Paradise Arcade JLF Silent Mod!

We had one of our vendors produce a harness for us a few months ago so people could mod sticks with Cherry or Zippy Micros and never realized there was a push for silent JLF’s. With 20 gram micros, you can make the JLF virtually silent inside a standard joystick case. You can see the dramatic difference in sound here:

You can use what ever microswitches you want or… you can use this to put .125 microswitch tab joysticks into your case with a female JLF plug. So mod your JLF with Zippy’s, Cherry’s or just drop a LS-32 into your JLF connection, we like options!

Harnesses will be on sale for 7.50
Or a set of 4 20gram microswitches and a harness for $10
The pricing will is for a presale and may change once they get into the store.

The harness looks great. I’d love to see some close up pictures though. I might get a couple for my SUZO’s.

How much for international customers?

Will you be offering a set of 4 switches without a harness at a discounted price or is that what the Seimitsu LS-32 / Zippy upgrade kit is? Are they the same microswitches?

Sounds great! Any solutions for silent sanwa buttons?

+1 to “How much for international customers?”

how do i preorder?

I’d like to pre-order the 10 dollar set if this is still going down… If not let me know about alternatives.

Here… Check this out =>

I’m fairly certainly the LS-32 mod is NOT the same as the JLF/20 micro-gram mod.

Zippy is for the LS-32 and LS-32 clone. These 20 micro-gam mods are JLF and clone only from what I see in the video.

I don’t think the official Seimitsu joystick switches are interchangeable with Sanwa JLF joystick switches. Very, very different.

Seimitsu joysticks actually have small fences/gates on top of the microswitches themselves. It’s one of the big distinguishing features and a big part of a) why Seimitsu joysticks generally engage faster, and b) why it’s generally easier to use Square (Restrictor) Gates with Seimitsu joysticks… Well, at least the LS-32 and LS-40 lines are easier to use with square gates…

Sanwa microswitches don’t have the small metal gates on top of the actual microswitch button. The lack of fences/gates’ components is also why there are replacement optical PCB’s available for the JLF but none for the Seimitsu joysticks. When you take away the gates from the microswitches then the Seimitsu stick ceases to be a Seimitsu joystick.

I know it’s a bit confusing because I’m using the term “Gate” for two very different pieces of hardware. In conjunction with microswitches/tabs, a gate is just a small metal fence that rests on top of the microswitch. The joystick actuator will actually hit this “fence” and not make physical contact with the microswitch in Seimitsu-type PCB’s… The Square or Octo Gate is a hardware that restricts movement of the stick’s metal shaft/lever so that it in only goes in the directions the (Restrictor) Gate allows it to go in.

How would this affect gameplay? All things considered, it must change the way the joystick feels. Do you need to counter the lesser tension with a higher tension spring? This would definitely change the deflection and actuation from what people are used to.

Has this guy hit anyone back up? He promotes it and then disappears, wtf?

Brian is pretty cool. Chill out.

Nobody is getting out of line here, i merely asked a question, no need to get your panties in a bunch.

Pro tip: Read everything on the internet using a really nice tone of voice in your head and everything is a lot easier.

Seriously though I wish this guy was around. Switches failing in my current stick. Figured I could try out some quiet ones or something. Might be nice. Perhaps I need look elsewhere.

Technically you only need the zippy switches to pull this off if you dont want to wait for the custom harness. You could ask any modder in area to make the harness for you.

Send him an email using this if your question doesn’t get answered here fast enough. They’ve always been pretty good about answering emails and I don’t recall not getting an immediate (within reason) reply.

He may not always log in to check on the forum.

Yeah, a PCB isn’t even needed and if you really wanted to you could order any Cherry switch that is the right size to fit in your stick. I’m still tossing around the idea myself to get some different Cherry switches to put in my LS-40, but I’m not sure what the original tension is for the Matsushita switches that come with it. I have no idea how it would change the deflection or actuation and I’m not sure if I’d want to go with less force. I noticed switching to bat top seems to add a bit more “oomph” to the movement and it seems to take less to actuate.

The switches just drop into the JLF housing once you removed the JLF PCB. You could always try different springs until you find the right combination that feels right for you.

Battop does increase the length of the lever, so yeah, a ‘shorter’ actuation is all it takes.

Hmm i thought he had a different kind of MS. He says 20 gram but doesnt say if those are zippys or cherries.(or maybe i need to rewatch) If i wanted to get them elsewhere, whats a good place? Im not caught up on the harness as i can make that on my own but he had the package for sale, so now im intrigued.

They’re Zippy’s, Cherry’s are white. You can get the Seimitsu Zippy kit (no harness, I believe the harness is really new) for $3 off his site - or you can buy 4x the 20 gram Zippy here Shame he doesn’t have a Sanwa kit listed for $3, but what’s an extra $.80 to most people?

I don’t know many places that will sell such low quantities of microswitches at a low price. I’ve bought from Brian before and shipping is always fast, so shoot him an email first.

The word you were looking for was “lever”, as in “levered microswitches”.

20g Zippy and 50g Zippy would fit Sanwa JLF, but would not fit Seimitsu sticks.