Paul Dini: Superhero cartoon execs don't want largely female audiences

I… just… sighs, so many idiots ruining good things…

People are voting with their wallets. That’s how the market works. They barely make jewelry for men because men don’t buy jewelry. If men started buying more jewelry, they’ll start seeing bigger variety to choose from.

Logic says that if you claim that a videogame, for example, can’t cater to a specific demographic because it doesn’t do XYZ, then the videogame that DOES do it should be getting a huge increase in profits because it’s the only one who caters to said demographic. But then you discover that said demographic is all tumblr talk and no action, so you won’t keep seeing more videogames doing XYZ.

lol I like how a male calls boys “fucking boys” and sneers at them, as the well programmed fembot he is.

TV execs always pull this crap though. They have stuff that females like, a ton of stuff that females like, and all that stuff says the same because they consider that the proper outcome. But if there is anything males like, they consider that a sort of corruption that needs to be cleaned. So they change stuff, and then alienate their original audience in an attempt to attract female viewers, assuming the stupid male viewership will always be there.

Well…no, it won’t. That’s why TV ratings are in the crapper. Only females watch TV because most programming is designed only for females. Back when I was growing up there was no thought to the female demo, stuff was just made because that’s what people wanted to make, as a result most things were watched by both sexes.

Gaming has been going down the same route, and gaming is falling off as a result.

Also when they decide to go the other way and make something for males, they tend to make it as stupid as possible, just fitting a certain stereotype they have of all members of the male sex.

I have no problem with this stuff, but if you’re doing something because you think it will make money, and then it doesn’t, don’t whine when your ass gets fired because you were wrong. It’s not like you did it for artistic integrity or anything else. You pandered to the female demo but failed, you SHOULD be out of a job.

Jewelry is marketed to men EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. Engagement rings, Christmas presents, normal presents, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, et. al.

How fucking blind are you to advertisement that you haven’t yet noticed? Or are you just that dense?

I’m assuming he means for men, not for men to buy for women.

Regardless, he must never have met a Persian aka Iranian, they are literally dripping with bad jewelry.

Men watch less TV than women in certain times of the day. So in the morning for example men go to work but you have plenty of stay at home moms, or ones who work at less demanding jobs and start late. So the morning shows all cater to women.

But men still have their stuff at the evening like sports, and plenty of other shows that both genders may like but they don’t specifically try to cater to women. You can’t claim that a show like South Park is “for women”, nor a show like Breaking Bad.

tl;dr You are letting paranoia confuse you. When shit is being taken over, it’s pretty clear, like women’s sports being forced into the front pages of the papers when literally nobody (not men nor women) even cares enough to read it.

Yeah, it’s a pretty tiny market when compared to jewelry for women. That was my point.

Watches are jewelry for men.

What Dini said is the same thing that’s been happening for as long as humans have been around. People assuming (whether it’s justified or not is a separate conversation) the masses are retarded and can’t think for themselves.

This reminds me of a guy on YouTube who said he went on a high school field trip to nickelodeon studios. He asked the tour guide why they canceled Invader Zim, despite it’s high ratings and the tour guide said: “we don’t care about teenagers and older we’re only interested in the 4-11 demographic” and everyone on the trip was stunned.

I like how all of you completely missed the point of that article and this thread in general to go off on random rants about how feminism is holding you down, or that men buy jewelry for themselves(only if you’re a rapper, lol)…

The point is that cartoons with actual storylines and continuity are being eschewed in favor of random, episodic crap because they bring in an undesired demographic of female and older viewers who don’t buy the shitty pieces of plastic these guys want to market, and thus despite bringing in high ratings, these shows and their creators are treated like crap and canceled for stupid reasons.

The quotes in the link were so incoherent that I can’t really say for sure what they are talking about. Regardless, my point still stands even in your version of it. Whoever brings in more money, gets catered to.

This is also inherently untrue. While yes, most brands support their repeat customers, they are always looking to expand. Sometimes they risk alienating a few customers for the sake of gaining new ones.

This is like marketing 101 here, dude.

I’m kinda glad that cartoons are catored towards dudes, otherwise we have Lex luthor trying to talk over his problems with superman instead of impaling him with a kryptonite lance like he should.

But see, that’s the thing… Young Justice just happened to have a large female fanbase(my guess is due to the teen relationship drama), but was still full of ass-whoopins and explosions-- these jerkoffs canceled it because it WASN’T DUMB AND RANDOM like the other 98% of their shows.

It has nothing to do with gender politics. It was a good, highly rated show that was canceled because of someone’s personal agenda. All this gender shit is a smokescreen to keep people distracted from the real reason it was canned.

I don’t care what an exec says or thinks.

I ain’t watching no fucking Uncle Grandpa.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:


Those Super BFF shorts on DC nation were entertaining though…

I don’t get it myself, you have a superhero show that attracts a large and diverse audience, and you cancelled it?!

Mind you that for some reason they don’t think that girls want toys too (Miss Martian and Artemis action figures), but also that somehow they couldn’t make other kinds of merchandise outside of toys that would appeal to the audience as a whole?

And how many young boys still ask their parents for toys? Last time I checked boys were asking for video games, tablets, and other kinds of electronics too. The traditional toy market isn’t exactly pulling in bags of cash like they used to, so it wouldn’t be smart to kill-off a large untapped audience because of some nonsensical bullshit.

I mean there could be Young Justice apps, Young Justice games, clothes, backpacks, iPhone cases, and whatever else you can think of.

But nope, cancel it because it doesn’t exactly appeal to who you’d expect to. I’m sorry but that’s incredibly lazy.

Because Execs tend to want the merc out at the same time of the show before seeing who the show attracts. Since YJ attracted older people with the majority being females they had no merc to sell because they were expecting children to buy their chinese knockoff toys.

Young Justice was just on the wrong network. cartoon Network is now run by lazy businessmen.

If Young Justice was aired on the CW they’d be racking in millions on merch. The CW knows how to sell shit to female audiences.

Hopefully DC’s growing parnership with CW lead to some serious animated shows.

Alway’s a chance.

You expend by producing different products as well, not by changing your existing one which is successful as it is.

So a publisher can create both a dudebro FPS, and a Barbie Horse Adventure, but making a Barbie Horse dudebro FPS to try to please everyone with the same exact product would be ineffective.

thats disheartening, but not shocking. execs are morons fo life. i would normally take this opportunity to shit on american cartoons in general for being the big piles of shit that they are, and feel no sympathy for the loss of any of them, but she got treated pretty shitty in her fight for her cartoon, and i do not approve of that.

Man, internet conspiracy theories were a lot more interesting when it was about the freemasons trying to poison your water or blow up the moon or something. Now its “out to ruin children’s cartoons”