Paradise Arcade Joystick Project Magenta

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, we enjoyed seeing a lot of new and old faces. As some of you may have noticed, I have taken a large step back from the day to day company activities and my wife Susan has taken over the lion share of those details… I am happy to announce one of 4 projects that will explain why(aside from being an overworked medical resident)

We are happy to announce our latest project which still needs a name but has been going under the project name of Magenta (Patent Pending). We have finished the proof of concept with rough prototypes, and now are polishing up our designs to get some production prototypes produced!
Just when you thought everything that could be done with joysticks was done, we thought we’d try to take you one step further. There are countless tutorials and online posts about how to mod your joystick to make it the ultimate fighting stick: reduce throw, reduce resistance, swap micros, increase stiffness, etc etc… the list goes on and on. And yes electrical tape works great, but isn’t there a better way?

So most sticks work with relatively even distributions of action and create a map that looks like this:

A central neutral zone, with movement in your cardinal and secondary directions surrounding it… but let’s say you want to play a game that focuses on cardinal directions, not entirely but it’s the focus, wouldn’t you want a map that looked more like this:

Or let’s say you are playing a game where you need to do quick combos and want to reduce the throw to do some impressive upper cuts, you might want a pattern like this:

Enter the Paradise Magenta, a noncontact analog joystick that plugs into the standard JLF connection (it just needs an 5V supply) and can be programmed to any custom radial mapping you want. Modifications are done through a very simple usb connection and custom software.

Want an incredibly sensitive joystick? reduce the central neutral circle so if you breath on the stick it reacts. Quick combo sweeps, use the patterns above. Early prototypes are on a JLF base but can also easily be used on almost any joystick (with some limitations on total throw distance) The system will allow you to keep your existing micro switches on the stick or remove them entirely for silent operation.

Anticipated release date is April 1(no that’s not a joke) and we expect some production quality prototypes for testing in late Feb and will take pictures as soon as we get the next round of prototype parts in an assembled. (round one is not so photogenic…)

Just imagine a joystick like the Flash, where you can completely modify the way the stick reacts to suit the game and playing style you have. We expect a customized set of gates to follow soon after the first release… The response to the players we’ve talked to so far has been great, so I thought I would announce to see if any last minute ideas could be incorporated as we move forward. We are also looking for a new name.

The Imperial Scepter

The Hole!

Now, all that’s missing is a Best Ultimate Tech Talk version.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA. Could this possibly be used to output analog directions, not just digital ones? And still use the 5V for High, use the same Ground from the JLF-H harness for Low, and then the remaining signal wires from the JLF-H to be used for Wiper in analog directions?

That’d be super godlike. For advanced modders only, but still, it’d be awesome to have an option for analog joysticks readily available other than the LS-64. Especially for twin pilot sticks, or something of the like.

I definitely agree that an analog arcade stick other than the super spendy two I can think of would be pretty sweet.
Can you say if you folks would be using potentiometers, hall effect sensors, inductive sensors, or something else?

Oh god no. Never thought that for a moment. :slight_smile:

this look how clone UltraStick 360
analog hall effect PCB

My buddy back in CT would love that name!

No exactly, the 360 uses a 49 way grid which does not have nearly the capabilities we are talking about here and uses a usb connection for it’s interface. This stick would have a standard JLF interface and the resolution of adjustment using radial coordinates allows for much better customization than the 49 box grid. 360 is a nice all in one solution for Mame where you have a computer interpreting an analog signal, and there are a few others like this, the goal of this stick is to be a stand alone for the fight stick market.

The idea would be hall, we have some new sensors that are working well. Right now it doesn’t look like it will be cheap but we are hoping we can do it for less than the cost of a JLF with an added optical sensor like the Flash.

Do you mean less than the reissued Flash1 that’s going to be around $60 or are you speaking of the original Flash1 that is usually sold for well over $100

Target is around 60 for the controller board, and we will be releasing a few joystick bundles as our new products come out…

Their will definitely be a fully analog option also… We want this for Mame, fighters and classic guys.

Awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.

Smash Bros Arcade?! FFFFUUUU

There were inductives with 4 sensors where you could adjust them to ignore diagonals by dulling the sensitivity, these were potentiometer controlled the switch between 8 and 4 way . The joystick we are testing is a significant step forward from this in how it actually functions. However in a basic dumbed down version the Magenta could replace the inductives… Hmmm another sales path :slight_smile:

So… This item could be an add-on to Seimitsu joysticks as well?? Hmm…

I’d think it would be most useful probably on the LS-32 and LS-33’s. Not so sure about the LS-40 and LS-56. Those joysticks are fairly sensitive/short throw already.

The LS-33 is sort of like the JLF (from what I’ve read) but honestly I’ve only played with the -32-01 and -40-01. Good chance I will buy an LS-58-01 later in the year, too.

What I appreciate about the Seimitsus I own are the gated microswitches. That made a huge difference between being able to play with a square gate and not… I just never could hack the square gate on the JLF and was never fully comfortable with the joystick due to the microswitches and immense throw. I literally couldn’t play CPS-2 or NEO GEO games on the hte JLF to save my life!

Now all that’s missing is for someone to make a PCB that can switch between digital and analog (left and right) stick, like the MCZ and HRAP3… but with proper analog.

Paging Toodles…

Wow, this sounds really cool. Count me in as a buyer. Now all I wanna see before I die is an 8-way stick that uses 8 microswitches.

Busy :slight_smile: Im sure they could add a beasty like that if they wanted.

It’s been done, poorly. Check out the SF4 voice keychains.

If you are going to do full analog, It would be nice if there was raw analog pots to solder to the Low, Wiper, and Hi contacts for a PCB potentiometer. I think 0-10k would match what is on standard joysticks.

I wouldn’t bump old threads unless there was a reason!

Give me a reason! U need beta tester yea?