People get RacistSalty about the World Cup

Pearl Harbor LOL! This is all Michael Bay’s fault!

These are eerily similar to the stuff posted after Japan was hit with the Tsunami. :tdown:

Exactly what I was thinking. What the hell is it with Americans still bitching about Pearl Harbor? The worst part is it’s always younger people who only know Pearl Harbor from a textbook, and conveniently glossed over the part where we unleashed nuclear holocaust on them.

Dude with the Save Darfur sign is the tops.

Really? The ignorance is astounding.

I always found it funny how it’s only white people from the mainland who have never been outside of the US Mainland who are still butthurt about Pearl Harbor.

wow this is dumb. I can’t believe how ignorant some people are.

More than just a few Japanese folks bitch about what happened to them in WW2 and act like their country did nothing wrong. Which doesn’t justify people still being salty over Pearl Harbor, I realize, but still…

Being the winners, Americans have an easier time arguing right/wrong as far as WW2 goes. But putting morality aside you can’t even begin to compare the scale of two nuclear strikes on civilian populations to a single air raid on a military installation. It’s a little like murdering someone’s entire family for clocking you in the jaw.

My god…People are seriously putting a god damn soccer game on the same plateau as a fucking world war?! WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE!? I can’t believe I actually came back and decided to read the rest of that gutter trash.

lol’d hard at the vagina tattoos link

Thank god the American pilots that dropped the bombs didn’t have the accuracy of the women’s soccer team.
High and wide, they probably would have nuked the Soviet Union.

Magneto got it right. “Humanity disgusts me”

all the asian countries still hate japan, so usa being salty over pearl harbor doesn’t really surprise or bother me

ps: fuck japan

What’s the big deal? The Japs have to be punished for their (ie completely separate people’s) actions in the 40s, but black people need to stop bringing up their poor treatment in the past because that was like way back in the 60s and 70s, and then it suddenly stopped. Sounds like good idiot logic to me, and so it finds its natural place in internet comments.

Welcome to the Internet.


Sports fans saying stupid things, not shocked.

Actually the stupid shit spewed after the tsunami was very equal opportunity, which really surprised me.

If only the 2011 WC hosts were USA and not Germany.

white people. lol

Just saying.