Parasoul Thread: Target Down

credit to revergelabs for the image and videos*

Few know the terrors of the Skullgirl as intimately as Parasoul does: seven years ago her own mother became the Skullgirl that nearly destroyed the world. This tragic past has made her fiercely protective of both her country and her family, and these two priorities frequently come into conflict.
Parasoul is now the crown princess of the Canopy Kingdom and leader of its elite military squad, the Black Egrets. Wielding the living umbrella, Krieg, she fights with grace, poise and cunning to defend her family honor and destroy the Skull Heart so no one can repeat her mother’s terrible mistake.

Likes: Logic, Wine, Chess, Fencing, Training, Tennis, Diplomacy
Philosophy, Black Egret Troops, Secretly watching "Annie: Girl of the Stars,'Her sister Umbrella

Dislikes:Overly emotional people, Relying on others,
Those who speak ill of her family, Injustice, The Medici Mafia, The Skullgirl, Her sister’s antics

Character Trailer:

Command Normals:

Pistol Whip:
High, can combo afterwards. Very good overhead to mix people up with.

Low, use in conjunction with Pistol Whip for mixup.


Overhead. Ground-bounces if grounded.

Spiral Flare:
(air) :b::lk:
Only hits as a crossup.

(air) :d::mk:


Tear Shot:
:b:- :f: -:p:

:lp:shoots a tear straight and explodes.
:mp: shoots a tear diagonally
:hp: shoots a tear straight(faster also) and plants it where it lands.

Tear Toss:
:qcb:- :k:

Strength determines where tear lands.
Move can also be done in air.

Napalm Pillar:
:d: - :u:- :k:

(Heavy Quake will launch opponent, Quakes can also set off tears.)

Soldier Call:
:b: - :f: -:k:
[]Motorcycle Soldier: Grabs opponent and drags to the corner of the screen, can lead to combos.
]Bodyguard: Eats projectiles, even full super projectiles, does not eat normals, or beams.
[*]RC Soldier: Used as an Rapid Cancel, can continue combos

Sniper Shot: LvL1

A move that locks on to the opponet, and hits where ever they are.
Combo-able into, and out of.
If you are hit out of the animation mid-hyper, you can go into another SniperShot/Combo.
Recovery is VERY long. (Only use as a guaranteed punish or in a combo)

Motorcycle Gang: LvL.1

A group of Egret soldiers come out on motorcycles, and then run over the opponent.
Can OTG.

Soldier Shot: LvL. 3

Several Egret soldiers come out, and Parasoul+Soldiers shoot the opponent.
Does not scale. Only known to be combo’d into.

Assists of Choice:

Napalm Pillar as Parasoul’s assist seems to be the best so far, due to some invincibility and puts the opponent in a knockdown state to start a combo of your own.

More to come…

Nice, looking forward to play Parasoul :slight_smile:

Hope she has a purple outfit

Gotta love that Kneesocks alternate costume that was seen in the latest gameplay video.

Honestly I think it looks terrible lol

I’m gonna agree with this, it looked like she was sunburned and she was fighting to make the pain stop…

-Tha Hindu

Some new things showing up on her character page!


Alternate YouTube link…


That Parasoul trailer really sold me out on her. Dem resets!

Judge me all you want but I plan on maining her just bc she looks the hottest.

This thread is going be covered in Hsien-Ko avatars when this game comes out.

Gonna use her for sure!

sick trailer.

the bodyguard soldier has some crazy durability (unlike hsien-ko’s gongs :rofl: … :crybaby:).

as soon as i get this game i’m going to training mode and i’m going to spend the whole day trying to find ways to implement her RC soldier.

Yeah that shit blocked hella bullets/attacks/whatever

I wonder if it counts as a hit too…Urien in the making?

Parasoul looks sexy as hell when she falls into the Egret’s arm.

It’s not rape if it’s in self defense.

-Tha Hindu

No he only blocks projectiles. Also mike has said numerous times he wants to avoid BS like “unblockables”.

Aegis Reflector being unblockable was a glitch. A move like that could still be interesting and useful without that glitch.

Yeah I remember reading that and Im fine with it. I havent followed this game at all since I hate getting hyped for games that arent coming out soon.

You are right, but Kaiten was referring to that glitch itself. Also, because of Mike’s previous statements, we’d know that if a glitch like that WAS found, it would be rectified.

Mike did say that “unblockables” can be substituted with “hard-to-blockables” by changing the timing so that you don’t hit from high/low or left/right at the exact same time.

Do we know specifically how big the window is though?