PC fighting games?

I recently got Street Fighter IV and a TE-Arcade stick and I’ve been playing it on my PC. Now I want to try other fighting games on the PC but it seems like the choices are rather slim. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend some GOOD fighting games for the PC?

I would like 100% real videogames made by developers and no Mugen edits and stuff like that, because mugen games always seem to crash or not be balanced.

Please help!

GGPO’s games??

unless you’re talking about PC’s exclusive fighting games, i dont know any.

^ I doubt there are any ^

GGPO is your only answer, I’d reccommend Alpha 2 gold because that game needs more love.

There’s a PC version of Guilty Gear.
Wasn’t Melty Blood originally a PC game?



Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Immaterial and Missing Power
Vanguard Princess
Eternal Fighter Zero
Melty Blood Act Cadenza

Anything on GGPO, Guilty Gear XX Reloaded on PC.

There’s a lot of them, most of the PC only (or that start of on PC) are made by smaller companies (or in some cases, a single person…). Easier to distribute on PC I guess.

Old fighters on arcade emulation, or the japanese doujin fighters (akatsuki and so on)
Or if your computer is really hot, you could probably emulate some more recent stuff, like TvC… maybe.

Or Guilty Gear XX #Reload, but that’s like two or three GG’s behind the current one.

And yeah, avoid mugen.

God I hate region lock.

Melty Blood?

As for fighting games actually released for the PC, there have been none since Street Fighter 2 championship edition in 1999 or something. It’s been totally dead.

Just a random list of fighters for the pc off the top of my head.
Akatsuki, big bang beat, melty blood, guilty gear xx reload, and million knights vermillion. There is alot that i’m not mentioning.

Nvm already posted by Iliane

GG #Reload came out in 2003, MB Act Cadenza in 2007, Vanguard Princess in 2009.

And SFIV, of course.

crucis fatal/fake

comedy ah2 option

for games people actually play


mbac is deprecated; everyone is playing mbaa now, which is a far better game.

sf4 isn’t pc exclusive, so it doesn’t get the same burn that console does.

if you’re a capcom head ggpo is your best bet, since people still play a2, a3, and st. you can also play 3s and kof on emulator, but they’re technically not really “pc fighters”.

there’s really not as much of a selection for pc as far as fighters go because most dedicated fighting game players prefer offline + console. with pc fighters you are pretty much going to be locked in to netplay most of the time, and a lot of pc fighters were designed for weeaboos in mind so they tend to be pretty anime.

Alpha 2 got officially released on PC.

Virtua Fighter 2 and Samurai Shodown 2 also got PC releases that have not been mentioned on here.

qoh99se gets a lot of play in asia

yeah, it has been dead :confused::rolleyes:

Gleam of Force. though I guess some people don’t consider it a true fighter.

Not only GGPO, its more of 2DF/GGPO/“insert any emulator with netplay”/“insert any emulator without netplay”.

You can play fightings from pretty much any console aside of PS3/XBOX/XBOX360 on your PC

Bellreisa comments mostly all that you need… and also, GGPO/2DF, of course.

I remember hearing that ‘One Must Fall’ was a good PC fighter a long, long time ago, in a magazine or something.