybe…not everyone is a pessimistic, deconstructive fucking idiot like all the haters in this thread.

David Sirlin himself, the man who is bringing arcade-perfect ST to the PS2 this fall, is the man who suggested creating the petition to show Capcom the demand for this game WITHOUT LAG. So when he goes back to them in a few months and says “this is the next game I want to develop” and they ask “who wants this?” he can point to the petition.

And even if it DOESN’T do anything or influence Capcom in any way, at least it shows that a part of the fighting game community can at least mobilize for what they believe in. Even if it’s a sybolistic show of our force, at least it’s something better than just sitting back and saying “oh well, I guess Capcom really can’t get anything right, and we should give up on lag-free online play.”

But go ahead, keep spouting your non-productive filth over the internet. You know better than us! We’ve only been playing SF since day 1 and trying to do constructive things to keep the SF community alive for decades.

In the meanwhile, you keep taking advantage of the free website and abuse your freedom of speech like the trolls you are. You’re what America is all about: Lazy, armchair quarterbacks who sit back and let all the responsible people do all the real work, then criticise how we do it.

Try parrying THAT, douchebags.

Ok ok I’m done.

Good shit i like the armchair quarterback line.
Anyways i signed the petition. Make sure and keep us updated on whats goin on.

I am the moderator who made this a sticky. Is there a problem with trying to promote the fighting game community? I mean perhaps most petitions don’t work, but does it really hurt to try? I just don’t understand why all the negativity in this thread. As Phil stated earlier, Sirlin was the one who brought an arcade perfect st2 to ps2 and he’s the one who said if there’s a petition, perhaps it’ll help out the cause. If you’re gonna be so negative, then just leave this forum and go to where all the scrubs dwell.

Clearly both you and Pryde are ignoring the things people are saying (which are accurate criticisms of online petitions IMO), and I see nothing in this thread that is a justifiable cause for your response. People in this thread are “deconstructive fucking idiot” haters?

Those look like two pretty good (and constructive) suggestions to me. Noone in this thread is against the effort being put in, and some people offering criticisms aren’t even against the idea of a petition - just the medium chosen (i.e. online, when they have a clear history of doing nothing). Sure, Sirlin suggested a petition, but do you really think he would say no to an extension of the idea as per Archer’s suggestion? Hell, it might even be easier to rally tournament organisers around the country to take down signatures from tourney attendees, while giving other people the option to mail in their individual forms, than to try and get people to sign online petitions (which people are clearly not happy with). Whether the idea is feasible or not, I think we can definitely agree which would have more of an impact on Capcom.

Clearly there is some reason to be upset if you are putting a lot of time and effort into this and other people don’t share your enthusiasm, but don’t confuse criticism of the method (online petition) with criticism of the idea (asking Capcom to give us ST on 360). A better response would be either to explain why you think this is the best method of achieving the goal, or start taking into consideration some of the posts in this thread.

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oh, so stating the fact, that petition online is NEVER taken seriously by anyone, automatically makes me a hater? shut up man. I’ve been playing SF since day 1 as well. you cant discredit me just because I know this shit wont work, and I give an example of a method that has a much more significant chance of working (while i still highly doubt even 5000 signatures would be enough to make capcom do that shit). did a similar petition to the one i suggested for Nintedo to make an Earthbound 3. they got 30,000 signed and mailed signatures, put it together in a book, added in some fan art, fan mixed music and mailed it to nintedo. guess what? Earthbound 3 is out on DS in Japan now, and i’m sure they had a lot to do with it.

Stop talking out of your ass, DSP. Do you think just because you took a whole 2 minutes (if you’re as lame as a horse and can’t type worth shit) to electronically fill out a form that has virtually no viable individuality or humanistic feel at all to an organization like Capcom, makes bashing me, and others who have given advice to make a petition that may be taken seriously, alright? Eat it baby. You’re no king of hate, you’re just an angry child.


I was actually happy enough to see HF on 360. Never really cared for ST. But voted anyway.

I signed a few days ago. I think I was number 19.

Damn, calm down.

Not to be a negative Nancy but I am right.

Oh well.

  1. Justin Wong : Capcom if you make this I will jerk off on your faces


Damn even Jwong is getting in on this. Must be big.

How can Capcom turn down an offer like that?

Easily, they dont know who the fuck JWong is nor do they care.

i agree with another method to back it up. I already see a flaw in the online petition

275. Khiem Forsythe I’ll buy a 360 if it comes out
274. Al’x Ngai
273. Khiem Forsythe I’ll buy a 360 if it comes out

ps: i’m not trying to attack anyone here, just pointing out a flaw in the system

Daigo could :smile:


yeah holy shit. hahahahaha. all i did was hit refresh to see if any new signatures came up.


I signed although I highly doubt it will make Capcom do anything but meh… one can hope.