Petition to have Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on X-Box 360

The likes of Alex Valle, Graham Wolfe, NKI, and DSP have already signed this, please help out the community and sign this petition. The fighting game community needs to step up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Sign this petition, even if you don’t play the game, just show that you DO support it. After this years crazy evolution, we need to show that the fighting game community is alive and kicking.

Done :tup:

IMO, a better petition would be to have MS make all the Xbox’s fighting games made backwards compatible. Oh well…



137. I am let.

seriously, i’m all for the effort, but when have these online petitions ever done anything? especially since it currently has less than 1000 signatures? i’ve seen ones with over 50,000… still haven’t done jack. imo this is the wrong way to go about it. online petitions are meaningless

Petitions never work. I signed anyway but the chance of seeing this happen is one percent chance. Even if Hyper Fighting is selling well, crapcom won’t release this enhance version.

It’s called business, not fun.

Done and Done.

internet petitions never work - say you get 1000 signatures, that’s still not enough to justify the development costs of this, and it’s meaningless given that someone clicking a button doesn’t mean they’ll actually buy the game. kinda laughable that this is stickied, actually. a better solution would be to get everyone to email MS and Capcom about it; at least that actually takes a modicum of effort.

this is true…

btw i dislike sf but i’ll sign your petition as a fighting scene supporter

#162 Francesco

I agree but you can still hope cant you? Oh wait its capcom, Nevermind.


Signed and passing the word.

What if I told you that a game developer who has a contract with Capcom suggested we do this petition?

I wouldn’t say that it won’t have an effect. Given the great ports if 3rd Strike for PS2/Xbox, and the arcade perfect ports of the Street Fighter alpha series, I’d say that someone up there is listening.

Took 10 seconds, done.




Do petitions actually work?

signed up, not really an SF2 player but i’d get it for my 360 though, as a fan of every major fighting game franchise except Mortal Kombat it was my duty salute


first petition i ever signed.