Penny Arcade Expo '09: Roll Call!


First off, here’s the tournament rules and info thread:

The dates: September 4th, 5th, and 6th
The games: SSBB, SFIV, SCIV (see thread), Halo 3

For those of you who don’t know, I run the console gaming tournaments at PAX. This year we’re including SFIV, and I’m always looking for help with running brackets and other stuff.

If you’re interested in SFIV, please take note: PAX tournaments are NOT meant to be super serious. There are no cash prizes and all tournies are single elimination due to time constraints. Top 4 win tickets which can be spent at the prize table. Prizes tend to be pretty good (art books, games, comics, figures, random PC hardware, etc.), but we are 100% dependent on what our sponsors provide, so no guarantees. I’m trying to get in touch with Seth Killian to see if we can get any cool stuff from Capcom for SFIV specifically, as he’s inquired about helping run the tournament on Saturday along with the Evo staff.

When you arrive on whichever day(s) you’re working, you’ll need to get a staff badge at the main door. I plan on providing a list of names for whoever’s in charge out front so things go smoothly, but will give you my cell number in case things go awry.

Updated original post.

Yeah, good luck with that. :chainsaw:

I’ll be helping out officially, so hopefully I’ll get assigned to Console Tourney.

Although, I really am going to need to borrow a stick for 360. I still blame my loss last year in the SCIV tourney due to the 360 pad being stupid.

You are a hard man to get a hold of. I will help you out on Saturday.

YEA PLOOOMER, you need to kick it with us more! Despite how hard people try to act we all miss you broseph.

I wish I could commit to help but I only have time to be there a few hours each day like every other year. I’m all registered though so see you all at PAX.

Edit: Oh and you should register me for SFIV so I dont have to make that nasty line haha

Anyone know what day the SF4 tourney going down?

So can I get a rundown from people who have been to PAX of what goes down? I’ve never been to a con so I was thinking of checking this out.

best advice: Just go.


Probably the best video game convention out there from the player’s/customer’s perspective. Better than E3 IMO.

The expo floor gets better and better every year, hell, last year they had Starcraft 2. I remember the first year the expo sucked, it was very small and not a lot of unreleased games since not many publishers were on board and the confidence wasnt there.

What’s always been top notch at PAX from the beginning has been the free-play, wifi gaming, and BYOC areas. The tournaments have always been awesome and well run, minus some issues with start times but that was a few years ago.

I never had time to check out the concert aspect but I might this year.

Omegathon is always fun to watch, especially the final.

If you’re a Penny Arcade fan DO NOT miss the live comic creation sessions. There’s usually two on seperate days in case you miss it one day. They’re real funny and Gabe’s skills are amazing, constant jokes and weird drawings too.

Zigglypuff, you got me down on what we talked about earlier?

Jesse: Yup.
Trace: Check the link in my original post. Has all the details you need.

PM in your box Zig

I already have the whole weekend off, got my 3 day pass, but I’m willing to lend a hand when I’m around.

I ended up helping tear down last PAX, and worked as an Enforcer the 2 years before that at the Maydenbauer.

Sent you a PM Ziggy.

That is what I have been reading. Makes me really curious to check it out for myself.

PAX is very cool. Definitely something for everybody if you go. Just be sure to go with friends.

Just wanted to let you know these are pretty difficult to interpret if I just want to sign up for SFIV.

–Registration for ALL console tournaments begins on Friday, September 4th, right outside of the console tournament area.

So we should sign up on Friday for SFIV?

–Signups for Saturday and Sunday tournaments will be limited on Friday and Saturday.

Wait…so SFIV is a saturday tournament…so registration is limited…O, so we can’t sign up on Friday? Or…we have to? Wait…what does limited mean?So…I should sign up for a saturday tournament…on saturday…or friday…or…!!!

Unrestricted registration begins 2 hours before a specific event. See an individual tournament’s section below for more information.

O, so we should sign up on Saturday? Wait…what is unrestricted? When was it restricted…? wait…

This would be more helpful:

Street FIghter IV-
Begins 12pm
sign up at {location} starting at {time}

Could you clarify for me pls? Thanks!

If this helps, PAX tournament signups (for all tourneys) have always opened up on the first day (Friday). After that I think they call it “limited” because it’s tough to get in the day of.

Makes sense…except that it says it is “limited” on the day before and “unrestricted” on the day of…

I’ve never been…so maybe for people who’ve gone before this all makes sense, but it’d be nice to clarify. I want to go to the tournament, but I don’t really want to pay for an extra day just to sign up…I mean I will if I have to tho. Please clarify :slight_smile: