People Not Quick Rising

I dont know if you guys have been encountering this… But a lot of my opponents recently havent been quick rising from non-hard knockdowns. It really messes up my momentum.

For example, one of my favorites is st.hp xx lk.Tatsu > mp.SRK xx lp.Shaku then HK DF Palm over them and go low. But if they dont quick rise it 100% messes up my thought process

Anyone else been experiencing this? If you want an example, look at MBR’s grand finals against this Ibuki. Almost every non hard knockdown she gets up slow.

That’s why they don’t do it.

Your opponent doesn’t need to play to accommodate you.

You just have to adjust and time your setup manually. One example I can think of is Tokido vs MOV at Stunfest.
I do this pretty often against my friend who uses Akuma. And like J.Scogz says, I don’t play to lose.

Yeah, I’ve begun doing this as well as I’ve noticed many people seem to be on autopilot when they play and not really looking at what’s going on. Don’t quick rise on a non-hard knockdown and it suddenly screws with their strategy of trying to finish you off in 10 seconds.

Those pesky non quick risers. Curses.

A lot of the time I see Tokido do this, he’ll jump in for a setup expecting a quick getup, it doesn’t come. But then he does a lk DF kick and I don’t know the timing, but it crosses them up. It’s a really dirty but awesome setup.

Wasn’t that a corner setup (following LP DP) with j.LK OS LK Divekick? I love going for it, though I usually screw up completely lol

When Tokido juggles with lp shoryu in the corner, he goes for the f. jump lk crossup. When he sees that his opponent didn’t quick rise, he immediately performs a LK demon flip to land back on the other side. This immediately creates this mix up:

  • Dive Kick crosses some characters up, but if it whiffs, it delays his landing and punishes people who try to throw him and get thrown instead.
  • Palm lands on the other side fasert than the opponent recovers and you can start a combo with cr.LK.

It’s a frighteningly good tactic, because of Akuma’s jumping LK, because Akuma does NOT land on the other side if it hits. Either way, the opponent stays in the corner.
I’ve seen this work on so many high-level players. It really is the best mixup of choice IMO.

No idea what would be best mid-screen though.

I wasnt saying how dare they, and I wasnt saying people should play to accommodate me. I KNOW why they are doing it, I was just merely commentating on how it seems to be getting more popular

I was thinking the same thing. People like being assholes it seems.

Idk maybe this can help you out i know it did for me “BIG TIME”… but before you do this just look how your opponent reacts to techable knockdowns if you know he/she isn`t going to quick rise the do c.lp x cl. s.hp x lk tatsu x lp dp then immediately lk Demon Flip palm then immediately do a lp tiger knee instant air fireball if done correct it will “GUARANTEE” stop Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Yun, Guile, Evil Ryu, Oni, Adon, T. Hawk, Gen, Sagat, Cammy, Fei Long, Dan, Dunley, Seth, wake up lp, and mp dp and wiff hp dp it even stops M. Bison EX PC, Sakura it doesnt work against her cause her dp causes her to get away but you can easly punish it just walk forward alittle after the air fireball then sweep her, it will stuff GUY wake ups except his EX Bushin Senpukyaku… There you go my fellow Akuma users… And Yes I figured it out by myself if you have anymore problems just feel free to ask and ill figure something out… NOW WAKE UPS ISNT SAFE ANYMORE"

Also you can do a dive kick to whiff dps

You just need to change your mindset during your setups. If you know your setup is solid then you should be looking for them to escape and don’t worry about their retaliation. This change in mindset prevents you from being taken by surprise should they not quickrise and allows you to initiate a followup.

Er I do this too, especially during mirror matches to give myself time a second to think and to fuck with them too. But honestly if they do it all the time just treat it as an untechable knockdown and go from there.

is there some timing for this? I do the dive kick from my demon flip but it seems to trade. Should I be doign the dive kick at the peak?

Step forward a bit and do a command dive kick, it’ll make dps that move the character forward (like Fei Long’s flame kick) whiff.

You are completely correct. Would just like to point out the LK demon flip actually is an OS.

You can do this sort of double OS with J.LK OS lk demon flip OS It really removes the “reaction” aspect you mentioned. If your lk hits, you don’t cross up (like you mentioned),your OS lk demon flip will not come out, and you hit (hopefully lol) with which your can hit confirm into

As for the OP, when your opponent doesn’t tech get-up, the safest, most basic thing to do is to walk back a bit and play your solid footsie game. So your mixup didnt work. you’re still at an advantage because your opponent is on the ground. Think of it as starting the round with you at a big advantage lol. Until you find a solid answer like the double OS above, I think this should be your starting point.

could always go for that shimmy > throw to start your mixups again. could also walk up and block. overhead on their wakeup works wonders. it’s all about training your opponent. Street fighter is about setting precedences.

Always keep pressure on your opponent, even if that pressure is walking up and blocking.

Well explained sir. Great to find out the exact mechanics of this mixup. Double OS?? That’s some high-tech SF man. hahah.

Off of a soft knockdown you need to have a plan A and plan B. If plan A (expecting them to quick rise) doesn’t work then you need something to fall back on in order to keep your momentum.

Well, it’s not really a double OS, or, if you want to say that it is, then most jump-in OSes are double OSes, since if you hit or they block you always have some sort of followup coming, usually with c.lp or w/e.

Then you get something as simple as delayed + c.lp, which techs if they try to grab you, blocks if they reversal, gets them in a blockstring if they block, gets them in a combo if they don’t, and catches them with sweep if they backdash… using terms like “double OS” just serves to complicate things and intimidate new players :smiley: