Petition for arcade release of SSF4

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I was hesitant to even do this…but screw it.

For what it may be worth (which may be nothing)…lets try to get this going as a sign up thread for people who REALLY want to see this thing continue the grand arcade tradition that Capcom helped build.

The hope here is that SRK has about 87K members. If even half of them signed up here, then it might help sway Capcom’s decision making on this issue for the future of the series.

ALSO: If you care to, please visit this other petition as well -

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EDIT: I see people saying “why does this matter…there are so few arcades anyway”.

I’d like to comment on that, just something for you to consider:

  1. Many of the advanced tactics are found or discovered early by Japanese arcade players. Since so many arcade matches in Japan get put to video, that knowledge flows directly to the rest of us. Kiss that goodbye if there is no arcade release.

  2. While its true that there are few arcades in the US that are still open, or still populated with decent fighting games…the ones that DO exist are very very important to our community. Arcade Infinity, Denjin, and CTF are the source of a LOT of really good stuff that gets shared with the rest of us…even those of us who can’t get to those arcades regularly (or ever).

  3. No arcade release in Japan probably means Tougeki will forget about this game = no SBO. If that happens…this game may seriously become a US centered thing like Marvel. That would be OK, but not nearly as good as the alternative.

  4. Deci made a great post on this:


I appears that a BRAND NEW post on the official Capcom blog strongly hints that there may be an arcade release.

Here is the post in Japanese:

Here is what we believe to be an accurate translation:
"‘Right now, it isn’t 100% certain that SSF4 will not get an arcade release. I’d first like to let you know, we’ve decided not to abandon the [Super] Street Fighter 4 for Arcade. Because we don’t want to quench the enormous flame people have for the game, I think we’d like to continue it, but everyone, we need your assistance!’…I know it was written in such a rare, serious way, but we want to make sure everyone (Everyone who plays SSF4 in Arcades, and everyone who plays SSF4 at home) knows that we’re putting the finishing touches on something that is fun for everyone! Similar to SF4, because the development staff is working as hard as possible without any compromise creating this game, please wait with hope!"**

What is arcade?

I won’t even try the game out of principle if no arcade release happens, or if it happens delayed from the console release.

The more I think about it, the more I am leaning toward personally boycotting this game if there is no arcade release.

Not that capcom gives a shit about my $40 or whatever…but if all they really care about is $$$$ then not buying the game is the only way to get their attention.

Japan will petition hard enough themselves…

StarCraft 2 had over 100k people signed (even a million perhaps) for bringing back LAN. Still ain’t happening.

The game needs an arcade version.

(Shouldn’t this be posted on something like Capcom Unity?, since they got PR reps reading there)

Not gonna work.


I’ll sign… it just seems like ono is doing one last thing for SF4 before capcom gives up on it.

Didnt he already mentioned more than half of capcom thinks its a bad idea to continue the series?

Do you even play console SF4?

Just curious.

I don’t see how it would matter for anyone other than the few players who actually get to go to Japan if it gets an arcade release or not.

The only thing that’s gonna work is if the Japanese folks get a lot of arcade owners to petition Capcom.

But I have a feeling that it was either a mistranslation, Ono’s yanking our chain and they’ll make upgrade kits available, or neither and it’ll end up in arcades anyway.

I’m down for this petition. Our children will blame us for the death of arcades world wide if we don’t act.

Capcom has said that they pay attention SRK too.

SRK is the largest fighting community site and the #375 most popular message board on the internet.

So…its fine here…either capcom is going to blow this off or not…but on the VERY small chance that they will consider SRK opinion, I want them to know how many people are pissed about this.

Seeing that my local scene plays at someones house or at a LAN/Gaming center I don’t really care about an arcade release. I’m not opposed to it either though. Either way I’ll be playing SSFIV.

i’ll sign

Does Blizzard = Capcom?

What if this is all a devilish ploy to get people all riled up? I heard that Capcom didn’t want to put the console characters on an arcade release because there wasn’t enough interest. Now there’s this news. I would not be the least bit surprised if this announcement was designed to generate outrage like this.

arcade in america is chuck e cheese. lmao. who really cares about arcade here? only japan nut huggers.